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So I started playing with the Sandbox 2.0, and I gotta say it's just crazy! In the past I only modded games like NWN and every Warcraft games, I had so much fun with it, and now decided to give a try to an FPS, and the results were more than pleasant :)

I'm doing some crazy explosions and playing around with the physics, I have some nice stuff already, but I'm waiting to do some more before posting a video on youtube.



Yes, I'm not cool because I write IN ALL CAPS and even then gamespot didn't let me to :(. But anyways, so last week I downloaded Audiosurf from Steam, and I gotta say that I hadn't been hooked to a game in a very long time. I highly recommend it to anyone. The game is just beatiful, if you love your music, you should give a try to this indie game. This guys deserve it, come on! it's only $10.

Cheers, I'm gonna play some Audiosurf :P with the songs of Unwritten Law and the Starting Line :)

I forgot! If you want more infor check my review of Audiosurf! ;)

I'm BACK!! :P

Well, I'm back from my suspension, yes, I was suspended this is my first time :oops:

I was on the system wars board and got tired of the threads bashing the PC, so I found this troll who really got on my nerves, and called him "pathetic" for his lame attempts and excessive trolling, well, I knew it was coming. But I'm back now, I think I'm better off on my beloved PC Board or Off Topic.

In the meantime I played lots of games on my PC, specially Crysis and Audiosurf :P


Nah just me

Well, I'm not new to gamespot: i'm moving from my old account "astor47", I'm doing it because the mods are gonna get me :P j/k

I just got tired of that name that always reminds me of my cousin's dog, so now I'm using an account that really fits me, almost all of my accounts on the Internets are vash47 too. So, if you find one it must be me ;)

I use to hang around only on the PC board and OT, I go to check system wars rarely, because of the majority of ignorant posters. Anyways, have a good day :)

I don't know why I'm writing this blog, no one is gonna read it...