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So, I was thinking about the next gen.

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You know, the third illiteration curse seems to appear everywhere.

Look at the PS3, it dropped to the bottom.

The N64 dropped also, it was Nintendo's third console.

Which is why I kind of worry for the next Xbox. What if that is the last Xbox console? If after 3 generations, and not being on the top any of that time, I would have given up. I don't think I could take failure for first place 3 times in a row.

Also, whats gonna happen after we get the realistic graphics? And great sound?

Whats Nintendo gonna do to keep fueling its sucess, surely it can't have the next Wii stay exactly the same, the same thing doesn't work forever.

Where is Sony gonna find the money to create a powerful console? Or are they gonna pull a more casual route next year?

Where's Duke Nukem Forever?

Will Home be done by then?

I have some worries for this upcoming gen. The Video game industry never suffered such a bad economic time. Sure, the crash was pretty bad, but we got over it. Plus it was only video games that crashed and almost died. It wasn't like whole global economy died at the same time.

Only the future tells, but people, lets get some insight and some thoughts going. After all, the companies may be watching. ;)

Note: I do not work for any gaming companies, but I hear a few scouts do go internet searching for suggestions. So, release your ideas here, they gotta go somewhere.


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Is a glorious day. I reached level 20 at long last. :)

Again, ONLYDOD?!

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ONLYDOD is banned yet again.


How sad.


Lets hope we can track him down other ways, I miss the way he would post on EVERY topic in system wars, similar to one of our all time favorites: thrones.

ReverseCycology has ended his journey.

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Turns out that ReverseCycology has been banned as well.


Who would have guessed. :/


Anyways, you won't be one of the more liked users in the system wars users hall of fame.


But you fit in with the hall of infamy. :)

Superjim42 is super gone.

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Yep, another person is banned, Superjim42.

Reasons unknown, but most guess it was his rude comments and remarks which led him that way.



Good bye Diretoad.

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Diretoad is banned.


Let there be a moment of silence to commemorate the loss of the self ownage.


Oh yeah, for those of you who don't remember, it was the poster with the sig of that girl with the crazy eyes.



For those who haven't already....

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Please add me on PSN. 


My ID is Verbtex.


I am interested to see your guy's interest in LittleBIGPlanet.


Plus I need more people to play with, the ones that are currently on my list usually aren't in my timezone, not making it very fun.



Note: I don't add ANYONE on Xbox Live.  So don't even ask for my gamertag.  I'm sickly embarrassed of the name, which my cousin picked for me.  When this year is up, I'm gonna switch to a new alias.

System Wars semi-rant-but-not-really.

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First off, lets get this straight.  We all know how much we hate annoying little no levels posting at system wars.  We all know how bad the fanboys are.


However, placing a level limit may clean up system wars, it will ultimately be more disasterous for those in other forums.  The wars between the mindless fanboys and stuff would be overflowing on the systems threads, which would make any speak whatsoever pointless.


So, no more saying "under level 5 can't post".  Its pointless.  System wars was created to contain all of the trolling that regularly goes on in other forums.


Which is why I propose a few ideas to the world of gamespot:


1 ) Create a Union, and only invite those who you can trust to have meaningful conversation similar to system wars.

2) To the creators of gamespot : Create a forum just for funnys/spam.  It would clean up a lot of other stuff, and keep the account suicides to the minimum in meaningful threads and or boards.

3) only post on blogs, and completely avoid system wars, and just let the fanboys kill themselves over, they will get bored eventually.


So yeah, just my little 2 cents on that whole " you can't post under level 5" statement.  I personally would like to see it raised to about 20, and have them rate at least 40 games, and have at least 30 blog posts before they are granted the right to post anywhere.  


That, in my opinion, would completely get rid of most bandodgers, and would clean up not only system wars, but the gamespot community as a whole.

The Lone Wolf bites the dust, Wolf_Avatar

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So, the rumors are true.  Wolf_Avatar has been banned.


He was most recognized for his "Fur is Muder" sayings and his legendary signature.


This blog post is to commemeorate the loss.


Here is his legendary signature.



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Now that all that drama is over, and things are better, but not great, I will be back and on as usual.

I'm looking forward to my 4 day weekend, and kinda don't like how fast this school year is going.


I'm actually getting kinda sad.

But still gotta enjoy the weekend.