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all my xblive friends are ****s and don't play minecraft, so I'm looking for some players to play survival mode/creative worlds. I'm a 21 year old student, so no offense, but if you're an immature minor with a high pitched voice, please steer clear of adding me. Tried this once before and it was downright awful with a mass influx of children. I also play NBA 2k, GTA, COD, Halo etc. If you think we're a budding couple, message my GT at vannuccini3
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I'm getting sick of laggy US servers, so I'm wanting to connect to some Australian players and do some survival worlds or epic creative worlds or whatever. Just a group of people to play with, as my live friends are **** and don't play Minecraft. Message or add me, GT is vannuccini3. Please only AUS players, unless your US internet is boss, haha.