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Sorry guys

ive been busy with my Gamemaker game. I finished making fully animated sprites. But im having trouble coding a slope. If anyone knows about how to do it, help would be appreciated!

Go Go Mike!

Warioware Touched is definetly better than gamespot says. my favorite song is the Mike Theme song. 9-volt is still my favorite character. Who is yours?


Kingamez and Patchi are both leaving. Now who's going to save dying boards and ponder random facts of life?. We will miss you, guys.


Ive decided. Im going to make Whiplash.com. check out what it is going to have:

Obviosly, the basis is Whiplash, but the idea of the site is to get people to send in their characters, no matter how crappy they may be. then people can post their adventures with their characters.

I will post my Novel, The Ridley Chronicles. Yep, its the Ridley from Metroid. the story is a little about metroid, but way before Samus's time. it is 27 Pages so far, but it will be a lot longer. It also revovles around the Chaos Emeralds-opposite, The Sacred Beryls(i dont want to get sued) It is kinda confusing at time, because its an early version. If you would like the version so far, PM me with your E-mail Adress.

I will be making a Paper Marioesqe-Rpg. Its like Paper Mario only in the Fact that it will be turn based. Thats A LONG FREAKIN time away. Anyone who is good at coding, help will be appreciated

Flash Made Series starring Whiplash? Maybe...

All my original/embarsassing Early Whiplashs will be on the site.

Story Tidbits that i'll tell only to my friends at Gamespot:

Whiplash is actaully Ryoki, the main Character of the Ridley Chronicles. Since Ridley is a Video Game character, and he appears in the Real Dimesion, there is a portal that Ridley knows off. In some way im not sure, he is warped to the Alternate Earth, Mobius.(Which is Sonics planet, if your not sure.)

Whiplash got his name from a remark Sonic Makes on Whiplash's quick temper after they find him in Green Hill Zone.

in case you were dreaming of video games in Science, Emeralds are a green version of the mineral Beryl. since the Emeralds are different colors in Sonic, It would make more sense to call them the Sacred Beryls. (i think, at least)

Whiplash has Three Super forms: Ultra,Omega, And Ultrillium

Ultrillium is based on a hidden plot i cant say yet. if you REALLY must know,PM me.

Eggman is not the main Villian.(He happes upon a terrible accident.hehe. In my story, i call him Robotnik, because Sega changed his name to a stupider, less awesome one)

Amy dies! WooHoo!!!

Thats all for now. I will need a lot of help from you guys. Please tell people that my Website is coming, if you have a character, send him to craig.weier@sbcglobal.net Thanks For reading!



My game has absolutly nothing to do with the GAME Whiplash. Whiplash is the guy on my sig. and avatar. the game came out after i made him. just in case people thought it was like the REAL game.

Whiplash Game!!

I made one, but sadly, since it only runs on game maker, i do not know how to show it. if anyone can help me put a link up or something that works, or a site that can host gmd files, please tell me. thanks.