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I guess today would be a great day for another update.

School finished for me on the 23rd of May. I took my last final and am pretty happy with my grades. I wish I worked a little harder in my English class, but such is life. Engineering kinda put me on my seat for a while but I scraped by with an A-, Calculus and Discrete Mathematics I totally just aced. I am almost excited for next semester.

Golden Gate Bridge had it's 75th Anniversary Party over the weekend which was rather fun to attend on Sunday. I was more than just attending though, my Dad actually made a bunch of buttons to sell there because he sold well at the 50th Anniversay. Sadly, we didn't sell very many buttons at all. Eh, you win big sometimes, you lose bigger othertimes.

Moderating has been pretty cool. I've slowly been less active recently with finals and much other stuff on my plate, but I might be making a stronger presence soon. I've also been a moderator for a year on May 25th, but I forgot to write a little blog down. :P

Commenting System is not impressive to me thus far. It has a very great concept, but I think it still needs a lot of tweaking before I feel more comfortable with it.

Job still none. :/

Phone updates I am still waiting for Verizon to give me 4.0.4 on the Galaxy Nexus. Darn Verizon.

Nexus since Verizon has been so lame in their updating system, I was thinking about buying some of the new JellyBean Nexus' later in the year and getting them activated on Verizon.

Some games I recently replayed through...

inFAMOUS 2 I don't know why, but I was more surprised when I played though the game again. I played more of the side missions this time, and was rather impressed by the story which Sucker Punch unraveled to me. I love their comic book style cutscenes, makes things more interesting. The graphics could have been improved a little bit, but I'm not going to cry about it.

Assassin's Creed 2 is going great again. I finally understand more of what is going on now that I've gotten through Revelations and Brotherhood. I really can't wait for the new game, AC3 looks to be pretty impressive at this point.

E3 is almost here. I'm HELLA excited. I headed the project where people make press conference threads for System Wars, and although I've been slacking off greatly, the people are doing a great job. I'm sure all will be pretty impressed by the beauty of these threads early next week. Well, actually, the HYPE thread might be going up in the next few days. :D.