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Resident Evil 6 First Thoughts

So I finally got around to playing RE6, and I must say, I am not really enjoying the game very much at all. I've gotten through almost all of Leon's story so far, and nothing has impressed me. The gameplay is boring, the plot is broken and pointless, and I find myself mindless running about the areas shooting things like a puppet. So I can finally say, with the most recent RE movie and this game, that Resident Evil is finally dying. 2012 was a sad year indeed. Considering that Resident Evil is one of my FAVORITE franchises, this is a major dissapointment. Well, let's keep on trucking.

Wii U Users?

To anyone with a Wii U, I would like to request that you add me! Add me on skype (Jsrf38) and on the Wii U (Uutama) and we can play something or chat! :D I have Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition and I'm looking for challengers :3 I also have ZombiU and Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge, but I have not tried the multiplayer features on those games yet. Thanks! :D

Skyward Sword

Link x Zelda? Not in OoT. Not in TP. DEFINITELY IN SKYWARD SWORD.

I love you Zelda. c:

Uh, anyway, it's a great game. That is all.


I'm backkkkk~ After doing some Christmas shopping, I decided to get back on here and record my stuff :P

I have my 3DS (that I can't open until Christmas) and other games~~I got the 25th Anniversary Zelda 3DS, to be exact! :D!

Anywhooo~ So far I have purchased only six games for Christmas. I have:

  • OoT, of course, that comes with the 3DS,
  • Starfox 64 3DS,
  • Dead or Alive Dimensions,
  • ICO/Shadow of the Colossus HD PS3 pack,
  • and two AMAZING old schoolers (or so I've heard). If you know me, you should know I love most of any genre, but I favor one in particular. HORROR. I decided to get Fatal Frame I & II (I actually might try to sneak those in before Christmas >>).

I'm getting more, though! I'm going to get K-ON! Houkago Live!! off of ebay, because you know, I need to build up my imported collection. I'm REALLY looking forward to playing Catherine and Atelier Totori. Skyward Sword..Meh, I don't like motion control, but it IS Zelda. Uncharted 3... I hope it's a good game, I know the first two were. 'Least I know the online is good from the beta. I also know my cousin has Mw3 for me, and no, I didn't want to get it the first day it came out. Regardless, I still wish to finish the story line. Hell, I didn't even get to level 30 on Black Ops. Anyway, for a change of topic...

Are there any good 3DS games that I haven't mentioned? I need some 3DS games that I haven't mentioned. I tried that new Mario game out at walmart yesterday, but I'm still thinking about that game. The 3D effects weren't too amazing. The game itself seemed pretty good, though.

Does anyone know of any cheap JP PSP games that have no necessary storyline? (I can't read most Kanji)

-- Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! --

- Love ya -

:) Have fun! (:

Pokemon Madness >:D

Hei! Konnichiwa Minasan. Well, As you may have guessed from the Title, I.. Can NOT stop playing anything else but Pokemon. It's just.. So.. Fun.. Ya know? Well, I just got Pokemon Ruby off of my friend yesterday so that'll probably keep me really busy. Also, since I got HeartGold last month with only 140 Pokemon on the Pokedex, Ruby might make catching the Hoenn region Pokemon much easier. ..I need to buy more Pokemon games.. Ya know?

Downed But Not Out!

My Gamecube has, once again, been resurrected!! :D I'm going to start playing the old games I loved, and still love, again for a while. Maybe perhaps I can find some good games I haven't played in Gamestop =p. I just need a new memory card and I'll be set to keep playing xD. I TOTALLY REGRET TRADING IN LUIGI'S MANSION THOSE FEW YEARS AGO T-T.

Final Fantasy Collection + Anime Recommendations Please?

Hey, I want to start off with saying that I am officially starting my Final Fantasy Collection... Which currently is quite small... I'm am right now getting FFIX and hoping I win a bid for VIII which goes off in about 15 minutes from now (COME ON WIN!!!).

Edit: The games are BLACK LABELED!!

I DID win the bid.

Chocobo ftw!! ^.^

Chocobo ftw!! ^.^

I would also want to ask what your favorite Anime with the following tags (Otaku; School Life) are. PLEASE EXCLUDE LUCKY STAR FROM WHATEVER YOU SAY, I'VE ALREADY WATCHED IT. Soo just leave a recomendation or whatever your favorite is. That's all for now, chiao!

Final Fantasy XIII

Well, I picked up my FFXIII copy yesterday and I've gotta say, it's pretty sweet. I'm planning on popping it in pretty soon, considering i'm only about 3 hours and a half into the game. It's pretty awesome, whats do you guys think of it so far?

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