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My fellow Gamespotters.....

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Do you feel that Off-Topic has become drab?

Are you bored, and want to ask a moderator a silly question?

Do you like people with great personalities and witty responses?

Then head over to the link, and vote for LEGENDOFNERD here!

LegendofNerd is there to help you when you're down, to destroy the trolls that need to be destroyed, and to save a kitten from a tree.

Why don't you make Fluffy happy and cast a vote for LoN?

The man is there to answer all your questions, all he needs is a few votes from YOU, because YOU have the power to make ver*cough* I mean LegendofNerd happy by voting for him over the other leading mod.

Don't let verbtex win, I hear he's working with the enemies! Plotting ways to steal all the Ferrero Rocher candy from Gamespotters across the world!

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