Another Day Has Come This Way.

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I figured it is about time for another small update.

College can be such a pain in the buttocks. It won't let me register for my most important class this semester. Fun, as always, even though there are seats available in the class.

Car I was closer than ever to getting a car. Then the Last of Us came out. And my phat 80 gig PS3 YLOD'd. And I needed TLOU guide. And a few other things came up, so, that a was a few hundred dollars dent into my car fund.

PS3 I was absolutely devastated that my phat PS3 died. I'm still trying to get out the disk, but to no avail.

Moderating I'm coming up on two years of being a general moderator. Almost one year of being a master moderator. I've slowed down a lot, and my presence fades in and out depending on my work schedule and workload of college. I'm on summer break right now though, so I could help out a lot more.

Job is going great. I enjoy it almost every day, and I am getting paid for it. I wish I had a few more hours, but I'm fine with what I am getting right now.

Games I'm getting though:

Sleeping Dogs this one is one of the next on my backlog.

Red Dead Redemption also on my backlog

Mirror's Edge eek! Backlog again.

The Last of Us seriously, if you have a PS3 and aren't playing this, What's wrong with you? It's AMAZING.