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Strategy Gaming For Old Men

Strategy war gaming is my first love when it comes to computer games. Now you have to understand something. I'm old. Old people do not play these RTS games that move faster than we can click. We like the old IgoUgo games. We need a LONG LONG time to think about our strategy. I can't have my Cavalry actually there when I think about a charge the first time. It will get slaughtered charging those guns. The AI isn't going to give me time to think so before you know it my general is running for his life with no troops left.

Unfortunately since Talonsoft went a different direction there hasn't been much else out there if you want to play games that look good. The top down counter games are still out there but my computer likes the 3D images and so do I.

Matrix Games puts out a little of both. The problem with matrix is you never know how long support will last. One example would be Star-Chamber. Sony has it now and all that money I spent on cards etc is gone for good. They do support one of my favorite games, Campaigns on the Danube, but it to is the top down counter view. It is still the best campaign simulator for generating miniatures battles.

HPS simulations have some nice Graphics. But every game is basically the same engine. made something interesting with combat mission. But it feels like and RTS game to me. It's the geritol I drink probably. Other than that I can't think of any companies that consistently make War games anymore. SSI is gone dead and buried.

SO to solve this dilemma I brought out Cossacks. I played for about 20 minutes. It should be called RTRM for Real time resource management. I can do without resource management. So I picked up Medieval Total War. Sort of the same problem but not quite. The battles paused well so I could catch up. I wanted to play some Horse and Musket so I dragged Imperial Glory off the shelf it. I played the Austrians wasn't pretty.

I think I am going to see if I can find a DOS computer and replay the old SSI games I have filling the bookshelf. They maybe ugly but I can at least stop start or think on a strategy for a very long time. BTW have you seen my Ben-Gay anywhere.