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The failing's of the current Generation

As the the title implies, I am not exactly enamored with the current generation of consoles. Other than Bioshock, the Wii, and hopefully Mass Effect, this generation has offered nothing truly innovative.

This Generation in General


The Graphics

This generation's main failing is the increased focus on graphics. Not only has it held games back, but it has failed to increase immersion as well.

Why? Well, despite how advanced models are, lighting and textures have yet to catch up. This, in turn, causes everything to look like plastic; this, of course, rips you out of the experience. Now this has been proven as fact, it's a little thing called the "Uncanny Valley".

I do not care about graphics, just take a quick browse of my games, and you'll see that.

The Console War

This is, by far, one of the most idiotic console war's I have ever seen. Fanboy's on all sides refuse to see the failing of their respective console. You know all those annoying Halo fanboy's?

Yeah, every last one of you fanboy's are acting like that.

Faults with the PS3


The Price:Games Ratio

PS3 fanboy's, believe it or not, price IS a deciding factor. No, the 360 didn't have but 1 or 2 good games at launch, I was one of those people that demonized it. However, it didn't cost 500-600 dollars.

The Cell Processor

Oh, where to begin?

1.The PS3 DOES NOT have enough RAM in order to use it to it's full extent. This leads to games that look no better (even worse) than 360 games. HOWEVER, Lair is very purty; but then again, so is Mass Effect!

2.It's hard to program for. More and more developers (including John Carmack, the master of coding trickery.) are decrying it, sometimes outright abandoning it due to difficulty of programming

The 360


The Community

1 word. ANNOYING! Very few of those on Xbox live are people I actually want to play with. If only more games incorporated the "mute" button from Halo 3.

The Marketplace

Gate's must have been a Carney in a past life, because the inability to buy the exact right amount of Microsoft Point's has one purpose. To make more money.

The Wii


To many gimmicky games

It has a massive lack in games that the average gamer wants to play. There is Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy, and Metroid Prime 3. Wow, 3 games. Wii Sports is fun. Scratch that, It's REALLY fun. But the large majority of Wii games seem to be nothing more than a series of mini-games.

Friend Codes

Why? If you have ever had to deal with these 16-number behemoths, you to hate them.


Now, I do not believe that this generation is a loss. Gears of War was a great take on the shooter genre, Bioshock was a great take. Pinata was nice and quirky.

I am simply pissing myself over Bioware's next game, Mass Effect

However, we simply have not seen the same amount of innovation we have seen in the past. As games have become more mainstream, innovation has fallen to the way-side, in favor of profits.

The PS3/Xbox marketplace has plenty of cheap niche title's that are quite fun to play.

Now all I ask is for a sequel to Beyond Good and Evil.