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PSP Old News?

It's 2013 and the PS Vita already been out for a little while now and I've finally decided to go a buy a PSP to play the games I might have missed out on. Many I've had an eye on over the years have sinced dropped in price price, others have become less common. The purpose of this Blog entry is to discuss your favorite PSP games and wether or not I should bother buying one for the gems I never got to play. Many asian based developers are still continuing to releease (mostly jrpgs/ strategy) games currently. My question to you fellow Gamespot frequenter's is:

"Is it worth buying a Playstation Portable now? & What are some of your favorite PSP titles? Feel free to list them."

Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7934454_85840_thumb.jpgValkyria Chronicles 2Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy


(battlefield3 screenshot)

My first Battlefield game was the 2008 game Battlefeild Bad Company for PS3. Since then I have also bought and played Battelfield Bad Company 2. Over the past weekend I put in the BFBC1 only to be surprised that people still play it online.

I had a fun time re-learning what each of the ⊂lass's kits were but it was still the same great gameplay as ever. My interest was in getting the online Trophies since I didn't get all of them for it, and I regret that I have only recently begun to play BFBC2 online, since everyone will probably be switching to Battlefield 3 if they already haven't. No matter what game mode it is, it's always "Team Death Match", but what I love most of Battlefild series is it's an awesome Attack & Defend game.

First off I am a fan of FPS's. I enjoy playing COD, the much more custom load outs, and the recently with the sequeals the Kill Streaks add some fun too it.

Did anyone try Battlefield 3 yet? How is the co-op? Is it offline as well?

Anyone ever play the Operation games? I have Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, it is a solid fun shooter with a different feel to the gameplay. Worth checking out if you have some spare time and are bored with your other Shooters.

My Top 10 Favorite X-Men

Didn't feel like resticting it to a Top 5.

10. Psylocke Psylocke

9. Collosus Colossus

8. Nightcrawler Nightcrawler

7. Storm Storm

6. Gambit Gambit

5. Jean Grey Jean Grey

4. Deadpool Deadpool (though technically he's Weapon-X, etc.)

3. Cyclops Cyclops

2. Iceman

1. Wolverine Wolverine : because when he goes into Berserk Fury bood won't stop pouring. Awesome.

To read an interesting post on Celebrity casting done right for X-men see link:

Raptr enabled Trophies and Achievments Icons are Wrong!!!

I've confirmed it(for myself). If those of you who haven't already noticed that some of your acheivments and trophies show the wrong icon then mine are a perfect example. I was on Playstation Blog looking at the post regarding PSN games on sale and decided to look one of them up on Gamespot; (Soldner-X2: Final Prototype). If you look at some of trophies for Soldner-X2: Final Prototype you will notice that there are Halo 3: ODST icons for some of the trophies (PS3 acheivment equivalents).

Playstation Blog link:

Soldner-X2: Final Prototype Trophies link:

For which console should i get Mass Effect 2?

I am undecided as to which console I should Mass Effect 2. I will probably only be getting it for one console and the choice is between xbox360 & Playstation3. I own the first Mass Effect and have finished playing through multiple times. It is because of option to play off the last games saves that I am inclined to get it for xbox360; it would also be another game to boost my gamerscore, since I mainly play on PS3. Developers stated that the PS3 version will get all the support the xbox verzion will and includes all the post release DLC. I can get Mass Effect 2 under 20 dollars now for 360, with the intention of spending an additional $20 for dlc. Which do you think would be better? With the PS3 verszion coming out I don't see it getting a GOTY verzion.

Games without Trophies :PS3

Its just too bad that some of the better games don't have trophy support like:

Valkyria Chronicles, Elder SCrolls 4:Oblivion, Soul Calibur 4, Devil May Cry 4, Lost Planet, Lair, Heavenly Sword, Turok, Medal of Honor Airborne, Call of Duty 4 Modern Warefare, Metal Gear Solid 4, Tom Clancy's games, and other PS3 exclusives.