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Destiny To Become Contra God!


I have a mission, to break the world wide Contra highscore.

Contra is a NES game released in 1988. I have been playing it since I was 3. Up until last Christmas 2011, I could only beat the 3rd level; for my 1st time ever. Now I have beaten the game multiple times in a row. Each time I play it I get better. In one day my highscore improved by a million. At a rate growing that fast I hope that someday I hold the all time highscore, even though I have no clue what it is. My current highscore is 3855600. If anybody knows what the current highscore is can you please tell me?

The 3 Best Video Game Heros, In My Opinion

Theses characters are in my opinion, the 3 best video game heros ever.

Leon Belmont: Castlevania Lament Of Innocence

leon belmont

Defeater of death himself and has the most amazing story.

Kratos: God Of War I-III


Probably more villian than hero Kratos defeated all the gods of Olympus and no matter what will not die.

Cloud Strife: Final Fantasy VII

cloud srife

Very popular hero, perhaps the best ever and the best there ever will be!

Again these are all in my opinion, enjoy!

My Final Fantasy Story.

It all started in a unique world, with a young man named Vex. Full name Vexerillington, but he prefers Vex. He lives in the town of Serenis with his best friend Jeneaux. Neither of them had families so they lived under a bridge. Every morning they would train with swords to see which one was strongest, but they always tied. By the age of sixteen they decided to see who the better man was. So they tryed out for the Militia Resistance Army, whoever made was better. Both friends had their own advantages. Vex was strong and great at mastering the sword while Jeneaux was quick and cunning. After tryouts a couple months later Vex recieved information that he passed the exams, and Jeneaux did as well, in fact they both recieved top rank officers. Years passed as being in the Resistance and both friends showed their effort. But one day Vex got a message from General Detmering that he needed to check out a restriced area by an old forest. Apparently soilders had been disapearing there. Jeneaux couldnt go because he was assigned to fight a battle against the rebels. Near the area during the investigation Vex found an old temple. In there were the missing soilders and ancient inscriptions. Vex wasnt a master at reading Kuwi like Jeneaux but he could make out the general titles. He made an astonishing discovery. When Vex rushed back to Gr. Detmering's office he tried to explain everything as Jeneaux walked in. He explained that the temples writing talked about another world distant of theirs. But the General was acting weird and was convincing both of them there was no temple in that current area and left the office accidentaly dropping a file. Vex reads the file that talks about the temple down yonder. He took Jeneaux to have a witness. As Jeneaux read the inscriptions he told Vex it represented a world of complete paradise. I'll inform you that their world runs on souls and that there is a legendary creature named Lucifer who is the guardian of all souls. He reaps people during their last breath but is very kind and wants nothing but the best of all humans. At that moment Jeneaux got a wild plan, he was going to kill all people on the planet then kill Lucifer to take his souls and send them to the distant planet. Vex backs off under confusion. Jeneaux sees that Vex is denying the offer to find peace for everyone, he breaks a golden sword from a demon statue threatening to take anyone out who dares go against him.Jeneaux runs away going on a rampage. Until Lucifer a might god appears before Vex's eyes Lucifer warns him to stay away from Jeneaux. Why would a mortal god tell someone not to kill a man if a god himself dosent have the power to do it. Being confused Vex left. Into the third day of Jeneaux's assult he is unstoppable. Vex had never seen so much power come from him, where did it come from?

My top ten most scariest, spookiest villians.

The top ten video game villians that are most likely to give me nightmares.

Death: Castlevania Lament of Innocence. This guy was a creep. Nothing but old dried up bones, but when you here his voice shreek you thing again. I dont know if any of you guys get this kind of feeling when your playing a game and your scared to go in the next room and fight that guy because you know hes gonna kill you and you dont wanna die even though its just a game. Thats the kind of feeling I get from him. Besides that he dosent really scare you that much.

Monsteroc: Spiderman. Doc oc compined with Carnige creates Monsteroc. He was so powerful there was no way to beat him besides run. Just looking at him gives me the chills. The bad thing was if he touches you your done. When I was little that guy scared me way to much to fight. But I think he only deserves nineth because there was never any thing he could do that really put fear into your body. Just chase you and comment on an evil laugh.

Sephiroth: Final Fantasy seven. What a lunatic. He was one of the bosses in the series who wanted extreme power, but he wanted to get it by summoning a meteor to crush the planet. One of the less generous bosses. He completely worships his mom who is a space virus that tried to take over the world. With the worlds strangest laugh and deep voice he is a human that spooks. Or is he? Im more scared of Bizzaro Sehpiroth than him.

Devil Jin: Tekken five. Devil Jin was created when Kazuya his father gave Jin the powers of a devil so he could defeat him and steal the left over power inside him. But it went terribly wrong. Jin ended up defeating Kazuya and saving the power for himself. This makes Devil Jin. With long black feathered wings, horns growing from his head and a creepy tattoo on his chest he is nearly undefeatable. So glad he isnt real though, woo.

Kefka: Final Fantasy six. All clowns are scary, espicially the ones that sack villages and plan to destroy the world. Kefka wannted to be a god and he succeded. The most cruel villian in Final Fantasy history. He had a smile that couldnt be wiped off his face. At the end of the game he turns into a big purple angel and is twice the man he once was. He was not on nice man, and what I hadn't done to finish him off, yeah baby yeah.

Hades: God of War three. The most fearful god in Olympus, and he was tough. The guy had spikes coming out of his back and claws built tosteal peoples souls. Good thing is towards the end of the battle you take the claws from him and steal his own soul! Squeee. From the first game he always wore a mask, until its brken off in the battle, from what I can say I should of just left it on. I though he had like an over sized tumor or something.

The Dracolith: Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Yes another Castlevania game. Dracolith is a titan dragon made of bones and rotten flesh from the triassic period. All titans fought in this game you must climb and destroy all of their magic seals while climbing, but this was endless. The scary part of it was if you fell you would fall into a bottomless red sky. But like Im scared of mummys, this was a giant preastoric mummy, yikes!

Devil Gene: Tekken two. If you remmember about how I told you about Kazuya well this was Kazuya in his devilish state. He was the original, purple with devilish wings and a tail. The fearful lazer beams from his eyes, thats unusual. But as strange for a creature of his kind his true love was an angel. I picked him because arent we all scared of monsters. The thing is his entire family is made up of devils except for his dad who rids them.

Giant Plant monster: Bulletstorm. He feeds on any living creature and rises twenty stories high. Did I mention he could fly. The Plant Monster is weakened by being shot done in the mouth then by destroying abcesses on its sides. No giant venus fly trap eats my friend, heck Ill just get a weed wacker. Kinda one of those bosses who would dont feel like you want to fight because the fear takes over the mind. And now for our final.

Forrgotten One: Castlevania Lament of Innocence. The type of boss that gives you that type of feeling I mentioned where your to scared to fight because you know he's gonna whoop ya. I had the game for six years by then and had never found out how to open the door to his lair until I looked it up on the internet.The way the person described his power I got that feeling again. When I opened the final door I walk into a gaint concrete metal spikek room. I see a ten story tall monster with horns stalking over me. The room had a waterfall of peer blood. Thats about the time I noticed he was made entirely of blood and gore. The shape of a human whith only torso. Very scary boss.

Thank you for listening to my opinions.

Terminate God of war union, Tekken Union.

Unfortunately I am going to have to terminate the plans to make a God of War union, but instead now I will follow through with plan B to make a Tekken Union. Of course I need people to message me and say if they want to be one of the lead officers. I will need at least four and also someone to help me get a banner for the homepage. Tell me now if you want to be part of Tekken Union I plan to make, and yes I will include Tekken and Street Fighter.

Slice and Dice!!!

Yes if you love to slice things in halfs, or fourths, even eighths, sixteenths? If you love to slice and dice Ive got a game for you. Try Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Indeed I saw a video of the new metal gear game coming out and I bet you get the point of what it is about. Oh yes with a titanium sword that you weild you can cut through anything. I love it. The video even shows the guy cutting a watermelon into like eighty pieces! Poor watermelon. Look it up Im sure youll like it.

What we can expect in an upcoming game.

Final Fantasy 13 2 is less than two months of launch. To the people who want to know what is coming up here is what we can expect.

1. Newely improved battle system: Square enix has increased the capacity of moves and the ability to observate the chances of getting a pre emptive strike with a little meter towards the botom left of the screen.In an in battle sequence that lets you switch between characters or monsters that brings me to another subject.

2. Capturing and using monsters: Yes probably one of the coolest Final Fantasy stunts ever. I believe it goes if you defeat a monster it can become a part of your team and fight with you in battles as long as your playing as Serah and Noel. If you pre order this game from you will get the honor to battle a monster named Omega, if you manage to defeat Omega he will join your team.

3. Characters: The following contains major spoilers if you dont want the game to be ruined for you dont continue reading. Once again we see Lightning in this game, most of you noticed that, but she is now the guardian of a temple connected to Cocoon and Pulse. There she meets a mysterious man named Caiuse who is apparently the bad guy. He is from the future to slay Noel, wonder why? Serah is now the main character and is two years older, apparently she never married Snow. Her weapon was given to her when she meets Noel and they embark on a journey to save the world. Noel is also from the future, he was the last of the human race born and is the main enemy of Caiuse.

4.Obtainables of pre ordering: This is also the end of spoilers, you can achieve like I said the Omega battle from pre ordering from and by pre ordering from Gamestop I believe it was either an alternate costume for Serah or a bow and arrow weapon that drains life from your opponent by inflicting damage. I'll look more into it.

Hope this helps