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Not even Overture was an action game in any real sense of the word. Black Plague even clearer pointed out early on that you don't stand a chance against any NPC, so you better stay away from them. Requiem is purely a puzzle game, in the same vein as Portal, with no NPCs at all, just a few barrels that want to blow you up Donkey Kong style.

Actually, I'd eat my hat (if I had one) if Portal was not directly inspired by Requiem (as in, the author having played it). By that I don't mean to lessen the Portal games in any way. They are both great and stand out from most anything else.

There's certainly a need for games that break the stale mold of "kill everything in sight", so I actually wish Frictional Games would do more on the puzzle side, maybe something in the style of Project Eden, that both has good puzzles and an ambience that grips you, and without going for the cheap "just keep it dark" scares.

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I'd say:

- Sense of mystery.

- Immersion/ambience.

- Revelations/discovery.

- So-so complex logical puzzles that are physically relevant and make sense.

- Beautiful scenery.

- Sense of progress and achievement.

I don't like:

- Attempts to comedy. That grows stale pretty quickly.

- Too much reading. Especially if puzzles are based on what I didn't read.

Examples of great adventure games (in the more traditional sense and of course in my opinion): Zork Nemesis, Myst 1/3/4 (mainly), Syberia 1/2, Amerzone, The Longest Journey 1/2, Penumbra 1/2/3, Portal 1/2 (puzzle more than adventure), Journeyman 1/2/3, Sanitarium, The Neverhood, Amnesia, Bad Mojo, Zork Grand Inquisitor, Broken Sword Sleeping Dragon

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If you mean you have an original DVD then you certainly should be able to sell it.

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I agree with you. This is a crappy forced-path game, without any possibility for tactics, and without any immersion. Having played Skyrim, Dishonored, Crysis 2 and 3, FEAR 3 etc lately, MP3 comes off as a badly constructed paint-by-numbers game. Both MP1 and MP2 were excellent in comparison. Luckily I purchased it at a Steam sales.

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It's surprising that AI is still so underwhelming in games. It should be no problem running rather complex "thinking" scripts on a modern computer.

I've thought of developing digital brains, not primarily for games, but robots, and there's certainly a need and opportunity for it.

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I have the Steam version of ME2 and I want to turn these features off, in part due to the reasons mentioned in this thread. I can't find any such settings under My Documents nor under Program Files \Steam. Any hints? Thanks in advance.
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I'd like to re-play some of my older games (not the least Zork Nemesis and Azrael's Tear), most of them not relying on a 3D card. To do so I need to slow down the CPU. Is there any software that can do that?


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Thanks for the pointers. I've considered some of these games already.
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I'd say reviews, friends and quantity/price. With quantity/price I mean I buy a lot of those older games that are sold for $15 or less. Many of them I will never complete, yet without the after market for older games I would have missed a lot of very games, that in cases have received bad reviews or sold little. Examples: Project Eden, Rune, Beyond Good and Evil, Deus Ex 2, Thief 2 etc etc. Full price games I nowadays buy only a few. Oblivion was my last, which I bought because I had played Morrowind before and loved it, which in turn was recommended by Gamespot, and was also squarely in the category of games I like. I also tend to read the worst user reviews on otherwise highly rated games, to see if there are flaws I would consider serious.
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I very much enjoyed the Myst games (especially 1, 3 and AbM), Zork Nemesis, Lighthouse, Amerzone, The Longest Journey 1 and 2, Syberia 1 (but not 2 so much) etc, but most of those games have passed technology expiration date, so I'm looking for games that are in the same vein but new. Can anyone please provide pointers to any such games? It would be much appreciated.

What about e.g. Schiizm 2 and Return to Mystery Island?

Thanks in advance