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Brutal Legend

I ordered Brutal Legend and they just sent it yesterday. kind of sucks because i ordered it a while ago

wish i got it the day it came out but i wanted my ebay bucks ;D

owell i played the Demo a bunch of times and it's pretty bad a$$ especially for metal heads like myself... i'm just in heaven playing it so i can't wait for more

such great music and a great concept that i've been waiting years for

Rune Factory Frontier

I've been playing rune factory frontier ever since i got it a few weeks ago and it's a great game... the newer harvest moon games have kind of sucked.. well kind of really sucked so it's nice to get something good from the same people... rune factory isn't made by Natsume but it seems like it's in the same series as harvest moon and i love it(the company it's made by helped make harvest moon games)... harvest moon games have lost their touch but as long as they keep these rune factory games coming over the years i think i'll be just fine ;)


i love action adventure games and i love RPG's... most RPG's i play or at least the ones i am most into are Japanese rpg's... I'm a big fan of the Tales of series... heres a list of games i really enjoy... if you have any suggestions for me please let me know ;)

Tales Of Symphonia,Legendia,Vesperia(i played all the tales games)

Zelda-link to the past, wind waker, twilight princess, Ocarina Of Time

Wild Arms 4 (5 was ok but kind of lame... how are the others?)

God Of War(played both... planning to get myself a ps3 for the next one)

Final Fantasy 8, 9, 7 (didn't care for the rest of them but i haven't gotten to the ones before the playstation yet)

Chrono Cross (haven't played trigger yet)

Fable (both)

Kingdom Under Fire (i have played all the ones i'm interested in and i cant wait for KUF 2 ;D)

Dynasty Warriors( i own 4 and i don't plan to get others but i do enjoy the game play so if theres another series made by another company that is similar but still different let me know)

Pikmin ( i love pikmin they need to make another one already!)

overlord 1 and 2 (this has worked to hold me over on my wait for pikmin... it's different enough to not just consider a rip off and i have actually grown to really like the two games)

The Darkness (so underrated its crazy... a really great game)

Dark messiah(its got a lot of glitches but the way it was done is just really great... i really like this game and i think its worth playing even with glitches... i beat it 2 times and could beat it again and again i like it so much)

Morrowind (oblivian was good as well but morrowind is one of my all time favorite rpg's... it is my fav western style RPG for sure)

Harvest moon ( i can't help it the games are just so fun... they are getting pretty crappy but the old ones are classics and i am really enjoying Rune Factory on the wii right now)

Brothers In Arms( my fav FPS series... and don't recommend Call Of Duty.. i hate those games)

Medieval Total War( i love RTS's and strategy games)

Myth( best RTS ever!)

Dawn Of War( one of my fav rts series)

Skies Of Arcadia(my all time fav RPG)

Radiata Stories

Baten Kaitos

suikoden( i played the worst one and thought it was kinda sucky but i enjoyed it so my guess is i'll like all the ones with good ratings)

Crystalis(i can't believe this game didn't get famous back in the day it's amazing)

Rocket Knight Adventures( screw sonic this guy should be the sega mascot! great game)

KC Crazy chase( after playing this i hardly play pack-man)

Yoshi's Island(my all time fav platformer)

theres a lot of other games i like but that is just an idea of my taste

what i'm into ;)

I collect game consoles and games and anything that has to do with games ;)

i own


Atari 2600

Magnavox odyssey 2

Atari 5200



sega genesis

sega dreamcast



playstation 2



xbox 360


i love all my consoles very much and i have a lot passion for video games.. i plan to be a concept artist in the gaming industry and i really enjoy just learning and reading about gaming, it's actually really odd because it's impossible to know i play games unless i know your into them or you come to my house and see all my stuff.. i love metal/ gothic music and a lot of old rock and some new rock... nothing like emo or new punk catch my interest

if you have any old consoles i don't have that you don't want I'll be happy to discuss a price if your not unreasonable ;) i am not rich though so as i may want something i am not guaranteed to buy it

thanks for reading.... unless you only read this part... :/