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New Game

I decided to start posting when I buy what games. Considering that I need to keep better track of what I do, I might be blogging more often.

Today I purchased ModNation Racers which isn't too new but fairly recent.

Review to follow hopefully in the next few weeks.


My signature is gone. The person who owned the LBP fanatic signature deleted his photobucket account.

So, no more LBP fan signature.

Last day of School

Today was my last day of Junior year of High School.

It was kind of depressing, but I am looking forward to being a senior next year with only 5 classes.

I have a poser.

Apparently, someone is pretending to be me on XBL.

I just got a few heated emails from people on here, which claim that they added "verbtex" on XBL. Little does this "verbtex" know, is that I am the real verbtex. There is no other verbtex.

Therefore, if you know me on this site, please do not add "verbtex". If you get messages from this person, this is not me. It is a very well known that my gamertag is seceret because I am dead embarrased of it. If you would like to flame this person for being me, that's on you.

I can't believe this happened. Anyways, please just disreguard any messages you get from him, okay?

System Wars Survival Guide Part 2

Dictionary for System Wars Users

This list may change from time to time as System Wars changes with everythread posted. However, currently known words include:

~HYPE (noun) word used to describe the expected results. Example: The hype on that game is AAA ( for the A's, see later part of survial guide)

~SERIES (adj) coined word for "serious" Example: Are you for real? I'm dead series.

If your reading this blog, please help me with more words used in System Wars, I'm really drawing a blank at the moment.

Explaining the A's

~AAAA (or AAAAE) - this is a game that scores a perfect 10 in the review only found on Gamespot. com, unless specified by the post.

~AAA (or AAAE) - this is a game which scores a 9.0 or 9.5 in the review only found on, unless specified by the post

~AA (or AAE) - this is a game which scores a 8.0 or 8.5 in the review only found on, unless specified by the post

~A (or AE) - this is a game which scores a 7.0 or 7.5 in the review only found on, unless specified by the post

This is the proper way to hype a game. If you believe a game is going to get an 8.5, then you hype it as an AA game. It may also be an AAE game which means it will be exclusive, which will come up next.

The Rules of Exclusivity

This may seem really tricky so I will try to break it down for you as much as possible. Please be aware though, that these rules change from poster to poster, so just try to form to them. However, these rules are what I believe are the most fair and most descriptive rules.

1. A game found on only 1 system is exclusive. (This means it is only found on one system. For example, if it is found on the PS3, and if it appears on the PC, PS2, Xbox360, Wii, DS, or PSP, it loses its rights of being called exclusive)

2. A game is a called exclusive until the relase of the same game on another console. From the announcement of the game coming to another system until the game actually releases on said second system, the game is called a time exclusive. (To explain, lets say this really great game came out on the Xbox360 in December. It would be called exclusive. Now March comes, and they announce it for the PS3 coming in July. It is then called a timed exclusive. Once it releases on the PS3 in July, it loses its rights of ever being called an exclusive.)

3. Games found on two or more systems are called multiplats. This is always true. It can never be called exclusive, unless it follows under the next rule.

4. Games found on systems made by the same company are called ___ exclusives (fill in the name with the name of the founding company. )

~ If it is only found on the Xbox and Xbox360, it is called a Microsoft Exclusive.

~ If it is only found on the PS2, PS3, and PSP, it is called a Sony Exclusive.

~If it is only found on the Wii or DS, it is called a Nintendo Exclusive.

5. The last rule. Games found on both the PC and the Xbox360 can NEVER be called Microsoft exclusives. (This is kind of obvious. Although it may be true that they are both run on systems that were developed by Microsoft, there are Sony computers. And since Sony is also a competitor, it therefore loses rights to be called exclusive.)

More to come in later posts.

Please feel free to add whatever you want, and correct any mistakes I make. If you don't agree with something, just give me a holler, and I will try to work it out. I'm hoping to make this into an eventual thread.

System Wars Survival Guide Part 1

After seeing many people get in lots of trouble, and not knowing how System Wars is supposed to work, I have decided to start my own guide, which may or may not be made into a thread in the future.

Welcome to System Wars! A land of many Lulz, defeat, ownage, and blood.

Chapter 1: System Wars Basics

Locating System Wars

~Open up the portal of your choice to the land of interwebs. Type "" in the messenger bar. Have the magic take you away to the home page of GS. Click on the Forums tab on top, and scroll down to System Wars.

If you're reading this, you're doing it right.

Basic terminology

In the land of System Wars *cough* Sparta!*cough*, we only use english, but there are many different dialects. For example:

~We have the all upper caps. Example : I HATE THE (insert system name here). This is often used to show anger, and is a very dangerous and rarely spoken dialect. (m)

~We have the LOLSpeak. Example : teh waggle on teh Wii is bery lame. This is also a very rare dialect, and often used in the lulz.

~We have the L33T Speak. Exapmle: 1 PWNED j00 en H4l0 3. Very rare dialect in System Wars, and is almost exclusive to newcomers (m)

~We also have the informed speak. Example: This (thing a ma bobber) connects to the (do hickey) which causes (a boom)." Replace these with smart words

*(M) signifies moddable speak. That of which can get you in trouble here at gamespot. For more information on modding, please see a later chapter.

Next come the Fanboy Nicknames

~Cows are those who are devout supporters of the Playstation and its entire franchise(comes from 6th gen characteristics where many accesories were needed to get the full experience, like the multi-tap, additional controllers, hard drives, eye toy, etc. This was called "milking" therefore getting the name "cows")

~ Fakeboys are those who falsely support one system. They are often used to create false hype for new games or products, making a certain type of fanboy look very bad when said product doesn't fully deliver as expected. (m)

~Fanboys are those who support a console, and show extreme disgust for other consoles.

~ Hermits are those who support the PC. (Origin unknown to me, but it would be nice if someone helped me out. I think it has something to do with PC people not being able to find a home amongst teh console gamers.)

~ Lemmings are those who support the Xbox and its entire franchise ( Comes from the 6th generation where Microsoft fanboys believed anything that microsoft said. And also because they listen to all of the Microsoft commands, like "jump off a cliff".)

~ Sheep are those who support the Wii and its entire franchise (They are called sheep because they blindly followed anything that Nintendo said.)

~ Manticores are those who support all systems. Its a rarely used term. They are called manticores because they are a mixture of a lot of animals. Now you see "multi system owners" in place of it.

More to come in later posts :)

I'd say its a great start.

Completely Disgusted

By Sirius XM.

Their service has been ridiculous since they merged.

~Their service cuts off when you are around trees that are too big, or go under overpasses, and sometimes getting too close to buildings causes it to make a weird schreeching sound.

~They charge a $2.00 invoice fee. Yes you read that right, they charge you to charge you.


I'm ending my subscription as soon as this is one is up, especially since their 90's channels suck since the merge.


I'm disappointed in so many things right now.

Foremost, myself. I was sick last week and don't have the energy to do my make up homework.

I'm disappointed in myself that I can't even be happy for a few seconds around this time of year. The days around the holidays are anniversaries of some hard things.

I'm disappointed that I didn't go to a party tonight. It might have cheered me up, but seeing the holiday decorations might have just made me even more miserable.

I'm disappointed in myself that I can't even act normal around this time of year.

I'm disappointed in this time of year that I can't stop crying.

Next, Gamespot:

Not 1 award AT ALL went to LBP. I loved braid and all, but how did it win Platformer of the Year? What happened to LBP? LBP had trampled Braid a few times over in the votes.

Where's gears 2 for game of the year. Its in my top 5 of 2008.

Why does Braid get all this love, and MGS4? I guess you could say I'm a little jealous, but this is just ridiculous, any way you spin it.

And because I don't want to get you guys down too much...

Happy holidays :)

Even though mine won't be so cheery. :(