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Avatar Review

You can see the original here


Directed by James Cameron

Written by James Cameron

Starring Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, and Zoe Saldana

Rated PG-13

161 Minutes

Avatarhas been almost hyped to death. Does it match the level James Cameron talked of? Nearly. Script and nature of the story aside,Avatarcreates an essentially real world. Did I pay for a movie ticket or a trip to Pandora? By combining top notch CGI, incredible motion-capture, and engrossing 3D,Avatar's world is second to none.
Avatar's story is an age old tale, and so, it is as predictable as eating a sandwich. However, I did enjoy the plot for it's emotional power. The same story has been in different forms for a reason. This time, Jake Sully (played by Sam Worthington) is an ex-Marine whose legs are paralyzed. He is offered work on Pandora (a moon in the Alpha Centauri system that holds a precious fuel called Unobtainium) in his twin's place since their genetic information is identical. At Pandora, Jake is given control of an Avatar partially grown from his brother's DNA. An Avatar is a synthetic Na'vi, the Smurf-like natives on Pandora. Jake is given a mission from Colonel Quaritch to infiltrate the Na'vi clan, which happens to live on the biggest Unobtainium deposit ever found.Avatar's plot provides a solid framework for the rest of the movie to work around despite its familiarity.

The technical aspects ofAvatarare by far the strongest part of the movie. The CGI is on the very tip of complete photorealism. At times, I thought that scenes were being filmed in a jungle (duly impressive since there are so many strange looking plants). Only one thing put me off from the CGI . It was how unnaturally the Direhorses (essentially six legged horses) seemed to walk. Moving on, the Na'vi also looked incredibly realistic and detailed. Performance-capture took a role in cooking up the 10 ft. tall blue "people" of Pandora. The movement of Na'vi bodies was rendered beautifully. Facial expressions were of another level. The actors' performances were channeled more realistically than ever before in the performance-capture medium. Because of this, the Na'vi are fully convincing creations. In addition to the CGI and performance-capture, 3D enhancedAvatarin such a way that I cannot imagine seeing it without the glasses. Even in scenes lacking action, the basic 3D cinematography brought me onto Pandora like no other movie could. 3D is not always as in your face as you would think. Some footage seemed to go around me as I watched. A moment I remember seeing was leaves shooting by- from my peripherals. However incredible it is, the 3D made me feel on Pandora more than it did, say, bring out the actors emotions.Avatarwas certainly made more exhilarating by using 3D and the other technological wonders involved.

Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana train to fight their archery-nemesis

Not all ofAvatarwas as believable as I said before. Certain moments (and most of the introduction) were hard to take seriously. From a sex scene lacking a physical human (don't shout "spoiler!" since anyone could see that one coming) to brief gimmicky 3D, and the fact that there are blue people running around, some ofAvataris, to some degree, laughable. One small plot hole contributed to this same thing as well. I've always found myself to be a sci-fi nerd, so I couldn't believe it whenAvatarwas cheesy through my own eyes. Some of the script I found off-putting as well. There was little humor throughoutAvatar, and some lines were downright awful. I couldn't help but laugh when a Marine shouted "Get some!" while mowing down some Na'vi. The same guy says this five times. This one line is among multiple sub-par exchanges, or in this case, unnecessary blabbing. James Cameron's 15-year old script (or something similar) has aged poorly.

Avataris by all means an extremely entertaining movie, and never gets long or boring. In fact, I actually wish it was a little bit longer. James Cameron still knows how to stage an action scene and execute it with both precision and, somehow, a little bit of grace. He too has the ability to create some amazing sights. The banshee flight sequence and one bigass, kickass battle remains in my mind as stellar pieces of work.Avatar's sense of wonder reminds me of seeingStar Warsas a small child.

Avataris destined to become something. instant cl***ic, flop, revolutionary, cult hit, Oscar winner, or Dances With Smurfs, it will be remembered. James Cameron went bold with this one (as usual) and succeeded (as usual). The technology went and brought me to places previously unreachable, and created a world that was only lacking smells and touch. In it's entirety,Avataris popcorn cinema at it's best. Time will tell if 3D does really change filmmaking the way James Cameron said it would. As of right now, Avatar was made into one hell of an experience with 3D in its arsenal. For safety reasons, wear 3D glasses when you visit Pandora and enjoy your trip. I'm dying to go back.


An Update

No, this is not a return. Just to let people know what's up in my life.

Alrighty...I don't play my DS at all anymore. I think I'm going to sell N+ at Gamestop to buy a DVD or something. I'm a Freshman in highschool (incase you don't likely don't:P). I'm in Band (trombone!!), Jazz Band, Ski Team, and going to join the Bandminton club when it comes around in the spring. I'm listening to Citizen Cope right now (not right right now...). I read The Road and it was very good. I still post around once a week on my movie blog. I do log onto GS almost every day to check out reviews, so you can PM me if you want, I will likely respond. Movietome is my homepage so I will get it there, too. My brother went away to college, so my stepbrother moved into his room, and my brother and I will share whenever he is home (very little, since I'm only at that house half of the time). He had a TV for school, but he didn't need it so he left it. He also had an Xbox, so I've been playing Fable: The Lost Chapters. Very fun and adictting.

Well, thats all for now. I may post these every month or something, but someday I may just walk away. Don't be afraid to PM me, Movietome is going to stay my homepage for awhile. I hope that everyone is doing well, being happy, and playing some great games.


I might leave

The whole change in the layout thing messed me up a bit. It's going to take getting used to. Also, I got a Facebook. I don't play videogames much during the summer, so that comes into play too. A lot of my real life friends left GS (not for Giantbomb, they just plain left). I've also been gone a lot this summer, which has put me on GS only have of the days. Someday I may not come back for whatever reason. I wanted to warn people if I never make a farewell post. I may change my mind and become core again, but I doubt it. I know I'll look here for reviews, but blogs...Probably not. If this is it, goodbye.:)