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I Should Have Let Her Die On That Horse!

Good Evening! How are you guys? I hope everything is wonderful!

As for me, I'm writing this tiny blog just to tell ya 2 things, not much on schedule today :P



First thing's first. Do you know which day's today? No? :( Today is my 4th Anniversary on GameSpot! :D I'm super glad to have lasted this long :lol: I hope you guys throw me a party, thay would great!

Anyway, congrats to me! :D




Also, to celebrate this anniversary, I've decided to make a new theme. Yet, it still features The Evil Queen/Regina Mills from Once Upon A Time, she's a total BAMF! :lol:

Here is the sig:


Do you guys like it? Reviws Please! :D



So it seems my blog is going to end soon :( I hope to remain in GameSpot for another 4 years, although with the glitches, it seems hard :? And please comment my beloved blog, Reviews and Comments are love! :D

See you around! ;)


I shall destroy your happiness... If it is the last thing I do.

I will destroy your happy endings! :twisted: FEAR MY POWER!!!

Nope, actually I have a good heart and I wouldn't possibly be able to rip your hearts out, would I? Anyway, as someone said:

Well, tell me what you think... Am I a good person or an evil person? :P


:lol: I bet I scared you, no? :P I'm in a marvellous mood, thank god :lol:

You're probably wondering what's my point in writing this strange blog, and you're probably right there. This is a strange blog, isn't it? :P

I'm writing this to announce that I'm returning to GameSpot yet again, for what it seems to be like the 5th time I say this. I hope that I'm not wrong this time though. I would not be fair to either you or me to say something that may not be true.


That's my point Regina, thanks for the warning ;)


In addition, I have some updates! YAY :lol:

First off, I'll start with my series watchlist. I have significantely increased it over the last year and I'm up to discuss any of this series with you guys :)

Once Upon A Time


CSI : New York

CSI: Miami


Rizzoli & Isles



How I Met Your Mother


The Tudors


NCIS: Los Angeles

Grey's Anatomy

House M.D

Cold Case

Doctor Who

Hawaii Five-0


Lie to Me



Modern Family

The New Adventures of Old Christine

Pan Am


Sons of Anarchy

Ugly Betty

Stargate SG-1

Stargate Atlantis

Terra Nova

Without a Trace

As you can see I have a huge list of Watched/Watching Series and I have to be honest and tell you that I can't remember every little detail about these series but, if you're a series addict such as myself, I believe we we'll get along just fine :lol:

Once Upon a Time is my new medicine, so It's no surprise I have a OUAT related theme :P Regina Mills /Queen Regina kicks some ass! You go girl! :P


Also, I have an update on my gaming, which is only possible due to the purchase of a new laptop. So, since my laptop has a better performance I was able to play:


ASSASSIN'S CREED - Yep, finished this bugger and I enjoyed emmensely the gameplay :D Loved Damascus but hated running around fleeing from the guards without doing anything :x


THE SIMS 3 - Loved this game, and I mean really loved it! I loved the sense of reality in this one but hated not being able to see inside the buildings in town, it gets kind of annoying really... Best part of the game: Creating characters of course! :P


ASSASSIN'S CREED 2 - I've yet to finish this game, I'm at the middle of the storyline but I'm enjoying it so far, I'm liking the upgrades done from the previous game. Still, Altair is better than Ezio, without a freaking doubt! :P Venezia is quite awesome, I like running around on roofs :P

Do you guys have any suggestions? :)


Oh well, I believe this is the conclusion of my blog :( I will finish just by saying that I'm very glad to be back on GameSpot :D I hope you guys missed me :P

I will see you guys around, please try to behave ;) If you don't:


Cheers! :P

Wait! Is this a blog from Kunai? You bet it is!

Hey GameSpoters! You are probably wondering what happened to me since May 18th. The truth is I didn't want to let you know that I was having problems which are, in fact, too much. I will not get into details as it isn't easy for me to talk about them. There are people who have helped me all this time so I give a big thanks to them.

I really hope you my fellow GameSpoters get this, I hope you get that these personal problems I'm having are quite hard to handle and they don't give me much time to do anything else but to think about them. I'm really sorry for having been away all this time but I needed to clear my head and now that that's done I can now join you again.

With that being said, I have to say three more things. I am sorry for not being active inall unions I'm in. I'm terribly sorry and I hope that with what I've said above you understand my absence.

Also, fot those who have my Yahoo, be warned that I only use AIM now, so please send me your AIM account by PM and I'll add you.

And finally, I wish you all Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great one!


Oh Shoot! I can't miss this blog from Kunai!!

Hei guys and girls :D If you are wondering what blog title is that, it's what you should be wondering right now :P I haven't made a blog in like, one month... That's just bad.. Bad Kunai! :lol: I just wanted you guys to know how life has been going for me, an update you might say :P

First of all, the damn test season is coming again :x So that defenetely sucks :P and Plus, I'm going to have exams in the end of the year so I'm FREAKING OUT!!! :( :( But oh well, I hope it won't be too bad. :( And now that I'm not gone anymore, I was thinking about making a turorial or something like that, since some people were asking for some tutorials and tips ;) I want you guys to tell me what I should do since I'm clueless :P

For those who don't know, my birthday is right around the corner, I turn 17 on the 26th May! :D I'm so happy and excited about it! :D And I really do hope to get some awesome presents ;)

That's all for today's blog, I hope you enjoyed reading it ;) See you all later! :D

Humm... The VBlogs are around the corner... Hey look, Here they are! :D

Alright everyone :D This is just a blog where I'll post the VBlogs... I've been really busy so I don' have time for anything really :( But I want you guys to know the latest news from Kunai's world :P I know you guys actually want to watch them so I'll just post them :lol:



I hope you enjoyed watching those, and I also hope you didn't got shocked or anything like that :P Well, I guess I have nothing else to say, so I'll say goodbye... FOR NOW! :P :lol:

See you all later! ;)

21 days since last blog... I'm getting... How do I say it? Sloppy :P

Hey all! I hope your life hasn't been a pain, like it always is :PAs you can see I've been a little away this month. My tests have started and things have been going great :) I have to say sorry to all unions I'm in cause I didn't even tellthem that I was going to absent for a while. So, Sorry :P

I started listening to P!nk lately, her new song, F**king Perfect, is really great. It really touches us in the heart, you know? :D And I hope you like my new profile theme :D :D I think it's cool, but I would like to hear your opinion ;)

And last but not least, I will make an announcement! I'm going to make a Video Blog so you guys can see my pretty face :P I will make it this weekend but i'm not sure when I'll upload it ;) But count on it folks :D

And that's all for now, I hope you guys read this short blog :P I made this blog so you guys know I'm not gone or anything. :) I hope to see you guys around. :D

Ahhh! Some games never die...

Hi everyone :) I got tagged by Pain9000000 :x :P so I guess I'll say 5 things about me that you don't know :) :P

1. I'm at school right now. I should be in a Filosophy but the teacged didn't come :P

2. I'm happy because she didn't come :lol:

3. I'm making 4designs right now :o :P

4. I can't swim :shock:

5. But I'm learning to, so that's okay :lol:

Alright so that was it :P Oh!And I'm now level 29, Radiant Silvergun :D I forgot to post a blog about it, but I guess this will do it :lol:

And now, it's time to TAG! :twisted: Hummm, I'll tag NS :P Have fun now :lol:

And that is it for today's blog :) See you all later :D

Christmas Blog: How was my Christmas?

Hi everyone! :D How are you? :) Today is a special day and I wouldn't defenetely liketo enjoy this day without saying anything to you. This is going to be a short blog, just to tell you how my christmas was.

I receivedgifts of course :P I received money (120 € exactely :P ) A new coat (It's so warn :))

A new cellphone:

A BlackBerry 8510 Curve :D

And most of you don't know, but I'm a huge fan of Robbie Williams ;) I have been a fan of him since I was born. So Santa brought me his last CD:

Robbie Williams: In And Out Of Consciousness Deluxe Edition, Which is a CD with all the hits of a 20 year career :) It was my favourite gift. It meant a lot to me :D

I hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas :) I had a great one, and I hope to spend the next one with you guys as well :D ;) I'll be seeing you on unions, other blogsand forums ;) Merry Christmas!!! :D

To my friends here on Gamespot, here is something you really need to read...

Hi everyone :) as you might have noticed I was gone for a while. It has happened a lot lately. Some of youmight know what is going on lately on my life, but I'llshare it here s the rest of you who don't know will be informed.

Since August my life had been amazing (except that thing with my grandpa). I started going out with one guy, and until recentely everything seemed to be working out great, until one day, the day where he told me that he had cheated me with another girl. I was mad, off course. After a few days we talked and we were back together again, we were as good as ever. Well, guess what happened then? He cheated on me again... I was devastated, like you must be thinking. I broke up with him. I didn't want to see his face again. I forgave him and he still wasn't able to do the right thing.

I guess I'm still getting over it, but these things take time, right? My life is a crap right now but I remembered you guysthe whole time. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner, since this whole thing happened in the end of October/beggining of November. It was a hard time for me and it still is really, although it's been a month already. I thank you all for reading this blog, I hope to see you guys on other blogs, forums orunions.

You friend,


UPDATE on my life... You guys were waiting for this for a while now

Well, here it is guys, the update you were waiting for!! First up I would like to say how better I feel this week. I really apreciated your comments on my last blog :D But so you know, my grandpa was released from hospital!! :D :D Yeah I'm really glad because of that. You wouldn't belive how relieved I was when my parents told me he was getting out of that hospital :) He'll stay home and rest for a while and he'll do therapy at the same time but the doctors say he'll be good as knew in a couple of weeks. Turns out it wasn't as bad as tey thought, and I'm really thankfull to all who made my grandpa better. Thank God he got better or else I would be devastated :? I know some of you were worried about him and me as well so there is nothing to worry anymore. Everything will be find and I will return to normal hopefully. ;)

Keeping me from coming to GS is School. Once again I get tons of homework in ths first week. Two assignments to make for next week, and the typical book exercises. Guess what? I have like 15 things to make and I am only half done. and Plus we are having diagnostic tests which are not too dificulf but I wanna cause a good first impression:P But don't worry tough, I'll handle it and I will come as often as I can, dattebayo!! :D :P

Another thing that isnew and nice is that the uploading videos issue is fixed and I can now show you guys the video tutorial I made a while back. I hope you guys enjoy watching it and if you tryied following I would totally love to see your final results! ::D :D But with no further ado, here he is:


Any comments or doubts?? Post them here.

And last but not least, I am having problems choosing my new theme, so I thought about making themes of Naruto Characters who's birthay is in that specific month. So that means this month I will have Kakashi on my spotight!!

kakashi thumbs up - kakashi

Happy Birthday Kakashi-Sensei!! :D :D

And now you guys got to the end of my blog, thanks for reading and I hope you guys were glad while reading it :) I will see you on another blogs, forums and union boards! ;)

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So Hasta la vista, baby :P