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Now this really is not my type of game. These days I just like to have a few rounds on Call of Duty or Street Fighter, i can't for the life of me invest time in a game of this magnitude. However many people can as it seems to be a trending topic with all my friends on Twitter and Facebook.

One thing I am curious about though is the games percieved mainstream popularity. While i haven't played it (so take what I say with a pinch of salt) all the kids coming into my store have wanted to buy this game. Older guys, parents and women too. Now to me this game does not seem too far removed from something like World Of Warcraft which also requires massive time investment and demands total immersion. Though from my experience hardly anyone will own up to actually playing WOW or they will just be lambasted with generic nerd insults if they do.

What is different with this game? is it because it is on the more mainstream PS3 and Xbox 360 and not just exclusive to PC (the impression of by most people is PC Gaming seems to be ubiquitous with nerd behaviour)

If any of you have played it, is it any good? or are you looking to play it soon?

I have a new blog picture and activity and life.

I feel it is about time I updated the blog picture of me, that last one was taken over 2 years ago! :P.

As a few may have noticed I have started frequenting the site again, this is due to me generally hating most websites and this being a safe haven to return to when the web frustrates me.

I have had alot of fun here in the past, unfortunately alot of users I have come to respect seem to have left the site like i did, I can only hope oneday they will follow in my footsteps and log back in :P. However there remains a small nucleus of the old veterans which makes me smile.

As for me, alot has happened since I last logged and blogged proper.

Turned 21

I became a massive Apple fanboy (iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone 4)

Moved back to South London

Been at my job for 2 years, now got a transfer to London store.

Split with my gf just before I left the site and havent been in a relationship proper for just over 2 years and it feels great! :)

A few more things have happened but I won't bore you with the details :P

Hope you're all good and geared up for the holidays!



As I randomly log in after another long break of generally existing, a wave of nostalgia hits me. I think back to the days I used this site religiously and the great community with it. Also how much easier life was back then. When you're all grown up things get harder as I am sure some of the older users can attest to.

How poignant this all is.