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Freaks and Geeks

So I write this blog today suffering from a dark cloud of intense depression....

Why must this cloud pick on me you ask?

Well perhaps you can relate

Have you ever got so into a show

So into the magnificent characters to the point you care deeply about them to the extent of stocking the real life actors?(just kidding but seriously)

Then out of nowhere it all ends... The show is finished and there's no possibility of it ever coming back

This happened to me with a show I recently discovered as the love of my life

This show is

Freaks and Geeks


 Only 18 episodes long my uninformed self hit the end of the last episode  prepared to start the next one...... which only started a flow of tears running down my face

This show was so amazing! watching it all the way through was just bittersweet

Like beating an amazing game that's only 2 hours long

And keep in mind... I don't watch TV shows.... I rarely enjoy them

My standards are very very high

Freaks and Geeks is about a good girl getting sick of life and starting to hang out with the "bad" kids.... and her brother going through the harsh existence of being a geek at school

Now yes this may sound like high school crap but it isn't

I hate High school crap!

This show takes place in the 80s and they capture the time perfectly(they even set the color pallet to what would have been on TV in the 80s)

The characters are all amazing actors many of which are now big stars


From Jason Segel


 To Seth Rogen


To James Franko just to name a few of the bigger ones...

They were 20 years younger back then so any hope of continuing the series is gone :(

The greatest thing about this show is how realistic everything is

The characters have a ton of depth

The experiences they go through are things you can actually relate to 

And their problems are solved in the same way they would be in real life

No media BS excuses and exaggerations for the viewers sake


 This show was before it's time

They had to fight to keep it on the air and not even all 18 episodes made it to TV

The subtle humor and movie quality of the show wasn't something networks took a chance on back in those days.... they didn't trust the viewer to have the intelligence to appreciate the show so it was canceled

It ended far too early :(

Now it's considered one of the best TV shows of all time and has a massive cult fallowing.... it's to bad this kind of support wasn't around to keep the show running longer D;

I tear my heart from my chest so it can tell you in it's extremely deep voice "watch this show"

 At least the first episode is on youtube and the whole series is on Netflix if you'd like to give it a chance 

Please do!

give it at least two episodes!

I freakin love it O . O

Thanks for reading geeks