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I was right. =)

If Halo 4 (supposedly) was announced for Xbox360, it would definently steal Microsoft's show.

[By supposedly I mean the next game coming in the halo series] Hopefully they make it good, despite the end of Masterchief's story.]

But getting back on topic, I don't think it will steal E3. I have a feeling that Nintendo or Sony have something up their sleeves this year. I know for a fact that Microsoft has a surprise, and I'm not sure how the reaction on that will be. I'll just leave it for people to know later, some will be completely outraged, while others will be infatuated with their system.

I want to see whats in the works, honestly.

Will Sony delay home again? Or other games that are anticipated at that matter?

Will Sony completely steal the show, or will it leave people disappointed?

Will Nintendo have something new for the Wi? Or will it have a another Mario Game and another Zelda game?:roll:

I am anticipating Microsoft's next move.


Here was something I had written on July 12th in this thread.

I knew about Final Fantasy 13 before everyone else did.

I had a psychic dream on July 11th, and no one believed me when I wrote a topic saying that "FFXIII was coming to the 360" when I woke up on the 12th and posted a new topic that got locked.

I was correct. =)

new bet.

I just recently bet my presence here over a game.

So heres the advanced notice for you.

If LittleBigPlanet gets less than 7, I'm leaving gamespot.

And I won't be coming back.

You guys can see me at Giantbomb, I have the same username. =)

Aw Man.

Well School started again for me on tuesday.

I have been too busy to post it here though and spread the info.


I'm in 10th grade now.

Taking Algebra2, Spanish2,English2, Chemistry, PE, and World History.

I like all my teachers except for my Algebra 2 teacher.

Verbtex, over and out!

Eek. I'm growing up.

Hey to those of you who happen to read this, I salute you.

Today was a pretty scary day of my life. Yes, today was the first day I shaved. It was strange. It felt funny. It smelt good. Shaving cream doesn't taste good. And I still itch. But I didn't give myself any nicks or cuts, so yeah, it worked out all right.

I feel so old. :cry:

So yeah, thats just a landmark for today. Shall be seeing you guys in the future.

Verbtex, over and out!

In honor of Thrones

Clearly one of my favorite system wars users, was banned recently.

If you are reading this, may you live on forever, free from the wasteland we know as System Wars.

But, we'd really love you to come back. =)

About Myself.

Here are 101 Random Truths About me.

101 Truths.

1. I still like to watch cartoons.
2. I think all the different colors of m&m's taste different.
3. I'm more addicted to text messaging than i like to admit.
4. I can't stand when people ask me questions.
5. My favorite color is a tie between dark purple and black.
6. I think lots of things are overrated.
7. I have a bit of a cleaning obsession.
8. I love Carne Asada.
9. I'm too loud.
10. People say I talk like a girl because I'm really sarcastic.
11. If I don't like you, you'll know it.
12. Sometimes I feel like I know too much, which really spoils movies for me.
13. I haven't been to the movie theaters in over a year.
14. I love night time, but I'm afraid of the dark.
15. I play around with things I probably shouldn't.
16. I get really bored with video games really fast.
17. I get really bored really fast in the summer.
18. I have never been on a rollercoaster
19. My nose bleeds to much.
20. One of my relatives died from drowning in his own blood from a nosebleed, and that is one of my worst fears.
21. I really hate when people smile because then I have to smile.
22. I can't pronounce "lipstick" correctly.
23. My favorite day of the week is Monday. It seems to be my lucky day.
24. I love chocolate, like a lot.
25. I have a piercing on my left eyebrow.
26. I'm allergic to many things.
27. I can't stand chewing gum, so I don't.
28. I don't like when people chew with their mouth open.
29. This is actually like my 400th blog, but the rest are hidden from your eyes. =)
30. I used to collect quarters.
31. I've only been grounded once.
32. I have only lived in one city my whole life.
33. I've been to 28 of the 50 states.
34. I have never been out of the country.
35. My room is usually a mess.
36. I like math, but hate doing math homework.
37. My favorite subject is science.
38. I can save money easy.
39. I love the rain, can't stand eing it it though.
40. I don't like American Idol, none of the winners are all that good.
41. I don't like frosting from cakes.
42. I have a dislike for slimy foods.
43. Romeo & Juliet was not romantic.
44. I get up at 5 A.M. every school day.
45. I speak enough Spanish to get me through daily life in a foreign country.
46. I'm addicted to water.
47. I'd love to spend a day with Kat Von D.
48. I want to be a Forensic Scientist.
49. I can't stand stupid comedy movies.
50. I'm on myspace almost everyday, but most people don't know that.
51. My clock died, so i use my phone instead.
52. I don't have an actual "family"outside of my immediate family and my aunt and her husband and her daughters.
53. I read the Playstation Magazine. Even though I don't really buy anything for my Playstation 3.
54. I remember too much, and people often think I'm a stalker for doing so.
55. I often have weird dreams where the whole future of an event is laid out for me.
56. I don't wear hats.
57. I put my hair up in a ponytail every night, but you will NEVER see it.
58. I'm really curious, and often break things in the process.
59. I lose a lot of things.
60. I always order the same thing from the same restaurants, because I'm not very adventurous with food.
61. I check out my daily comic from
62. I have named all the cars my family owns. Each of them has a cartoon character name which corresponds to the color.
63. My mom got a new car yesterday and I named it Gir.
64. I get songs stuck in my head really easy. But for the past few months, I can't get "Caress me down" by Sublime out of my head.
65. Sometimes I think people only talk to me so they know how to be mean to other people.
66. I say the meanest things about people in my head. I don't even say 5% of what I think, no matter how much I hate you.
67. I would really like to go to a concert, but have no one to go with.
68. I like cold weather better than warm weather.
69. I never went to preschool.
70. I am often embarrassed at Target, because people from school always see me doing something stupid.
71. I like sudoku.
72. I complain a lot.
73. I often complain about things I really like, just to confuse people. Then they don't know what I really think about things.
74. I'm not really a rude person. I'm just clingy and have very vulnerable feelings. I use the "rudeness" to push people away so I don't cling on. I'd rather be alone for the rest of my life than lose people I am close to.
75. I hate making decisions.
76. I'm not very easily confused, because I know whats really going on.
77. Teachers often hate when I correct them, because they know I'm right and they're wrong.
78. I don't like dancing, but danced at Marina's quinceñera.
79. I feel like I'm bugging people all the time, so I try to talk minimally.
80. I'm Native American and Mexican
81. I'm going to get a tattoo someday.
82. I stole ideas for this 101 truths from Liezl's.
83. I get bored with T.V.
84. I'm a very negative person, and it bugs people.
85. My dad says I sound exactly like my mom sometimes.
86. I'm really immature.
87. I've used the same blanket as long as I could remember. Its so old, but I refuse to get rid of it.
88. I don't have a best friend.
89. I wish I was more organized and could find stuff easier.
90. People often come to me for money.
91. I only drink crystal geyser water.
92. I don't buy much stuff for myself.
93. I buy a lot of stuff for other people, but it really bugs me when they don't thank me.
94. It really bugs people that I don't study, and still I get a higher grade than them.
95. I have never studied in my lifetime.
96. I stay up later than most of my family.
97. I stayed up for almost 60 hours once.
98. I love smores.

99. I wish I was better at art.
100. My name goes from A to Z.
101. These truths took me over an hour, and Liezl helped me with most of them.

Oh yeah, and don't be afraid to hit the "track this user" button. I'm perfectly alright with friend requests.