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Sue's cloudy Xmas dash!!!!!!

ey peeps.... thought I would make a blog

why you ask?

...oh you didn't embarrassing... don't you hate when you hear people wrong?

makes you look like a guppy

yup... a fish

anyways horrible jokes aside I finally got Dark Cloud ;D

nobody knows this unless they have mind reading powers but I have always wanted this game

justnever got it....kinda like Shadow of the Colossus... and Okami

anyways overall I find the game to be uber awesome (like totally ;P)

but I have a lot of problems with it as well

I'm just ganna briefly talk about them as many of you probably haven't played it and would be like "wtf is he talking about?"

anyways your weapon can break... you need to keep water handy so you don't get thirsty and then the normal stuff like your Health and status needs to be in check as well

it's a lot to keep track of.... now breaking weapons isn't a big deal in say... Morrowind.... but in this game your weapon weakens a lot on every hit.... some single enemies can completely screw your weapon

but weapons are not meant to break... your suppose to use repair powder on them before they break... and lvl them up

if they do break they disappear

which means if you lvl up a weapon through the whole game then break it.... it's gone unless you reload... pretty harshpunishment imo

now I have gotten use to this... but its kinda sad you have to enter your menu to repair a sword every 5 minutes...

now the thirst thing is just fine... water lasts well and it's a cool idea

the game kinda becomes like survivor in dungeons because of all this stuff....

another thing I don't like is that there are these random springs in dungeons that will heal you... but they don't get rid of status effects...

so if your in a dungeon and you get poisoned with no antidote..... you might as well shoot yourself.... or waste all your healing trying to get through the lvl your on

and speaking of lvl's.... the dungeons are set up like sections... you go through an area... find the key item.... go to the next

it's pretty tedious... and everything looks the same.... but I'm still having a lot of fun...

I have more problems but I don't want to diss it all day

it's kind of annoying when the reason you like a game is less clear than why you don't like it.... in fact thats often the case and it can really make your opinion come across wrong :/

the second is suppose to be better so I can't wait to play it afterwards ;P


Secret of Mana is awesome because Santa Claus is one of the boss's ;D

well when you fight him hes possessed and in some monster form but still it's bada-- ;D

btw.... Sue is my fav character in Grandia shes so adorable!!!! ;D

isn't she! omg I can't get over how cute she is!

anyyyways nobody ever got back to me on "The Way"

I actually didn't think anyone would play it but was worth a try ;P

it's all good

anyways to end this I have been watching the anime Pani Poni Dash.... recommended by this extremely shmexy dude who goes by the username Serbine

anyways it's funny so if you like your comedy high school animes you should check it out ;)

The Way!!!!!

hey peeps! ;)

ok so I'm making this blog to tell you guys about a game!

it's completely free!

and I would love if you would play it!

it was made on the program RPGmaker

if you'veheard of the program you might be thinking it must be a low quality piece of lame but it isn't at all and it would make me very happy if you could give it a chance...

if this game was released on the SNES I honestly think it would be considered a classic today....

if it were on the SNES there would obviously be some changes graphically and such but other than that not much would need to be touched

the thing comes in 6 episodes

I won't promise the most amazing ending because that changes with opinion but I will promise a unique experience

this game does things you never see in retail stuff

it's surprisingly dark and can be quite unpredictable(the main character especially)

I thought over all it was quite amazing and I suggest you give at least the first episode a try

it's the equivalent to a JRPG so if thats not your thing you might wanna skip it

the combat is turn based and I suppose its very similar to older RPG's like the SNES FF games in terms of the map and traveling around(has the overhead thing going on)

would be great if you guys could try it out and let me know what you think because I loved it ;P

also it has great music ;D

yeah thats how the game looks ;P

if you wanna try it out go to (look below!)

then just click the download tab at the top and the episodes will be there

please give it a chance guys !

thanks for reading

peace ;)

Secret of Awesome!

ello peeps ;)

so I started a new game in Secret of Mana....

forgot how amazing it was ;D

I mean I do have problems....

I think the boss's in the game are plain cheap

it's impossible to beat a boss and look cool in this game I swear! :P

when you travel it puts your dude right on the edge of the screen so often you run into enemies on accident which is totally bogus >=(

also enemies often have points where they can not be hit... what I mean is when you hit an enemy....they might get interrupted... and depending on when you attack it again.. you may not hit it.... and there is no way of knowing when you can hit it....the reason this is a huge flaw is because..

1. your attack power is weak if you don't wait for your gauge to fill to 100% and each time you attack it goes to 0% meaning if your attack doesn't connect the first time you won't do any damage for a second attack....and that means you have to wait for the thing to get back up to 100% risking getting attacked! D: (sorry is that's confusing ;P)

2. the damage an enemy takes is delayed so sometimes you assume you hit the enemy interrupting it's next action... walk off only to find it biting your rear.....which is lame!

anyways all my other complaints are nit picky and as much as I might have just complained I really do love this game

and the best part about it is that there is coop! :o

for a SNES RPG to have coop is just amazing... most offline RPG's don't have coop on any console

coop is tons of fun and takes a lot from the frustration of losing an hour of lvling up due to death ;P

I also love how the game looks.... very pretty indeed... has some good humor and aside from my complaints the combat is just mega fun

I would recommend it but it's not cheap ;P

also I recently beat Grandia again and the end of the game after the credits is pretty hilarious so if you ever play it wait in till after the credits to turn it off ;D

anyways have a good weekend ;)

and life... n stuff.... ya just have a good life in general ;P


Hydro Carrot Shooting Wagons

So I just beat Red Dead Redemption....

it's a great game and the ending was pretty awesome...

sad but awesome...

not the kind of ending you see in most games

one thing I didn't care for was how many people you can kill without being touched... I would have preferred less enemies that just hurt you more

I like things to be somewhat realistic unless the game is ridiculous to begin with

but it was still very good....

and people I don't like the GTA series so don't skip this game just due to not liking other sandbox games because it's a much different experience

I normally don't like traditional sandbox games for many reasons but one of them being the lack of detail

RDR ownes detail in the rear....has tons of it... the game looks amazing, the voice acting is great, and the characters are all interesting

also about "Inocent Life: A futuristic Harvest Moon"

I'm still playing it.... and it is a much different game than the average Harvest Moon

the whole game is based upon exploration....

the wilderness is pretty big and you will run around in caves n stuff looking for jewels n such through the whole game(it's necessary)

you don't even return to your farm a lot of the time....

you buy a tent and sleep out in the wilds

also you have a four wheeler which is awesome..... so you get around pretty fast

one other thing that's cool is you can buy little rails for your farm and create train like things so you don't have to take everything to the shipping bin yourself.....

pretty neat... instead you throw it on the train and it takes it for you(your field is kinda big so it's helpful)

when it comes to actual farming though.... a few other HM games are better

seems farming becomes second on your priority list in this game as well so exploration takes over

that and I prefer the old school setting of other HM games but this is still a great game imo

FISHING!!!!! actually is pretty lame in this game.....but at least they have it

Also I watched "Be Kind Rewind" last night..... pretty good....was interesting seeing how they remade movies...

though it's also one of those films that has "touching" moments that would never happen so you just kind of laugh and call it &%$#@... at least I did ;D

I think Jack Black was very good in it.... the movie as a whole though I found alright....

I enjoyed it and it's worth watching

also watched "Shoot Em up" again...... that movie is pure awesome imo ;P

I bought "Hydro Thunder"

I wanted it on my dreamcast and accidentaly got it on playstation cuz I'm a %&$#@&^&%$$^&.... -_-

still having fun with it though.....Dreamcast version would be way better though

I would have even rather had it on N64.....I think the N64 is much better for arcade games.... the graphics just fit better...

all the pixels on PS make it hard to tell where the duck your going :/

but I'm still happy for the most part

and I love the PS not bashing as a fanboy against it

anyways that's all I have to say this time friends.... tune in next time for more of my extremely entertaining and important blah blah blahing!


Futuristic Harvest Moon!

this may come as a surprise(or not) but I love the Harvest Moon series(yes I love it!) ;)

well....the series has kind of gone to crap but the originals are some of my fondest memories as a young gamer ;P

I'm just going to talk a bit about the games...not a history lesson...more of a what I thought summarized kind of deal in the order I played them ;)

the first game on the snes was very original and addicting.....and it seemed it was only improved with future least for a short while...

the game was a blast

"Harvest Moon: Back to Nature" is my all time favorite game in the series....

out of every game I have ever owned I can honestly say this one was way more than worth the money I spent on it..

now this is true with other games as well but for this one it's especially true..

I spent hours playing this game and it just had such a uniquecharm about it..

I still love listening to the music and going back to it now and then....

sadly after playing a game enough you eventually see everything so there are just simply no more surprises...

this has become one of those games I wish I could play for the first time again(even if it would cause me to waste another year of my life)

then there was Harvest Moon 64.... this game has it's place is my snuggly little heart as well ;D

Harvest Moon 64 was a bit funny.... a lot of misspelled words and screwy grammar..

it's obvious the translators had a hard time or something but all of that didn't bother me at's still a very addicting and fun fact it was perfect for my little "Back to Nature" was a harder game

I seriously think it's pretty much impossible to get a game over in HM 64 ;P (its just that easy! :o)

still a great game though

then the series decided to change it's formula....for the most part...screwing it up....

Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland was a big step in the direction the series would end up....

the view wasn't top down...rather a more close up 3rd person approach

the farming was way different and the awesome chibi dude you use to play as was now a more human like version with a pony tail..

you could also no longer marry(which isn't true for games that came out after this)..

and the worse part was that you had missions(also not true for games after this one)......but not just like jobs...each mission restarted everything in town but your farm...meaning people pretty much no longer even know you every new year

all and all...I was disappointed with this game...but I still liked it...

it was the last HM game to actually hold charm and it was cool seeing realistic scaled people in a Harvest Moon game for the first time

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life was a good game....I won't deny that....but it no longer felt like Harvest Moon....

it felt like a new addicting game that copied the series rather than a game that was in the series..

the game did a lot of cool things but it also seemed less scripted and the town was kind of dead feeling....

you do get to watch people age throughout the years including your own character which is a plus....

as well as new buildings being added as time goes by...but everything seemed to long for what was going on each day..

I still played a lot of this game and overall think it's a good installment

then the series died...some having good ideas but never executing them in a very fun way....I'm amazed by myself for playing Tree of Tranquility for so's really not very good at all... :/

the games became extremely childish....I always thought the series was kind of leaning toward a female audience but now it's just plain little girl ****/p>

the stories have gone from taking over your grandfathers farm to collecting musical notes and resurrecting rainbows...

it really blows

anyways now I'm playing a game I got for 10 bucks a long time ago but never got to

"Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon"

the game doesn't really seem like it was intended to be a Harvest Moon game but it's made by the same people and has tons of similarities so who cares

honest I'm liking has an old school feel about it

what I don't like about it is the lame name of the island you live on...."Heart Flame Island" and it's shaped as a heart...makes me laugh ;D and barf at the same time :(

also you can't get married....which is lame(at least I don't think you can)

I mean come on flirting with the ladies is a huge part of Harvest Moon ;P

also the cover for the game makes you look like a queeffff

see what I mean? or na? I see it ;D

anyways your dude is adorable in game so ignore that ;D

I played some handheld HM games but I'm not much of a handheld gamer and they didn't leave an impression I much care to discuss so ya....

anyhow I think I'm done....but one more thing....Rune Factory is a lot like the HM series and a very good game as well ;P

anyways if you actually read the blog or skipped down to this last part I thank you for spending your precious time with me this evening "tear" ;( "sniff"

or whatever time of day it might be O.O

Monkey Island VS the world!

so I've been kind of obsessed with the Monkey Island series for the last couple months....

I bought the first 2 games on Steam which are set at a very shmexy price (10 bucks)

I beat both quite quickly as they are not long games at all (I wasn't horribly disappointed but wanted more)

then I realized Steam doesn't have the third Monkey Island game! :o

they have 1 and 2 Special Edition then jump all the way to the newest one!

now I see how this could have happened... I mean they wouldn't even have 1 and 2 if special editions hadn't been created

but still it has developed a tumor of depression in my chest! darkness clouds my heart and all I want is to release it but the third game isn't on Steam! so I am perfectly screwed.... :(

I mean I can buy it somewhere ebay.....but thats a pain and hard to trust(as most are used or way over priced)

Steam is the only place I trust digital download....and still I would never buy a game on there for more than 10 bucks

all and all this is a bunch of crap

on more wonderful and exciting news! ;D

I saw Scott Pilgrim VS the World! O.....M....G right?

na but it was pretty awesome..

I loved it!...

best of all I saw it at a $3 movie theater!

now trust me it wasn't pretty....

I'm not even going to list all the comments and jokes me and my buddies made about how ghetto this place was

but still the movie was very enjoyable and I soon forgot all about the guy who got shot 2 seats up(just kidding)

anyways I recommend it

Fallout 3

what I'm about to say may surprise...shock....and even possibly piss some people off

but I don't like Fallout 3(just to be clear I do not think it's a bad game... it's just not really my thing)

I could get over the RPG elements pretty much ruining any reason for the game to be an FPS

but something other than that just bugs me...I guess I was hoping for a more realistic view on this situation...(wasteland)

some things were done fine....make sense... but when fantasy creatures started jumpin in the mix I completely lost interest

radiation would not create a crab man or whatever the thing is....or a fire breathing red ant.... I would have enjoyed the game more if it stuck mostly to things that originated as human... the ant isn't that bad...insects are alright...but it gets way worse

then every damn cow in the game is two headed....make a couple of them 2 headed but how in the %$#@ would every cow end up 2 headed?

now it sounds like I'm nit picking which I suppose I am.... but having tons of nit picks build up into a problem

I have way more stuff I could say but it's main problem is you don't feel like your "surviving" the just feel like your running around killing stuff...

the concept is one of my favorite..... and when I really like a concept I'm kind of picky about how it's represented... I don't like this game but I actually hate "Resistance fall of man" I love the idea like crazy but the game is a joke(no offence if you like it) it's so unrealistic it kills it....they should of thrown brothers in arms gameplay in there with aliens and it would have been great

anyways enough complaining I just felt like letting out my thoughts

I just have some expectations when it comes to FPS.... a lot of the time I feel they should be more realistic

ganna be gone

ganna be gone for a while peeps

from tomara till monday... I shall be fishing... in the water....with a fishing pole....possibly with a beer in my hand.... maybe a monster.... because I'm obsessed with those guys like energy drinks?

I'm a total Monster kinda guy... Rockstars can go lick a sack(apologies if you like rockstars)

and remember friends! if I don't catch any fish!

you will all take responsibility!!!! ;)(with your lives)

ok have a wonderful rest of the week ;D

I will be in a place that looks more or less like can actually see bigfoot in the upper left corner of the forest if you look close enough.............................

Gamespot vids not workin :/

anyone ever have this problem where a video just wont load?

stays on the black screen and the little orange circle thing just never fills up?

well normally my computer is like a beast that eats the Internet alive(slightly exaggerated)

now gamespot videos just wont load...

seems like it's been like this for a few days...

maybe it will fix itself but if anyone has a suggestion that may possibly relieve me of this horrid problem I wouldn't mind hearing it ;D

thank you very much and I hope you all die- I mean have a wonderful life filled with pretty things :)

and that is an Emu

Jacobs Monkey Blob

I was talkin to some dude on YouTube about Silent Hill and how we liked the movie but a bunch of people bash it for not being enough like the game and bla bla bla

anyways he brought up the movie Jacobs ladder so I decided to see

the movie was pretty crazy.... I expected it to be like mega trippy but it was only like super trippy but still thats a good amount of trippy... If you haven't seen it I would say it's worth a watch ;P

It's a thriller... not scary... just very weird and interesting

check it out if you get the chance ;D

I decided to try out the Monkey Island series so I bought the first one..."SPECIAL EDITION!!!!" :D

now I'm totally obsessed with it...

has a great sense of humor...

not many games make you laugh out loud on a regular basis like this so I'm more than happy I got it

Don't pics make this so much easier to read? ;D

I've also been playing a lot of World of Goo... great game... love the soundtrack... I'm at the end... oh boy have I said a lot of "bad words" to my monitor because of this last chapter ;P

one level in particularactually.... but I'll live... my computer might not... but I will...

Also been playing Grandia again... forgot how awesome the combat is... one of the better Turn based combat systems in my opinion

anyways I totally only wrote this blog because it's been a long time sense I posted one... so ya

thanks for reading I love you (probably lying)