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A Return ... Of Sorts

(I'm going to leave this short and sweet for my first blog) Has it almost been 5 years since my last GS blog! Time goes fast and a lot has happened in my life between then and now, but Im not going to bore you with all that, thats a story for another day, another time. I will say Im finally in the place I want to be, professionally and personally and never been happier! So why become active on GS again? Well I missed the community and the sense of fun that came with it to be honest. Thats the reason I decided to reactivate my account. While I cant promise Ill be as active as I once was, Im going to try my best to do so more frequently. The ensuing 5 years has also left me with a hell of a lot of profile and list updating to do! *sigh* Haha . Moving on, I hope all my followers that are still following me STILL are happy & well and I shall look forward to interacting with you guys once again! It's good to be back :)

Weekly Updates 4/4/08

Hello Gamespoters :)

Well it's been quite a week for me so far and i can't wait for the weekend to get here. I was only back at work for two days and i came down with bad case of bronchitis!! So i'm finding it very hard to do anything at the moment i've not been ill like this in quite few years i really feel like i'm dying at the moment. This morning i went to my doctors for a steroid injection to speed up the healing process and hopefully (fingers crossed) by the middle of next week i should start to feel a whole lot better.

On the gaming side of things i've been able to play quite a lot surprisingly, for saying how weak i've been. I finally finished Rainbow Six Vegas 2 the most disappointing sequel of the year in my opinion you can read my views in my review which is now up for your reading pleasure so check it out if you can :) Also i've been playing Pro Wiivolution Soccer christ!! this game is hard to master!! :lol: I'm picking it up slowly but surely, and once i do i'm going to have a lot of fun with this. Also i've been playing GT5 Prologue WOW!! this game looks awesome the daddy is back!! and i can't wait to get my hands on the full version in the future. It has me speechless :|

Now for purchases:

#1 Dark Sector

I haven't had a chance to play this yet but hopefully in a couple of days i should be able to. I've heard alot of good reviews and vibes about this game so hopefully it'll live up to it.

#2 Condemned 2

Ohh my what can i say about this game other than you thought C.S.I. was gruesome. This game is dark, dark in tone, dark in story. I've played this for about few hours today and i love the story is gripping, the fighting brutal and overall a huge improvement on the first. I'm looking forward to really getting into this.

#3 God Of War: Chains Of Olympus

I finally got my hands on this :D I wasn't let down yes the game is short very, i clocked it in 3 hours :shock: But this is easily the best title on the PSP worth the wait and worth getting a PSP just for this. I won't say anymore my review will be posted tomorrow.

Gamespot profile stats:

Current Review: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Thanks for reading now back to my bed!!


Welcome Back...

Hello again gamespoters ;)

Well i'm finally back after my little mid-season holiday and now i'm recharged and refreshed. Leaving everything behind for a week without having to worry about a thing bliss :) It's a shame really i had to come back, Monaco is such a great place so relaxing and peaceful i recommend it to anyone. It's not cheap though :lol: But i guess it's back to the grindtsone so they say!! For those of you lucky enough to have me on facebook you can see all my holiday snaps on there :D

As for the gaming side of things not a lot has been going on there really as i only got back a few hours ago :roll: But when i got in amongst a week's worth of snail mail where a few purchases i ordered before i went away. So i thought i'd share them with you...

#1 GT 5: Prologue

#2 PES2008

#3 Sega Superstars Tennis

Well that's about it really, at some point today i'll catch up with all your blogs to see whats been going on with you lot while i've been away so i'll chat to most of you later :) Now i'm going to try and get some sleep before i pick the misses up from the airport :roll: 7 in the morning :shock: Why couldn't she land at a later time :roll: bless her. I might as well stay up all night!! :lol:

Thanks for reading and i'll catch you later guys :)

Holiday Time...

Hello Gamespoters :)

Well this is my last blog for week as i'm off to Monaco for some well earned R N R :D No work, no family, no stress. Just me, the sun, sea, and sand. I will try and get online sometime during the week but if i don't i'll catch up with all your blogs when i get back :)

As for the gaming updates not much really i've finaly finished Lost Odyssesy and most of my weekend has been spent playing SSBB all be it the Japnese version:| Seeing as i can't post review on GS as it's not out in the UK yet :roll: I thought i'd post it here in my blog instead. So i hope you like it?

SSBB Review:

It's the obsessive-compulsive of the fighting genre, on the outskirts of the specialist market with a big smile and a bulging rucksack. Brawl aims to be nothing less than the most complete instalment of Super Smash Bros, a fighting game of huge depth, and in addition provide a surfeit of sickly sweet treats for the videogame brand fans. Further dancing around the issue does it a disservice: it achieves this, and then some. Super Smash Bros Brawl has the kitchen sink, all right, but it's pretty much got the rest of the house hidden in there as well.

Generosity isn't a word often associated with videogames or, indeed, Nintendo.
Brawl dares you not to use it. It's creaking under the weight of its content, rammed to bursting with modes, options, trophies, stickers, music, levels, and demos. It's hard to know where to start - even existing modes are significantly improved with considered changes: event mode, for example, now has separate difficulty levels and can be attempted in co-op.

The single player campaign is the greatest beneficiary in terms of quantity: the old mode of a simple battle through stages followed by a fight against a giant hand still exists, but it's now joined by a lengthy side scrolling quest mode that can be played in co-op. It's best to get this out of the way first, because it's the only weak element of Brawl's offering - knockabout nonsense à la Donkey Kong Country at best, basic and repetitive at worst. Near the end there's some significant recycling of environments along with the big boss fights, and it occasionally becomes onerous, but to define it as more than a shallow element of the overall game's greatness would be deliberately obtuse.

That greatness is multiplayer. Super Smash Bros is a series that has often been unfairly derided as button-mashing, largely thanks to its surface sheen of cutesy characters, but it has one of the most enduringly innovative and deep systems of any fighter, built around controlling key locations in the levels and anticipating the movement of opponents. The fighters either fit into distinct groups or are unique: Olimar would be an example of the latter; the former would be the likes of Link, Pit and Marth - all sword characters with some broadly similar fighting Techniques where the distinctions in individual moves make a huge difference. Of course there are higher-tier characters and some that seem a little weedy, but none of them quite has the butterfly/bee combination perfect, and holes can be picked in every defence.

Learning how to keep an opponent down in combination with the intricacies of each stage is worth the considerable investment, and Brawl's stages stand comparison with the series' best: the new Pokémon stage seems simplistic but can be jarringly confusing with the involvement of the background characters flipping the level and destroying sections of the ground; similarly, Shadow Moses gets progressively wrecked as the fight continues, until a full-scale Metal Gear bursts through the scenery and screams. Pictochat constantly alters the terrain; the Wind Waker level replaces Rainbow Road, Mario Sunshine cycles through the basic Smash variants with an Isle Delfino background, and shyguy racers on the Mario Kart stage can sweep you off the screen in an instant. If there's a criticism, it's that many of the new stages have elements that affect the layout - and some that attack characters directly. These have to be learned and incorporated into strategies, and it can seem a little like a chore when you get caught in a lava flow on the new Metroid Prime level for the third time - but, equally, it's beautiful when you escape it and knock all of your fellow combatants in.

As for those characters, almost all of Melee's roster returns for action with some
significant additions. Captain Olimar is particularly unusual, depending on Pikmin as his offensive and defensive limbs, but is very capable after the intricacies are worked out. Sonic is realized magnificently: speedy, powerful, full of cheek, altogether the most definitive vision of the character in years; how strange that it's taken Nintendo to remind us why we liked him in the first place. Snake's movements and attacks are instantly recognizable, and his fighting Technique retains that strange wavering between comedy and competence that defines the character. Pit is annoyingly deadly, Meta Knight is a buzzing thorn in your side, and King Dedede is a powerhouse who will dominate any match under competent hands. Of all the new characters the only relative disappointment is the Pokémon Trainer, whose charges has cribbed move sets and seems like more of a greatest hits novelty package than a powerful and coherent combination of abilities.

Beyond this core of the game, Brawl begins to open up as it's played. More characters, more levels, more items, more demos, more trophies, more powers, more stickers, more soundtracks. Unlocking the various prizes is constant, both because there are simply so many trinkets up for grabs, and because the philosophy of the game is to constantly reward the player, whether with a few coins, a statue of an obscure Nintendo character or the chance to fight against a new challenger. Combined with the 'unlock' screen, which offers little hints as to conditions that have to be fulfilled for other prizes, Brawl lures out the completionist lurking in the heart of every gamer.

Super Smash Bros Brawl is the most complete realization of its core idea you could imagine possible, and far more than a spruced-up Melee. Because of this, there's something a little funereal about it: it is so comprehensive that there's nowhere for this series to go without radical change and any further entries on a similar model will simply be iterative. But why think of the future? Brawl is all about Masahiro Sakurai and his team putting a full stop on Super Smash Bros. as they have developed it and we have known it. And what a way to go.

Rating 10/10

Well that's all for now and i'll see you in a week. Take care :)

Happy Easter

Hello Gamespoters :)

Sorry this is a bit late as easter is nearly over. I've been really busy and it just skipped my mind but i'm going to say it anyway...

I hope you all had a great time :)

Boys will be boys!!

Hello gamespoters ;)

Well it's Easter here in the good old UK and that means party time :D Trust me i will be drinking stupid amounts of alcohol between now and Tuesday!! :roll: Speaking of Tuesday that's when i'm off to Monaco for a week for some well earned R N R :D Also my misses has gone to Thailand to do her photo-shoot for her 2009 calendar, so i've finally got some peace & quiet :lol: for the next two weeks. Well with it being good Friday i've had plenty of time to game most of the time has been spent playing Lost Odyssey which i can say i've just about finished!! :D As well as that i've spent some time with Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions for the PSP which is fantastic. Can't believe it took so long to get into it :roll: and that brings me to reviews i've finally posted my review for Lost Odyssey :D If you've got some spare time check it out & let me know what you think i've also written a few other reviews for Brawl, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions i'll be posting these in a couple of days.

Also today i was able to make a couple of new purchases to keep me going. Which are:


Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. I'm very disappointed with this sequel i was expecting so much as i was a huge fan of the first Vegas. Yet this seem to be missing something bland backgrounds and environments and less than gripping storyline and far too many glitches. Shame, makes me wounder why they even bother sometimes :cry:


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. For my DS i'm looking forward to getting into this one once i've finished Tactics. Hopefully this won't disappoint me like Vegas 2.

Blog Question: Where do you want to be in the next 10 years?

Thanks for reading :D

Top ten games of all time

Hello Gamespoters :D

Everybody seems to be doing one of these at the moment so i thought i'd add to the ever growing pile. This is my list of top ten games of all time that made a lasting impression on me and inspired me, so here it is enjoy :)


Super Mario Bros

This was the game that started it all for me, if it hadn't have been for this game I doubt I would be a gamer now. I have many a happy memory playing this, a masterpiece in everyway from an era that was all about game play than graphics.



What can I say about goldeneye that hasn't been said before by many? Goldeneye is one of the best games to ever appear on the N64 and the best bond game ever made. Its game play is almost flawless, the varied missions and multiplayer are near perfect. The graphics may look out-dated but who cares!?


Resident Evil 2

This was the game that introduced me to the survival horror genre and what a way to do it!! I played this game to death literally and had many a sleepless night doing so! The atmosphere was perfect I almost wet myself when that licker jumped through the window in the interview room (I'm being serious!!) the story was spot on, the graphics where fantastic, some of the best on the PS. RE2 is without doubt the best in the series.


Tomb Raider

Ahhh Tomb Raider what a fantastic game this was. One of the best games to ever appear on the PS and deserves a place in my top ten. As good as the sequels have been they have yet to top this one. Brilliant levels mixed with challenging enemies and puzzles. Some of them had me pulling my hair out in frustration! A True masterpiece


Kingdom Hearts

I wasn't sure about this game when I first heard about it as I'm not a big fan of Disney, but I'm glad I played it. This had me hooked from the moment I first loaded it up to when I finished it, I clocked up some serious game-time on this. Easy to play, great to look at, and a fantastic story makes this high in my list.


Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII what an experience this was and a solid number 5 on my list. I clocked up over 500+ hours on this. From it's beautifully rendered introduction scenes which form a perfect start to the game which is vast and involving to its complex and sophisticated control system made this one of the best games I've ever played and stayed in my memory long after I finished it.



That brings me to Halo in my oppion the best game to appear on the original Xbox and the best in the trilogy. From the moment I got this game I was hooked. The story was brilliant and griping something the other two failed live up to. The graphics some of the best on the console at the time it looked almost good enough to eat!! The music score was also fantastic cutting in at all the right moments. Halo truly is as great as you've heard it is.


Gears Of War

FRAG OUT!! Gears Of War I owe a lot to this game as it was this that got me into online gaming proper, before I wasn't really interested to be honest. I've clocked up over 200 hours on this, got all the achievements and completed it on all difficulties. One of the reasons the 360 shouldn't be over looked, plot there isn't one and you don't need one!! The graphics are gorgeous, the dialogue brilliant and funny at times. The A.I near perfect and the gamplay spot on minus a few issues. If you play one 360 game it has to be this.


Grand Thef Auto: Vice City

GTA Vice City it's more a piece of art than a game, I've lost count how many times I've completed this and had many a sleepless night playing it as well. The 80's soundtrack, the look, the humour everything make this by far the best GTA of them all and in my oppion never will be topped.


Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII I don't think I've played a game that hooked me like this. I've clocked up nearly 700+ hours on this and it was barely out of my PS. Final Fantasy 7 is simply vast. The game takes place in a huge gameworld, and the addition of some spectacular 2D graphics and 3D cut scenes makes this game sprawl out over three CDs. But it never gets dull. Not for a single second. It's a sword and sorcery adventure like the old Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role playing games. It just has a hugely involving narrative over the top, some of the most gorgeous graphics of any game ever, and some fighting, snowboarding and racing sub-games thrown in for good measure. I don't think any game now or in the future will ever nock this off the number 1 spot

Updates 17/3/08

Hello gamespoters :D

Sorry this blog is a bit late 2 days in fact, i've been really busy working and gaming i lost all track of time!! :roll: Well lets get to business first things first as most of you may know i'm a promotion manager for a nightlife promotion company here in London and i have been for the past 2 years, and in a nutshell it's quite simply the best job in the world well i got to work Sunday morning :shock: ( Yes i work Sundays ) for the usual board meeting only to find out i'm now the sole promotion manager in the whole company!! After the other the P.M was fired :shock: along with quite a substantial pay rise, so it's not all bad. Saying that though i am quite nervous as much as i am happy as my job is a two man job as our company is quite large so my work load has now almost certainly doubled :cry: But the plus side is i've took over his promotion team as well so i have 2 people in each position technically which will lighten some of the load. Boy i can not wait for work on teusday!! :lol:

Enough of boring you with work, on the gaming side most of my time has been spent playing Lost Odyssey i'm officially on Disk 3 and i'm in the Magic Industry City of Gohtza :D and i clocked up an epic 9 hours on Friday :shock: Also i'm now in need of a new guitar for Guitar Hero 3, after me and a few friends decided to have a blast after a night out on Saturday :roll: Before you ask yes i was drunk badly and i had no idea what i was doing!!, and i can't remember anything. all i know was when i woke up this morning the lounge & flat was a mess, as was i :lol: In a nutshell my other-half found it while she was cleaning the place smashed in half :cry: There's a lesson to be learned here but for the life of me i don't know what it is :P

I also made a few new purchases this W/E as well the first being

No More Heros for the Wii i've only played this quickly and it just well...left me speechless, i've never played a game so trippy!! It's like the LSD of video games!!

Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty was the second I've not heard anything good on this one and i haven't had a chance to play it yet i only hope it's decent and not £40's down the drain :?

The third was Odin Sphere for the PS2 i've been waiting for this one for a while and i can't wait to get into it. It'll have to wait till i've finished Lost Odyssey though. I just don't have the time to play two RPG's :roll:

Forbidden Siren 2 for the PS2 was my last purchase. I've been after this title for quite a while and i was finally able to find it in Game Mint and Brand new for £20. I played this title a few years ago whe i borrowed it from a mate and i never got round to finishing it so i'm looking forward to picking up where left off.

Well that's all for now hope i didn't go on for too long.

Thanks for reading :D

Frustrated so frustrated!!

Hello gamespoters :D

It just a shortish blog today as i don't really have that much to talk about. Well i was finally able to finish Devil May Cry 4 the other day :D i was able to find almost all the blue orb fragments i think there's only two left :? I was also able to find and do all secret missions expect for one, secret mission 3: Nonviolent Resistance is it's name and the aim of the mission is to rise your ranking without using attacks :| This mission literally had me pulling my hair out in frustration :x i just couldn't figure out how to do it so if anyone knows how please let me know :D

I'm also on disk two of Lost Odyssey so i'm half way there :D What can i say :? This game is a masterpiece. As it's created from the same guy who made Final Fantasy a big hit! I think it's great how they use the old turn-based system and how they tweaked it so you have to be extra careful with your tactics, makes it more challenging! So much more satisfying then their other game Blue Dragon. Love the story, great visuals, amazing cut-scenes and some nice musical composition. Not too many good RPGs for the Xbox 360, so this is a MUST buy! My full review will be coming soon :D

Talking about reviews i've posted two for your reading pleasure ones for Devil May Cry 3 and the other is for Lost: The Video Game. If you've got some spare time please check them out and let me know what you think. :D

Well thats all thanks for reading :)

Updates and purchases 7/3/08

Hello gamespoters :D

Well this is a first for me two blogs in one day!! Well let's get down to business it's been quite a busy week for me so far gaming wise. With my 360 now up and running again i've been able get back to business. most of my time has been spent playing DMC4 i'm now half way through two missions into Dante's half and i'm having one hell of a blast!! :) Also i've just started playing through Lost Odyssey which if i must say so myself is a fantastic game so far, i'm only two hours in not much i know :roll: But it's a start!! I will post a review when i've finished my first play through.

I also have made a few purchases and one pre-order they are:



Apart from that. That's all on the gaming side. Else where me and my girl friend are celebrating our 8 year anniversary tomorrow so most of my weekend is going to be taken up blowing my money on her but she is worth every penny ;)

More next week. Thanks for reading :D

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