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Persona 4

So I watched a trailer last week for Persona 4...

the trailer wasn't very clear on what the game was exactly and I had never played a persona game before... but still I just loved the trailer for some reason...

so I bought the game off ebay...

and holy crap it's amazing... I'm just about finished with it and I have not for a second gotten even the slightest bit bored of it...

the game is so original and has so much style it's overwhelming... its now one of my favorite RPG's and I recommend it highly to any JRPG fan...

sadly I don't want the game to end at all.... but it's going to soon.. it's quite depressing :(

so I looked in to other persona games and I am thinking of picking up 3.... I have quite a few JRPG fans on my friends list so I was wondering if anyone has played both games or even just 3 and if you could compare them for me... from what I have seen 3 seems much darker... what I want to know is does it hold up in comparison character wise? is the humor and character interaction as awesome as 4? I don't mind dark stories.... but I do prefer some light heartedness in the mix ;P

so let me know peeps! ;D

persona 4

Sorry people

apologies if you sent me a message and I haven't replied!

my inbox has been appearing empty for a while now so I thought it was.. then I opened it and there was a bunch of junk in it... (no offence intended) :P

anyways I wasn't ignoring anyone so don't hate me or anything ;D

have a wonderful day... or night....

No more game manuals?! :o

I read in Gameinformer that Ubisoft plans to quit adding manuals to their 360 and PS3 games in order to go green

now I'm all for a happy planet and all but sense when has the paper industry been trashing the world?

we have much bigger problems and to my knowledge we have been keeping good track of the amount of trees we have for a long time now

seems to me they are just trying to save money

as a collector this removing of the game manuals is very depressing to hear :(

when I buy a game used and see that it doesn't have a manual a tear slides down my cheek

that cute little booklet is what makes the package complete! I'll be honest most of the time I don't use the manual... I'll look through it for fun but have rarely "needed" it.... but it still makes the whole experience of buying a new game what it is... a game without a manual is going to feel like buying a bargain bin 2 to 5 dollar DVD!

pretty much this totally bites :/

My thoughts on FFCC: The Crystal Bearers :D

So I finished FFCC: The Crystal Bearers.... and over all I think it was a good game

but it does not go without its problems

the game started off amazingly in my opinion... great fun.... none of the actual motion controls cause any problems... in fact its the lack of some controls that caused problems.... through most of the game this isn't a big deal but as the enemies get tougher it can get annoying

The first thing is it is a pain to look up.... imagine playing Zelda with the Wiimote and having to use the control pad to look up and down.... the control pad is just out of the way.... it doesn't flow well with the controls at all and often I would stress out in areas that required looking up.... luckily you can get through most the game without needing to look up or down but the times you need to are noticeably annoying.... there were a few enemies that could own you hard simply because your view sucked.... I think when you point your cursor up and down the screen should move with it

next the lack of a lock on.... now the whole game is about locking on.... but to my knowledge(and attempts) you can not lock on to enemies(for real).... now you do lock on but what I mean is if you turn around the enemy will go off your screen and your "lock on" will go away.... meaning if your fighting a quick tough enemy..... you will be running away blindly and working just to turn around hoping it left itself open.... I really only had a problem with this on like a couple enemy types(only one comes to mind) which were rare and late in the game..... the problem is not only do you have to run away blindly but they were also tall... so they took the 2 problems with the controls and made an enemy that counters them perfectly.... it made the fights against these opponents more of a luck fest than a fight..... also.... I don't want to spoil anything but part of the final boss fight is horribly cheap and just takes speed and luck..... which I found ridiculous(imagine an enemy using an ultra attack you have no way of predicting... ya BS)

I'm sure your thinking "wow this game sounds bad" or "wow this guy just picks everything to death" but that's not true.... I don't think this is a bad game at all.... and those problems were very noticeable

some good points of the game were the motion controls... its surprising how well you can throw stuff at people(or actual enemies if you feel like playing the game correctly) I ran around picking up and lobbing items/people at other people and enemies no problem at all.... it took very casual actions with no need to stand up and make sure the wiimote doesn't have a seizure.... one thing though.... I did realize there is a way to aim throwing items but I think there should be a slight auto aim or a more areal effect on items.... there were times I would throw something that nearly hit the enemy but was an inch off and the item would not effect them which could get annoying considering the random enemy movement

I also really enjoyed the characters and for the most part the environment.... the combat was fun enough and although areas are not very large (yet not completely linear) there was a lot of extra stuff to do.... the game is still way to short though.... I beat it in like 13 hours which is with some side quests and exploring.... I didn't do nearly everything because although there is a good amount of extras... they are all pretty much little games of sorts...(they didn't feel like wii mini games but either way mini games aren't the most exciting thing in the world) one thing that I didn't like was how enemies spawned... pretty much enemies spawn for a certain amount of time and if you kill them in that time you are awarded... if not the area will go to being peaceful( all enemies disappear) and then after a while enemies will spawn again and you are timed again.... the first time you own enemies in the time limit you get a good reward after that they will keep spawning over and over but then the reward wont be anything special... I don't like being timed and it is really frustrating when your on the last enemy and the time runs out (meaning you have to kill them all again the next time they spawn) ya very annoying

It may seem like I don't like the game but I actually loved it and think it's very underrated(I am happy I bought it)

the game deserved a 7 from gamespot in my opinion... a 5 is harsh and even a 6 is pretty bad.... I have played unplayable games with those ratings and this game is for sure playable.... sadly the community made a 5 and 6 into bad ratings rather than average.... but gamespot knows this so the rating should be higher.... I myself would have given the game an 8 originally but at the end of the game the few frustrations just brought it down to a 7.... but in my head a 7 is pretty good because it seems half the games I really like get them..... can't trust the game websites to rate JRPG's well in my opinion.... they are way to random with their opinions

btw I know I don't write with proper grammar... I'm lazy and suck at grammar in the first place so those separate bundles are not meant to be paragraphs I just sort ofseparated topics ;D


FFCC: Crystal Bearers

so I just started playing Crystal Chronicles: the Crystal Bearers

originally I planned to get Fragile Dreams as my next game but after playing "My Life as a King" I was just in the CC mood :P

so far the game is pretty damn good.... I haven't had any control problems what so ever... at least nothing that effects gameplay.... the combat is a bit of the same over and over... and I think thrown items should lock on to enemies sense there is really no way to aim them... you pretty much just pick up and thrust forward... but thats a small complaint

if the game keeps feeling and playing the way it does I would say it's underrated

I'll make another blog when I finish it for my final thoughts ;D

FFCC: my life as a king

So I have been playing "FFCC: my life as a king" for the second time(I played through it when it came out) and its a shame they didn't put more effort into the making of this game.... I love the concept and find the game to be quite fun and addicting but I can also still tell how half ashed it is.... there could have been way more detail and customization to building up your city.... you can completely fill the whole place with buildings and it will still feel unfinished due to the lack of detail... at least add some benches and lights to the mix... but i guess you can't expect that kind of stuff when the building list is small to begin with... I don't even believe its possible to completely fill your land without buying overpriced add on content... some of which should not need to be paid for.... but whatever... I do really like the game.... so it just makes me think if they had actually worked hard on it rather than made it for some quick money perhaps it could have been amazing


my buddy just bought me the Commandos game pack off steam and we have been playing online ;)

if anyone has the commando games and want to play sometime let me know

if you don't have them they are RTS's.... but not the type you produce units in... it's more of a stealth game... and the difficulty is pretty brutal... but still fun.. so far i have only been in control of up to 3 characters to give you an idea of the scale of the battlefield... it's more about setting traps... sneaking around owning people before they see you... you do have guns and can pick up enemy weapons and such but you cant go guns blazing... if you get shot... your probably going to die ;D

Bioshock 2/ FF13

I just beat Bioshock 2 and it was really good(little sisters are adorable ;D)

i don't get why people complain about sequels being "more of the same" but then when a game like FF13 is different they complain that its to different

I am fine with it either way... more of the same for a great game is a guaranteed good game... and at the same time if games never changed we would never experience anything new

people need to just get over it

also I just bought FF 13 yesterday and am now playing it

it may not capture the ff feel but its a good game regardless

its best to think of it as something new rather than label it final fantasy... the fact is if people weren't all busy expecting waaayyyy to much from it because its FF the game would be very highly praised by most... say if it was called something els rather than final fantasy... yeah people wouldn't complain so much

Dawn of War Dark Crusade PC

I've been playing Dawn of war online a lot lately.... i'm not the best online.... pretty new to it so i'm still learning strategies but if anyone has the game and wants to play online let me know

wild arms 3 and skies of arcadia

I'm really enjoying Wild Arms 3

it was made at that point where RPG's still felt old school but at the same time they were crossing over to newer things.....

this game honestly feels like a Dreamcast game

many things about it remind me of my all time favorite RPG "Skies of Arcadia"

from sounds during combat to the towns and music..... i totally dig it

hope the game turns out to be great as a whole ;)