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what i'm into ;)

I collect game consoles and games and anything that has to do with games ;)

i own


Atari 2600

Magnavox odyssey 2

Atari 5200



sega genesis

sega dreamcast



playstation 2



xbox 360


i love all my consoles very much and i have a lot passion for video games.. i plan to be a concept artist in the gaming industry and i really enjoy just learning and reading about gaming, it's actually really odd because it's impossible to know i play games unless i know your into them or you come to my house and see all my stuff.. i love metal/ gothic music and a lot of old rock and some new rock... nothing like emo or new punk catch my interest

if you have any old consoles i don't have that you don't want I'll be happy to discuss a price if your not unreasonable ;) i am not rich though so as i may want something i am not guaranteed to buy it

thanks for reading.... unless you only read this part... :/