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After 1 and 1/2 years of Diablo 3 ... still playing

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Dont start shooting me, I am still playing this game, been already 1+1/2 years.

I still enjoy it, I did finished all the difficulty levels with the Monk class hero, now I just kicked Diablo's a$$ with the Witch Doctor.

Preparing myself for the big changes, which by the way a good part came before the RoS expansion, as a patch and sincerely all look good. Still, here you will love me, Diablo 2 was better in any point of view you might think of.

I'll probably buy the RoS exp, but there are still 3 weeks until is out.

Keep in touch.

Diablo III - after 2 and a half months of playing it

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So here it is.
It has been more than 2 months since i started the D3, and i can say that things are indeed changing while you play, but there are not that many as you might expect, i even can say that are a little bit less than expected by any of the players. Some changes that indeed made significant frustrations or smiles come, again, from updates/patches which on my side only made me mad. For instance the overall items attack speed reduction to 1/3 was a huge thing, since before it, i bought (for more than 200k gold) few items in order to have more fun, and then this change came and ruined all, i had to change the entire "build" so i can play further. Not cool at all, strike #1.
With the monk hero that i was playing in my article before, i reached to level 53, just last night, i am in act 1, hell difficulty, and things seems to be a little bit more easy then in nightmare; this could sound crazy but, now since the auction house is a small paradise can provide with cool useful items that will win the game for you, instead of having some strategy of attacking any group of foes or even in wha tit comes to do the campaign/story. Not cool again, strike #2.
I also started other classes, and the one that impressed me the most is the witch doctor, which btw rocks! I consider it the most dangerous when it comes to normal attacks and group control (which represents 3/4 of any gameplay that i do, the other 1/4 is running away :) ). I found an item, a dagger, that had +19% attack speed, which, along few other itesm, raised the overall attack speed to a +33%, in this case the game is so darn easy, i jus tuse normal attacks on the enemy, from far away, doing the most damage. If by luck i do find a blessing for attack speed that means it will go to +58%, where any boss cant do anything against me, i am to darn fast :) .
A big dissapoint is the daemon hunter, she cant do too much damage in nightmare difficulty, she cant actually do anything except runnning away. This one would be strike #3.
Overall, the hero classes are not ballanced at all, the PvP will definetly add more changes to the heroes, this is why i am trying to grow my "army" as much as i can, who knows what stupid changes will come next.
Have fun.

Diablo III review at Level 8 - Monk

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So here it is, my own review for Diablo 3 (D3 referred in this article).
It's been already a little bit over 2 hours of play with the Monk hero class and I can say in only on phrase that this release is the most impressive in the entire serie.
I know and I am sure that not all are happy with all the decissions that Blizzard made for this 3rd game but I try to consider it as a new step forward that we all need to take. Think about it, would you prefer to have the same 5 classes all the time, or do you want a new gameplay, with other clases / old clases (monk was in D1, wizzard too, barbarian in D2 - if I do any mistakes here ping me please) remade. I am not on Blizzard's side, I do would have enjoyed the paladin or the necromancer once more....
Back to my gameplay with the monk, I am on level 8 and I am impressed by the Hollywood game style, where you do some Matrix / John Wu combat, that Blizzard put in our hands, but in contrasts to this what's with the new abilities and the way you can have them binded to a key or accessed thru the UI ? This is not funny w.t.h. ? Also too may things dont look as they are in a final version, there are few things not completed but I am sure in the next patches - which will have few hundreds of MB - will get fixed.
I still cant say something on the story line, since is too early but so far it looks just like a book - yeah I know a book writter made the game plot - which is ok, again _so_far_.
I do consider D3 as a superior game to all the others, including Dragon Age (1 & 2 plus exps). Is made by Blizzard, it cant fail - please dont fail :D.
Kepp in touch, there will be more on this awesome game. What I have in this article are only short ideas, all blurry, no conclusions yet, on which a full review will be developed in maybe 1 or 2 months. Have fun.

My latest things around the computers

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It has been a while since my last post in the blog, well I was way too busy at work, and in my free time I played - of course. I did focused only these kind of games: post apocalyptic and MOBA games.
So here it is....
I re-started METRO 2033, what a nice game, the athmosphere, the idea, the scenes are incredible; after each game session a wonderful but terrifing feeling was in my mind, it has been more than 10 years than a game made this impression, and back then i was in my adolescence, and the game was Alien vs. Predator and Marines (AVP 1 for short). Back to METRO, I finnaly managed to get over some blocking episodes that last time made me abbandon it, and I can only say it worth it, big time. Also this time I tried a more difficult gameplay, just to see if I can handle, and I did so far. I still have some 3-4 hours to play, from what I managed to read in game reviews, and I am still amazed by the story. And regarding the story, there is a novel writter called Dmitry Glukhovsky - a Russian fellow, that initially made the story, put it on the internet for free and became a great man for all sci-fi readers. After that everything went more than perfect for him, he was contacted by the game publisher - hence the game; and now it seems Hollywood want this story to became a movie. And again, a sequel is on the go - get ready for more - which again will be a game and a movie. I'll get back with more details as I manage to get them, hopefully the next title in the serie will be the same fun as this one.

Another game that became my target, is actually a rebirth, the Fallout 3. I managed to get it fro free from a friend, install it, play around 5 hours and just that. Impressions: looks nice, a new approche for an old title, still nice. I'll add more things as soon as I play it.

On the MOBA games, well the mighty League of Legends (I'll call it this way : LoL) just pissed me off, after a pause of 2-3 weeks when I finally decided to play again with my friends, I found out that my account was banned for one month. Hmmm I said why this happened, since I dont tend to discuss too much with the other players, and well I can say I can rock in this game (see the attached photos from LoL on my pictures gallery, see the scores ;-) ). After the short frustratoin I moved fast to Heroes of Newerth (HoN) which, along Realms of the Titans (RotT) both seem too complicated - exactly as the original DotA seemed in the first games a while ago. After 10-15 matches in HoN I started to rock, get several new friends - virtual friends I mean - and think that LoL is not the only one that can provide a good and fun gameplay. So RIOT (LoL producer) take care, remove that stupid thing called Tribunal and let the players play, who cares if some of them rage, fed, troll or whatever new word you can invent is 'performed' by the players.

Until the next article, keep playing and enjoying the games,

Mine is better than yours !

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There is more than a year for me while I have played the "League of Legends" game (the DotA so-called next reincarnation). The fun part of this game is that in compare to the other DotA "clones" (allow me to call them clones) si that it is FREE. Free as in you can download it, make an account and start to play it at full power; BUT if you want other champion skins (except one or two) you will have to pay fo them. That's ok with me and most of my friends to pay only for skins or some bonus multipliers (i'll not write more on this, just go to their website and read about what can be bought), and we do enjoy many hours of LoL. Just another cool cartoonish game that many can dislike or even hate and start a war on this. Why ??? just read below.

Other clones like Heroes of Newerth, which look way better at the graphics level, and for some at the gameplay substrate and feeling (I can say the same) is not so well rated in the game communities (as LoL is - you can argue with me on this). More on this, since a player, lets call him Bob, pays 30$ for it and he does not feels like the entire world enjoys and plays the game he just payed, then he will start to hate the others. That's level one - hate the others, then BoB will start to play (undercover) LoL and continuesly say to the LoL community that "LoL is not so great, is too cartoonish, is for , no hardcore player will ever play this, and that HoN is better". This is level 2. Few guys might even believe this, since someone - Bob - spent time to tell everyone about his idea on the LoL, then it must be true. These guys will start HoN and hopefully they will be way happier in this one. And this is level 3. Now, while our guy Bob is saying all these about LoL, the players - with more than 10 years on this planet - will start the "fight", calling names to HoN and maybe DotA itself (too many can confirm this) and the war will spread in the game community - level 4 reached.

Lets not forget the WoW players who will feel somehow left alone and they will participate to this war too, saying that both parties are "dumb", that only WoW deserves to be played. And as an argue they will invite Bob and he's fellow players of HoN and the players of LoL to play WoW and to witness the wonderfull World of Warcraft. Level 5.

The level will keep grow as the argue continues since more and more players are starting to play these 3 | 4 games. The funny part is that all this is exactly what the producers of the games looked for: players - us - starting to feel as a part of something - a team - that must be defended. In the end only they are winning, we are loosing so bad, so many hours of our life, so much time arguing who is right and why, and loosing the focus that these are just games and shoudl have been fun to play them, to enjoy copuple of hours of gameplay with our friends or even with unknown guys across the globe.

I just hope that one of you guys will understand that this is dumb; I've played / still play all the mentioned games above and I can say that just do that PLAY them, ENJOY and RELAX.

Old games, new flavour

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It started to be a general thing in the gaming industry that old game title like Settlers, Civilization, Patricians, Age of Empires, UFO (X-COM for old gamers) to be "upgraded" to newer version. The problem is that they think newer graphics will do the trick and us, the players/buyers, will run to the store and buy the game, install it, play it for many days and nights. The truth is that this does not work like this; I need more to continue love these "upgrades", like the content of the game, the back story, the feeling they send to the player. The tiles I mentioned above are missing all these, even worst there is a new direction to remove cool stuff from the previous release - fact which again I am not agrre with. I know there are economical problems in all the partes of the industry but still things like these should remain a target in each game developer roadmap for a game. Very few titles remains cool, nice, awesome, for us the players after the "upgrades", and I have to mention here: Grand Theft Auto IV (with all the expansions and ports to different platforms), Anno 1404 (and Venice), Mafia II, Majesty 2, World of Warcraft.....and the list can continue but not too much, sad to say.

In conlcusion to this post, guys, fellow players, first use the demo game before buying the full thing, it could hurt your feelings some bad titles (see first lines) to participate to a massacre for the good taste and cool tradition in what we like to call video games.

Linux games......where are they ?

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Well I hope I'll going to be heard by someone.

I'm using the Gamespot website for quite some time, I'm also a registered user for three months, but I still did not see any Linux games (opensource/free mainly, but I prefer to call them "Linux games", even if not all the games that can be played natively in Linux are opensource/free). I'm looking for game titles like OpenTTD or FreeCiv or even Battle for Wesnoth (which there is a game on Gamespot but not mentioned as opensource!) since the section is PC (or even PS3 or PS2) on which a Linux can be installed and any games can be played. Should it not be a section for opensource community games or mods ? I think YES, but I cannot do more then writting a short article on this blog and hope that someone will see it.

Cheers and have fun playing what you like.

games you'll not forget

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I've started to play on my laptop a large serie of old games like Knights of Honor, Europa Universalis (1,2,3), Stronghold, OpenTTD, Diablo 2, Crusader Kings etc., that sometime ago i've loved so much. I've made this move due to my desktop PC's video card that burned some days ago and I have to wait to be repaired/replaced. So I've started to play, old cool games that keeps you busy for many hours. Specially by night, since i'm busy at work in the day time. I've realized one great thing, these kind of games (see above) are cool by their story, by their feeling, if you want, and not by the so nice graphics or special effects. This kind of things the latest games, much part of them, are frogetting to do, to take the player in a different state of mind so nice that you don't want to leave. Of course I'm not a hater to the latests big names like GTA IV, which I like it so much because......of the story; some times you could say that GTA IV makes you an actor and you can make your own movie. Rockstar should insist on this thing, to allow the player its own decisions, more ways to finish the game.