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Final topic

Been a member for gamespot for over two years, learnt a lot, would like to thank the leaders and the members for the unions that i've been an officer of.

Resident Evil 6 is a very good game

RE 6 is a very good game, its just not a survival horror game, so if it is compared to RE and RE 2, the expectations will definitely fall short. What is RE 6? it is an action-adventure game, there are elements of call of duty, uncharted 2, splinter cell, the witcher 2 and tomb raider all over this game and it works.

The story is decent not great, the graphics are excellent, and there is nothing terrible about the mechanics as far as the gameplay and QTE's are concerned.

There are a few things that need to be improved upon if it going to translate well on the pc, the camera needs to zoom out more, it is too close to the characters, and there needs to be a way of adjusting the aliasing, bloom, hdr, fov, ssao, fog volume, light shafts, lod bias etc. Hopefully it will also have very high resolution textures

Going through a second playthrough of the 360 version, looking forward to the pc version.

Next gen will fail if not digital only says

codemasters cofounder in gamespot article, I disagree, its not and either or situation its a both and situation, the fact is lots of people enjoy going out to the physical stores and viewing solid copy products when it comes to movies, music and games.

These physical stores are very important to local communities as this provides an economic base of support when it come to local taxes and employment, Its some of these same employees who these devs are depending on to buy and promote their products.

But this exactly the kind of short term gain thinking thats putting so many dev studios out of biz, they seem not to realize that if less people buy your stuff the less money you earn.

Of ME 3 Extended Cut and Future of the ME Universe

I'm satisfied with the additional cutscenes, this was a more professional and conclusive version than the abrupt ending that existed previously. I got a chance to see what happened to the team around shepard.

Going forward I think charcters such as liara, ashley, miranda etc were well so developed that a spin off game is possible, prefferably taking place after the events of ME 3, anyone of them could be the main character, maybe ashley or miranda in law enforcement and liara in the scientific field teaming up to bring to justice some villian, with the setting on earth instead of outer space.

Why Sony should be E3 2012 winner

At a time when the safe thing for publishers to do is to make sequels because of the bad economy, Sony has taken the chance to produce two new IP's which are very interesting and refreshing. Gamespot editor Laura Parker gives more detail here

beyond two souls

Beyond (article ign)

last of us

Last of us (article ign)

A few thoughts on E3 2012

It was good to see sony leading the way with their new exclusive IP's, beyond and the last of us look very interesting, can't wait to play them, I hope they do very well. Ubisoft's watch dogs is also well done.

The application of the second screen on the wii u contoller with arkham city and zombie u in terms of scanning an area, hacking doors, sniping etc was impressive, ms and sony have their work cut out for them.

It was great to see dead space 3, splinter cell blacklist and gears of war judgement being announced, and there are lots of top games to look forward to in the coming months my picks; RE 6, ACIII, Aliens CM, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, and Halo 4.