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Im back again

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Hello everyone it's been a long time since I've been on here, but here I am in a flesh. I plan on reviewing on some of my favorite games, such as: Fallout New Vegas, COD Black ops, and NBA 2k11. I tell you, I love video games, I mean who doesn't, but anyways, about New Vegas. This game is probably THE BEST RPG I've ever played. You can practically do what ever you want:drinking, eating, sex, gambling, shooting, socializing, need I continue? That game is really Game of the year potential. now for Black ops. You talk about sound effects, in this game, I mean really, It sounds like your really in Vietnam, and the storyline is quite interesting.I wonder how they put Mason's face in that acual, I repeat, ACUAL picture of John F. Kennedy walking through a crowd.That scene really impressed me.Now for 2k11, who ever likes basketball games, this game's for you.When you play this game, it is like a real NBA game.When you play as Jordan, and once you play his challenges, it's like a whole new game.

Well for now these are my reviews for Fallout New Vegas, COD Black ops, and NBA 2k11. If you have any questions on any of these games, I won't mind if you'd inbox me because I've played all of them and completed two, so I know alot about them. One love to All.$$$

Confused, but happy

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well recently it was my birthday,(the 29 of December), and I got some money from some friends and family,and I cant decide if I should get Modern Warfare 2 or Halo:ODST. I've always loved that music on halo, but I've loved COD too.Any suggestions people?


Im back

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This is Royce A, and im back. Im lovin Gamespot, and I've past that oblivion mission. It was hard, but I over came.MAN, That new Halo is amazing. Those guys are so buff on there man.I cant wait to see what games come out in 2010!

About Me

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My name is Royce, but on Gamespot, it's umgobeyoas. I love video games, and I want a challenge from someone, but I dont have Xbox Live. I have a Xbox 360, and I'm in an area that wont let you get Broadband. I really want to Challenge someone. I live in Moscow, TN. I love Video Games.I cant spend a single day without Playing my 360. I am Black and very Athletic. I love to run. So come check out my page and send me messages if you have questions about me.


Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2

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Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2 are the best Games out right now.I'm getting both of them for Christmas. If anyone knows where to find any of these two games for a low price, please let me know. I think both have good graphics,

Good storyplay,Gameplay. I dont have them, but I've Seen vids and pics of them. This is Rose Royce Signing out 8)