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Fry's is godlike...

If you aren't located on the west coast (or Texas, Las Vegas, Downers Grove Illinois, or Duluth Georgia) then you probably aren't familiar with the store Fry's. It's essentially a geek mecca. Fry's has just about anything a geek could want; big screen tv's, computer hardware, games, appliances, dvds, music, and lots and lots of weird random stuff that I can't think of a category for. Anyways, my friend discovered that Fry's had about 60 copies of Planescape: Torment in stock. If you're unaware, Planescape: Torment is one those under-appreciated games that has a pretty strong cult following. It's kind of like the Donnie Darko of games, only it doesn't suck. In fact, it's one of the best RPGs ever made. I already have the game so of what use would 60 copies of Planescape: Torment be to me? Well, Fry's was selling it at $5/copy and the game can easily fetch $35 on eBay or Amazon. They also had a lot of copies of the Fallout 1/2 dual-jewel which also went for $5/copy. So I grabbed 20 copies of each and my friend got 11 of each. I imagine we looked really weird when we checked out with a buggy full of 62 games but I don't really care, I'm making a lot of easy money. If you live in California or near near a Fry's and have never experienced it, do so.