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Well I just tried using component cables in 480i and it still occurs.

the problem was occuring on two levels at first, now it just occurs on one level no matter what connection.

 your thoughts?

Resistance is the only PS3 game I own, doesn't seem to occur in PS2 games.

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So you don't think it's the game itself, even though it's just one area?
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Im having a problem with Resistance FOM or my PS3, in the "Conduits" area along the railroad tracks there are white specs and lines, I tried switching the HDMI cord, that cleared it up in another stage but it's still in the "Conduits" area, I wonder is it some glitch in the game or is somthing wrong with my PS3 or the game, I read about another console having this problem and someone said that its usually the video card.

any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated, I just got my ps3 so I can return it for another one if its that.

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However if a blu ray game gets encoded at 1080p and and your tv doesn't do 1080i it will be downscaled to 480, just like the blu ray movies. Hopefully they will fix this.
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Just to be safe... ( I assume this is true, but i just wanna be safe,) EVERY PS3 game supports 720p righht?JumpingMirrior

Games yes, Movies no, for now.
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Still though it should of had a scaler to begin with, looks like somebody is trying to sell blu ray movies, im ashamed to be a sony fan.
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1080i tvs came out before 720p tvs, so any hdtv on the market should support at least 1080i.

However, if for some strange reason yours doesn't, Sony is introducing dvd upscaling to the ps3 with the March update, so i assume the update would also allow the ps3 to scale BR movies to 720p.

They can fix this problem via the firmware?? isn't this a hardware problem??......hopefully it will be able to upscale and downscale soon without any problems.
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Did some searching, I guess blu ray doesn't support 720p, I guess I have to settle for 1080i.
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I read somewhere the PS3 will only output Blu ray DVDs at 1080p, is this true?

Im wondering because my HDTV is only 720p....so can I watch a blu ray dvd in 720p on a PS3?