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My fellow Gamespotters.....

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Level 38

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The Levels just fly by so fast now. :/.

The Monkey Trial

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Time for another update, or so I think.

College is great. I really like it. I'm in my second semester of college and taking Math 30 (Calculus 1), Math 42 (Discrete Mathematics), Engineering 10 (An introduction to Engineering), and English 1B (G.E. English). My classes are not incredibly difficult yet, but I am already half way through the semester. I do have to write a research essay rather soon, sucks that it is over my....

Spring Break is finally HERE! Yeah, about that research essay. I had to write it on a controversial person in history. So I chose John Scopes. I more have to take a side on the controversy, explaining my position with evidence from the era. It has been really interesting so far. I am on my first day of Spring Break and will return to school on April 2nd.

Job non-existant as of yet.

Car Oh I can't wait to drive again, my car has been out of commission for almost a year. D:

Assassin's Creed Revelations was actually rather easy to platinum. Well maybe I shouldn't say that, because after all it did take me almost 5 months to get it. :P.

Mass Effect I might be considering buying the series to go through it.

Gamertag I might be switching over to a new account soon, details to follow.

Dark Souls is what I plan to play next, although, I might want to get through the Grand Theft Auto game first. :/. Haven't decided yet.

Vacation is coming up in the first weekend in May. I will be going to Santa Ana, CA to see my great uncle renew his vows with this wife. Cinco de Mayo!

Semester Ending on May 15th. Feels like I haven't really learned much so I hope that I am prepared for the finals when they arrive. Eek!

Moderating You guys will probably see me more in System Wars now that I am here on Spring Break. I might be popping in from time to time in OTAH, because there needs to be a stronger mod presence there. Darthkaiser does a great job already, but if I know anything about being a mod, another guy helping out is always a blessing.

Erm, that's pretty much it for this time, Verbtex, OVER AND OUT!

Hey hey hey, finally got a banner!

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So, I got a copy of Photoshop today, and I played around with the tools a bit, but couldn't actually make anything, so I found a few tutorials with some cool effects, and ended up making the image you see as my banner.

It's a very simple image, but for my first day with Photoshop, I'm not going to complain.I'll never be an AdobeArtist, Stevo_the_gamer, or LegendofNerd when it comes to designing, but I just wanted to have some fun.

Erm, that's all. There not much else to say, so....Verbtex, OVER AND OUT!

A bet I made, and must honor.

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So, if Uncharted: Golden Abyss scores below a 9.0, I will wear this avatar until April 1st:

Whoever is scoring it, be fair. I could use a little humiliation.I just need a reference blog, so here it is!

Portals, and Crime Scenes, and Eagle Drops--Oh my!

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You know, if you ever take the time to sit around and write what's on your mind, it seems things cool down around you.

Winter Break takes forever, I swear. Six weeks sounded like a nice long vacation, but four weeks in and I'm already bored out of my mind. I have got through some of my backlog, have been working on some of the things I do in all areas of my life, and been applying for jobs. I'm having a hard time trying to get a job. I'm willing to do what I reasonably can to earn money, but no such luck yet.

High School is not something that I am missing, yet. I get that it was a great time of my life, but I just don't feel compelled to go back and visit. I would probably say hi to my Spanish teacher, or my favorite History teacher, but other than that I'm left with nothing to do. I didn't mind most of my classmates, but all the people whom I want to keep in contact with I already have. So, I'm not missing high school, I've got the best parts I liked already.

College is cool, and I signed up for my classes next semester. I am going to be taking an Introduction into Engineering course, a lot of people say it's a lot of fun, but I'll let you guys know as I'm braving the daunting task of building my own robot. I have two math classes to brave through, Calculus 1 and Discrete Mathematics. I passed PreCalculus with a pretty high percentage (around 98.8 or so) so I hope I will do fine with two math classes. The last class I signed up for was English, just so I could get my least favorite composistion classes out of the way. My schedule will be roughly from 10-4 Monday through Thursday, which is much better than my last semester of course. I'm going to apply to live on campus next year, hopefully that all works out.

Jobs are incredibly difficult for me to come by. I would really like to earn some money to buy the things I want to buy and go and do the things that I want to do. I guess it's just not time for me to get a job. Eh, oh well.

Steam is great. I made an account there, PM me if you want the details. I bought SMB and Portal.

Portal 2 was great. Like wow. I went and bought the first game as a result of getting through the first few hours of Portal 2. I was amazed that I had missed out on these charms earlier in my life. At first I felt lost with Portal 2's story, but I got thorough Portal and fully understand what went on now. I just wish I had kept my eyes out for a few of the secrets in Portal 2, there are some interesting things I didn't catch. The puzzles are creative, the gels added a new twist to the puzzles, and I liked the over all feel of a game that I have to think about. It's a shame the games are so short, considering they could make tons more puzzles and I'd be up for al of them.

L.A. Noire was pretty good too. I loved the story of the game, and all of the little details that Team Bondi had put into the game. I like being a crime scene investigator, and the game was just the perfect length for me to not lose interest, and not leave me wanting too much more. Kudos to Team Bondi!

Uncharted 3 was great, but it wasn't as good as Uncharted 2. The melee was stronger in the third game, but the overall story felt weaker in comparison.

Assassin's Creed is good. I'm getting through the second game, Brotherhood and Revelations. I played Revelations first, got through the second game, and I beat Brotherhood eventually. I am really enjoying the multiplayer in Revelations. If you want to play with me, go ahead and add me on PSN, my username is "Verbtex".

System Wars Awards were fun this year, not that it is ever different from any other year. I'd really like to thank everyone who voted me as the best mod of System Wars for 2011. I kinda feel I didn't deserve the title, but I should just welcome it anyways.

Want to know about another aspect of my life? Just leave me a comment below!

Just placing thoughts together.

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College has been fun so far. Everyday you learn something new, and it seems that no two days are ever the same. Even though the schedule is the same on some days, you never go exactly the same route. You never see exactly the same people. You never say exactly the same thing. You never think exactly the same thing every day. It's a new and exciting experience, one which I have enjoyed so far. I really reccomend a lot of people go out and try it sometime.

Gamespot has been a lot different since becoming a moderator. It's not a bad experience, but I'd be lying if I said it's like being a Roman emperor who is being fed grapes by attractive women all day long. It's more like being a judge, who has to make hard calls. Only the defense has a testimony, and the plantiff just says the defense is doing something wrong without an explanation. So, mistakes happen, all the time. At this point, I am enjoying the posistion, it gives me a little something to do when I have nothing better to do.

Gaming for me at least has slowed down significantly. My college schedule is pretty hectic. In my senior year of high school, I left school at noon to go and do things at home like homework. I had an easy 6 hours a day to game if I wanted to. Which most of the time was pretty fun, but even then I slowed down on the interest in some games from last year. I leave my house at like 6:50 in the morning, and most days get home at like 5 at night. After all the homework is done, it's already 10 or 11 at night, and I crash since I've been going since 6 in the morning. That's my Monday through Thursday schedule, and I use my Fridays to just lounge around, or help my aunt take care of my great-grandmother.

Sickness is no fun. I had a cold over the weekend, and maybe even today. It's no fun. I don't like being sick, it holds back all the things that I could be doing.

Infamous 2 was pretty good actually, it deserved a much higher score than 7.5. I plan on buying the DLC someday, just to get an extra hour or two out of the game which really impressed me in late June.

Uncharted 3 is a possible masterpiece, but I don't know yet since I have yet to open the game. I got a free guide for the game because I preordered my game at my local GameStop. Which is weird, a $20 book for free?

Ico Collection is something different. I never played the Ico game before, and I'm having a hard time understanding what's going on. It's not an incredibly difficult game, just tedious. The wooden sword is almost useless, I hate having to hit a demon thing like 20 times before it lets the girl go, only to see two more demons appear while I was trying to execute the others.

I played Shadow of the Clossus before, but I don't remember it being so difficult. Maybe because I'm out of practice with my gaming. I really need to get back into one of my favorite hobbies. It's a great way to spend some time on the couch.

Slightly working for my Dad is pretty boring at this point. Business is slow in the printing world, so there isn't much to do, nor is there much to see. It isn't nearly as booming as it was when I was 5 years old.

Assassin's Creed Revelations should be coming in the next few days.

Sorry, no clues here Scooby Doo.

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I didn't put the old System Wars Lounge here, but it is unconfirmed whether I sniped it or not.

Let's prove/disprove it in the comments. Anybody have any evidence?