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E3 Detailed Report Card

Here, I am going to objectively score each conference for E3. This will updated/edited as needed, and feel free to leave me a comment should I miss/make a mistake on something.

I'm using the suggestion of Alpha-Male22

Megaton= 10 points (Megatons are now exclusively defined as an announcement that was as big as Final Fantasy coming to the Xbox 360)

Exclusive = 10 points

New hardware = 10 points

New IP= 5 points

Exclusive content= 5 points

Newly revealed titles= 3 points


5 Exclusive [Kinect Sports 2;Halo 4; Gears of War 3;Halo Remake; Sesame Street] =50 points

13 Newly Revealed Titles[Modern Warfare 3;Tomb Raider;KINECT Tiger Woods;KINECT Madden;KINECT FIFA; KINECT UNNANNOUNCED TITLE; Mass Effect 3; Future Soldier; Ryse; Forza 4; Disneyland Adventures; Sesame Street;Star Wars; Dance Central 2]= 39 points

4 Exclusive Content [XBL Diamond; New Xbox Experience; Youtube; Fun labs] = 20 points

TOTAL: 129 points.


13 Exclusives [Uncharted 3;Resistance 3; God of War PSP collection; Ico collection; Medival Move; Infamous 2; Starhawk; Dust 514; Uncharted: Golden Abyss; Ruin; MNR PSV; LBP PSV; Sly 4]=130 points

3 New IP's [Starhawk; Dust 514; Medival Move]=15 points

9 Exclusive Contents [Bioshock Infinite (Bioshock); SSX (Mt. Fuji); Battlefield 3 (Battlefield 1943); Playstation Suite; Near; Party Room; Street Fighter (Cole)]=45 points

8 Newly Revealed= 24 points

Total: 204 points


25 exclusives[Mario Kart 3DS; SSB WiiU; SSB 3DS; Luigi's Mansion 3DS; Starfox 3DS; SMB Mii; LoZ LA; LoZ OoT; LoZ 4S; LoZ SS; KI]=250 points

1 new hardware [Wii U]=10 points

25 Newly Revealed Titles [ See Exclusives, and ending note Screen with all the titles]= 75 points

Total: 335 points.

After a recalculation, and reviewing some more of the E3 footage, NINTENDO WON.

System Wars Survival Guide Part 3

Haven't done this in a while.

System Wars Postulates

1. Sales =/= Quality

2. Quoting VGChartz as your source will make ever user think "LOLVGChartz."

3. NO ONE is unbiased.

4. The cake has always been, and always will be a lie.

5. The internet is series business.

6. Shipped Units = Sold Units.

What to do

What if someone has argued with my point?

It's best to back up your post with proof. Using proof such as links are best. When writing your next post, use the convenient Hyperlink button on the message box.

What if someone called me a troll?

Ignore them and report them. To report them, use the drop down menu under their post and choose the option "Report Abuse to Moderator".

System Wars Items

Crystal Ball (noun): This is a thing used to predict the future. Usually asked to be borrowed because another used has assumed some sort of future as true beyond a doubt. "Uncharted 3 will score a 10.0 and be the best game of the generation" "I'd like to borrow your crystal ball.

Goggles (noun): A pair of glasses which make all multiplatform games on your console look better than on the opposing console. "Black Ops looks tons better on the 360 than the PS3." "Man those fanboy goggles must get worse everyday".

Will be added to as needed.

Now what?

So, I'm done with high school. I don't have a job, and as you can imagine, it's hard to get one. I enter in application after application after application and it just seems that it doesn't get anywhere. I have gone and put in applications at almost every store at the local 3 malls, applied at all the fast food places for the next 3 miles, even grocery stores. I applied to Target and they gave me an interview, and then called me to tell me that they didn't have a posistion available to offer me. I applied to gamespot hoping that my games knowledge would help me out, but er..nothing. It's all very depressing. Even best buy, hoping that my youth and understanding of electronics would help...and nothing. I even put that I am bilingual in English and Spanish on all my applications, y....nada.

But even then, my graduation was on Saturday, which was no big event to me, but huge for all the family. There were only limited tickets, so I told them that it was going to be first come first served. And I had 6 tickets and choose 6 of a crowd of like 30. Wow.

The actual graduation was really pretty. I was surprised, especially considering it was going to be at a local college's event hall.

I keep thinking that I'm going to go back to my senior year classes (which the last few weeks have been nothing but rockband and mario kart fests because I'm in mostly AP classes, and the end of the year is really when the AP tests come. The only other class I have is yearbook and we finished that at the end of March. So, that was a really easy end of the year.) and talk to all of my classmates about how graduation was and hear all about the gossip. But I realized that's not happening, and that was when it really hit me that high school is over. It took a few days, and I woke up early on Monday morning, and this morning...for....what? It's kind of depressing. Actually its more of a mixture between the excitement of winning a billion dollars, but being told I have to cut off my leg to spend it. I've got college in a few months, I start mid September, but...what do I do until then? There's only so many games I am interested until then. I was hoping to get a job, but, that's obviously real successful as you can see.

I know this blog post isn't well formatted, but I'm just kind of worried, and plastering my thoughts together as the flow.

Verbtex, over and out!

Not Dead!

I've been extremely inactive lately, to the point where it is almost impossible for me to remember the last thing I was fighting about.

I've been so busy with school, I kinda forgot about one of my favorite communities of all time. I'm back for a little while, but I am not sure how long.

See you guys around.

800 dollars oops, i mean 860

As of today, I have paid for my Xbox360 twice.

I bought a launch 400 dollar Xbox 360, and today I have effectively paid for it twice.

With 5 years of Xbox Live (just got back from the store to buy my next year of XBLG), a Wireless Adpater, and an extra controller, I have spent appoximately 800, not counting tax.

But guess what... It was worth it. :P.

Edit: Slight miscalculation: I have paid for 6 years as of today. 05-06,06-07,07-08,08-09,09-10, and 10-11.

Yay, more testing.

I just finished paying for my SAT Subject Tests for the December testing.

I also just noticed that it changed the date that it says I signed up. If any of you noticed, it said October 6th for the longest time, and now it says the 7th? What the heck? Maybe it's the time zone difference that accounts for the problem, but what do I know?

Verbtex, over and out!

BTW, I'm super hungry, lets eat some burritos. Yum!

Sometimes, I think I am a little clever.

Well, not superiorly. But at least a little. I've been having fun with trolling the trolls at system wars, even though it has the possibility of getting me in trouble. It's fun to drop in every once in a while.

I like to verbally fight with my neighbor. She's a miserable 52 year old woman who really needs to mind her own business. But fighting is so much more fun. :).

But for those who haven't noticed, I kind of like my new signature,"Wii would like to JUMP B3YOND". Get it?

The Wii's catchphrase is "Wii would like to play". The Xbox360's catchphrase is "Jump In". And the PS3's catchphrase is "PLAY B3YOND".

Well, that's the end of my lameness for today. If you would like to steal it from me, do what you want with it. Doesn't bug me. Verbtex, OVER AND OUT!

4 years today.

I know some of you guys have had accounts for longer than I. What was I doing 4 years ago today that caused me to make an account?

Must have been something crackheaded. Hehe.

Happy 4 years to me!

Oh, and im extremely upset about the whole LBP 2 US beta not existing, even a month after the release of the European beta. So if you would like to keep me sane, don't mention LBP.

Anxiously awaiting LBP2 Beta

Man, I really wish we could get into that Beta already. I was a beta tester for Water, the original Beta, and a recent online one.

I really hope I get in to this one, it'd be really cool.

I wish Europe and North America got it at the same time, but oh well. I can't wait to try it. :)