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Gordon Freeman Vs. Solid Snake!!!

Anybody else feel like this is pure and utter BS! Come on Solid Snake clearly is the better hero! I want to know if anybody else feels the same way. If you comparethe amount of game snake been through and the story of snake seem like nothing can compare... and yes I'm saying this because I'm a MGS fan boy but forreal Snake was made to be the PERFECT soldier hence to be the perfect hero since he did save the world from nuclear destruction and from being ruled by computer AI or just being turned into s pure war economy! I have played Half-Life and let's just save Gordon does not compare to snake! Snake would beat this guy ten ways to Sunday. Snake know's CQC and has defeated the undefeatable. He's destroyd huge Metal Gears countless of times, nvm the amount of soldiers he's taken down. He's takedown the craziest of bosses beating people that are basically impossible to beat unless you're snake. He's even killed an immortal Vampire!!! What other proof do you want! so I say if you're wondering who the better man Snake take's the cake easy!!!!

MGO it took a while 2 decide but i got it

i was ponderin wheter or not 2 spend my muney on MGO ( metal gear solid online) but i finally decided 2 get i hope sum1 would've told me 2 get it sooner itz one of the best online games ive eva played it was definetly worth da muney but if u got thiz game look 4 me unda:

Solid Snake 829

Trade ps3 for tacos

did any1 else hear on the news about if ur the first person to donate your ps3 to taco bell for a charity you get life time supply of free taco bell.

Final Fantasy XII can't wait anymore

damn i already have final fantasy 12 payed for the collectors edition and i have 2 wait till oct 31 i wanna play it so bad cause i have nothin else 2 play but ima get MGO so tht'll hold till i get ff12.

shadow of the colossus is sickk

i got the game yesterday and wen i bought it i went to sum stores gott skoo clothes wateva thn i went to go put the stuff in the car and i opened the shadow of colossus case and the cd wasn't there so i ran back to gamestop and told the guy. He gave me the cd and he took off 5 bucks for his mistake any ways tht game is sickk ive been playin and itz krazy.