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Rounding It Up: PSP

Well, thought I'd might make use of the nice blog feature, I don't know if anybody will be reading this but it will be a nice outlet I guess! So anyway, time to round up my thoughts on.... Da da dan! The PSPs coming game lineup!

Yeah, the PSP went slow the first year or so, some good titles but no really "Must Have" game title, will it change now, this very year? I think so!

Because, who doesn't like Square-Enix? Well, pumping life into a new Final Fantasy VII Compilation game, and being a RPG exclusive for the PSP is sure to get some attention, the screens released look really nice, seem somewhat shopped or something, the edges are really smooth for being a PSP game and all, but still it looks great! A FFVII RPG playing as Zack (?), I'm on!

Next up, well, the fans cried for it when they got tired of battling with cards, and I'm of course talking about MPO, or Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, a real MGS installment set in the 1970's, bound to clear up some of the loose threads with Big Boss and Outer Heaven.. And Fox-Hound too!
And it's an all out MGS game! Real time, real action and real stealth! But what's with the squad function I wonder? Not much detail on it yet but I wonder if it will be confined to just online?

Killzone Liberation! While Killzone may have been a not so hot title after it's release (hey, I liked it! The guns ruled, man!), Killzone Liberation seems to take a solid universe and solid weaponry into a fantastic top-down shooter enviroment, and with co-op support! This just seems to be that great all-out action game we have been waiting for! It's level design looks a bit linnear though but it's probably alright, the game looks like fun too!

Not all things look awesome though... Blade Dancer?! Sure, I love RPGs! Especially japanese ones but what's up with the choice of having 3D graphics?


Pretty sums up what I think about the game, "ng" and a single tree on a pretty much deserted grassy.. Place..
I mean, MGS Portable Ops has awesome looking indoor and outdoor enviroments, Monter Hunter Freedom has cool looking outside enviroments too... Why did they mangle the graphics so on Blade Dancer? Maybe it was a japanese launch game, would probably explain it a bit better, but really I don't know...
The game just looks a bit dull.

And I guess I've rambled on too much now anyway, but that sums it up for my look on some hot (and not that hot) upcoming PSP titles that will probably be what you will need to play in order to survive. Hope you all liked the first blog entry, more are probably to come :)