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My Milk Is Delicious!!!!!!

Hey guys long time no blog

So I've been playing Psychonauts!

It's an amazing game

Great veriety!

Wonderful Art ****

Good sense of humor!

And a bunch of fun magicky trickidy thingidies!!!! ;P

I believe I'm nearing the end at about 70% complete....

just an estemite!

So far my favorite character is The Milk Man

His milk is delicious

I also like a more I think hes koo kinda way

Also been playing a little game called..........


yup thats right

If youve played it you would know it's a mega ripoff of Minecraft...


I think it owns the living liver babies out of Minecraft

Minecraft has a 3D world and some good atmosphere....very misterious...

and the Building is nice....

but Terraria is just a better game...

when night falls WAY more monsters come out and theres just more fighting in general

Whether it's boss's or just a veriety of enemies running around trying to rip you into iddy biddy pieces...

The world has way more going for it

From the Tainted evil lands to the Islands in the sky, Dungeons, Hell underground along with many other secrets...

Theres also WAY more things to craft....lots of weapons, armor, tools, stuff to wear, potions(some really cool ones at that) and even furniture!

Minecraft home wise is very limited....and although the building is 3D and block buildingish.....

In a sense Terrarias building is still better

You can build all kinds of decorative stuff and an asortment of different background walls(games2D) that just make the games building feel more man made instead of awkward blocks

Thers also a lot of Magic!

it's just an awesome game!

It's like 10 bucks on Steam and I think you guys should get it....we can play online ;)


I've also been playing a bit more Atelier Rorona and Innocent Life....both very addicting good games...

But what I can't WAIT FORTHBFURTY!!!!

Is Rune Factory Tides Of Destiny...coming October!

Love the series just like I love Harvest Moon ;)

It's on the PS3 and the Wii

I'll be getting the PS3 version unless reviews say otherwise :)

Thanks for reading peeps....lemme know what your looking forward to

Hope things are going ok for all of you


E3!!!!! n stuff ;P

Hey people! ;P

I don't really get much time on this site anymore so sorry if I don't comment all over your blogs on a regular basis....


trust bros


So I don't know if you've heard but E3 kinda happened

sadly I was on a fishing trip and missed all the live feed n stuff which is pretty lame :/

but I suppose in the end it was worth the fishies ;)

certaibn games have peaked my interest of course

Skyrim for one.... a new Elders Scroll's is never a bad thing and the game is looking like....well... Elders Scroll's

with more animations !

which is awesome.... like dudes getting eaten by dragons and such...

one thing I think is bogus is the lack of horse back combat

The guy said it was because it changed the gameplay to much but that's just an excuse... if they really wanted to they could have made it fit.... however realistically I don't care to much.... the game will still be amazing ;)

one of the games I was mega excited to see stuff for is The Last Guardian :(


The Darkness 2!

now I was mega excited for this....I'm the biggest fan in the universe when it comes to the first game.....

but they totally ruined it...

The Darkness 2 does look like a special game.... but it shouldn't be The Darkness 2

it should totally be something else!

because it soooo isn't the darkness

the art ****doesn't fit the dark concept of the game

the fighting is all run and gunny now

pretty much all the realism of the first that made you feel like a true badarse is lost

now your just a crazy brute running around

aside from that tjhe gameplay just works way differently...

I'll play it but I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed :/

Prey 2

I never played much of the first game as I never bought it....

Borrowed it from a buddy....

but this second one is looking pretty awesome...

there are some sweeeeeeet arse weapons in this thing

the future setting is way way way way way over used

but this game is certainly worth a play for me and most likely a buy


I've been looking forward to this game forever now!

and I'm looking forward to it more than ever now!

the game just looks like great fun...anything like Doom is good in my book

the racing isn't just a gimmick either... it's looking like an all around well made game

and from what is said.... it's actually pretty long!

that's amazing these days

stretching before death is a nice way to avoid any injuries that might come with falling or flipping during the aftermath of a blast to the torso ;P

Skyward Sword

all I can say.... is if I talk about it I will most likely need to change my pants

so lets leave it at mega orgasmicly excited :D

The new Nintendo console looks.......interesting?

lots of possibilities but I have trouble seeing myself play a game with a huge tablet....

owell I trust Nintendo it's an amazing company...

when I first saw the wiimote I was pretty mad but it didn't turn out half bad

I'll bet all you all that Battleship will be on the WiiU ;P

Tomb Raider!

so I've never been interested in a Tomb Raider game but this one looks pretty freaking good

they made her seem so human with the tripping and coughing... also not overly perverted from what I saw...

it's looking good :)

that's all I can remember for E3 right now.... at least the stuff I care about

started playing Bulletstorm and I'm pretty much loving it...

it's just flat out ridiculous and that's plain old awesome ;D

also started playing Ateliar Rorona

I love it....but it can be pretty stressful.... your pretty much on a constant timer so no screwing around period

it's very addicting though... I enjoy the characters n such even if they are cliched

the combat is very very very generic but it works

ok bye peeps I'll be posting on your blogs tonight as I have some free time.... hope your enjoying E3 and thx for skimming through my blog


Bayonetta Goes To High School No More!

Hey Loves!

So I've been gone for quite a while now

Sorry about that

my lack of posts on your blogs may not be to noticeable but I will try to keep up with that better now

I just kind of got sick of Gamespot and gave up on it

the blog portion that is

people post blogs so fast and I don't always have something to say so it takes me a while to spread the love to everyone

got tiring

anyways hopefully I'm going to be more active

now for gaming and what not

first off I got my girl friend to actually watch and enjoy Ouran Highschool Host Club


very good anime imo....funny as tippin a portapoddy with a dwarf in it

she judged me first but now the jokes on her ;P

I also started playing these to games

both great games..... I had to start both as my moods haven't been keeping me attached to just one

having a blast with Bayonetta especially

some crazy sheeeit happens in that game

and No More Heroes has a great sense of humor.... glad I finally got to play both of em

also played a ton of Gitaroo Man

this happened a while ago but I hadn't blogged yet so ya

got to the final boss and kinda gave up ;D

I keep dying at the very last part of the song.... if I really wanted to.... i could beat it eventually but I'm just kinda sick of trying tbh

it's a great game though

I bought the soundtrack to ;P

also started playing Fable 3 again.... finally ganna start an evil game

glitches provented me before but now it's fixed so guess I'll see how that goes

anyways I just wanted to post something as it's been years

hope every ones doing well

you shall see me on your blogs

peace ;)

The day Winterbottom's Pie Stood Still!

why hello my darling internet buddies

how are you?

hope your xmas's or whatever else you celebrate went well

I got socks and underwear

but thats not all!

put together all my xmas money and the money I made ordering and reselling on ebay

and guess what I did with it?

fed poor people!

sadly thats not true.... I'm a horrible person

what I really did was build a's not the best comp in the world but I can play everything I'm interested in

and the case is shmexy ;P

It's all like see through with blue lighting.... I got the cheapest awesome one I could find

I also got a few movies n stuff....

awesome movie! love the crap out of it! you should see this if you haven't already

Childhood movie.... if you have seen this you probably love it.... everyone does ;P

never saw this movie before I got it for comes with the old black and white movie which I loved.... the new one is eh... but I'm happy to have it

I also got some games....

the original Bioshock.... played and completed it ages ago but never bought it so my sis got me it ;)

the other games I got were actually for my bday.....

my last blog I mentioned I bought Tales of Vesperia and Fragile Dreams with a gift card my buddy got me

well I bought Atelier Rorona with the gift card my dad and his gf got me

have yet to play Fragile Dreams and Atelier Rorona(beat Vesperia long ago just never bought it)

I'm busy with Grandia 2 atm

my buddy Jay let me barrow Enslaved and I thought it was pretty awesome.... easy.... but with how simple the combat system was if it wasn't easy it probably would have gotten tedious.... the ending was kinda interesting but also felt tacked on imo.....

also!!! [spoiler] Monkey and Trip never even smooch or anything..... pretty lame for a game pretty much built around their growing relationship....[END SPOILER]

but whatevs

That same buddy also bought me Bayonetta.... been wanting it for a long time now so I'm glad I finally have it....

will probably start it soon as I like to play an RPG and a more straight forward game at the same time just to take a break from complicated battle systems now and then


Steam has been throwing a pretty gnarly sale

Battlefield 2 (me and my buddy have a blast in this.... I'm not the best at it yet but still awesome)

Super Meat Boy(frustrating as all H3II but still some good fun if you have a few minutes to kill)

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom(for 50 cents why not? great art ****and sense of humor...the puzzles are clever enough I suppose but I find myself getting pretty irritated by this game ;P it does have pie though!)

Puzzle Quest (MEGA addicted to this.... one of the main games I'm playing lately.... wonderful mix of RPG elements throws into a Bejeweled-like puzzle game....can't get enough highly recommended!)

Serious Sam HD (this is some serious sh-- ;D no but really sweet game... crazy stuff I tell ya... any fan of Doom would love it)

think that's about it

hope your night or day or whatever is going well

thanks for reading

now go eat babies!

peace ;P


So today is my bday.... I am now 21...meaning I no longer have to risk arrest when I drink ;D


I never do anything special for it

just a normal day.... but with people giving me attention.. lol

got a bunch of money from dad got me a 4 pack of Monsters and a beer... also a 50 dollar gift card to Best Buy which was also from his Girl Friend...

My mom got me a bunch of random stuff like she always does lol

a Slinky, a Jimmy Hendrix shirt, Free Willy and Edward Scissorhands DVD's(lol no idea why she got those movies but I don't mind) and 20 bucks...

My littlest sis got me a Pink Floyd poster

and yeah I don't have to list everything I got but I did manage to make awesome use of a 50 Dollar ebay card one of my buddies got me

I bought Tales of Vesperia brand new and Fragile Dreams with it.... managing to fit that into a 50 is pretty well done in my opinion...

Now I've already beaten Vesperia and played the crap out of it

In fact I pretty much owned it for a long time...

Then one day my sisters friend asked for it back(totally thought they forgot about it ;D)

so yeah I cried... I didn't so much plan to steal it as I did..... just keep it

lol trust me I'm not that kinda person but for some reason in this particular situation it seemed ok tokeep it

dunno why!

Anyways I was ganna wait for it to come out on the PS3 over here but noooooo

it better freakin come!

I'll be way more mad if Tales of Graces doesn't make it here though.... so depressing missing out on stuff :(

btw I hate the NA 360 cover art for this game..... what were they thinking?

Now Fragile Dreams is suppose to be pretty bad

or at the very best.... mediocre....

but I made a promise to myself I would buy it.... I can't help it

still looks good to me

Even if the game does turn out to be "eh" for me... I'll still be happy to have it in my collection.... It's original enough to diserve some respect regardless of how it turned out

not to mention I love all the cover art for this game.... there are a few and they are all great...

I'm sure the music is great to...

Anyways I'm a big fan of Eternal Sonata so I gadda be a supporter of the companies games ;D

even though I'm totally buying this used way after it's release....... ;P



I bought Escape from Monkey Island a few days ago

I already have the PC one but as I was fidgeting around the internet I noticed there was one on the PS2...

I jumped on it immediately

had no idea there was one on PS2.... some fan I am...

anyways it's way different than the PC one... puzzles and everything.... it's a game on it's own and it's great

well thats all I really have to say.... hopefully your all doing well and having happy holidays n such...

any games you plan to get over the holidays?

I really couldn't care less so don't bother telling me

jk please share ;D

Aight peace guys

Won Trivia?! :o

Ey peeps...

It seems I won a GS trivia.... didn't think that was possible

I feel bad but happy at the same time about it ;D

Why do I feel bad you ask?

Well I have never played a Tactics Ogre game before :/

and the prize was these cards

I know some people on here that deserve them as they are actual fans of the series (Serbine)

But at least I want to try the games out right? ;D

I mean I've obviously looked into it as I somehow remembered the Trivia question ;P

Which is odd cuz I never remember anything.... nor do I look stuff up for the trivia as I figure every things gone by the time I watch On The Spot.....

This is a miracle in other words and I have decided it is fate for me to have these cards!

Also! there actually pretty freakin cool I like em ;P

The artwork is nice

I have had quite a wonderful time examining them.... no joke! :)

but yeah sorry those who are fans of the games..... didn't mean to own you

I don't join the trivia if I'm not interested in the item so at least I'm not horribly unworthy ;D

anyways all things aside it's cool I won

hope your lives are going well

I am going to drink with some buddies now(finished blog just in time ;))

Darkbad 3

Hey peeps!

so as I have already said....I beat Fable 3...

But I have more to complain about!

ok for one the game has OMG amount of glitches.... in fact I had to stop playing because an area of my game will freeze

that area that freezes just happens to be where my last silver keys are :/

so lame!

and based on what I've read I'm one of the lucky ones....

there are some bad glitches people are posting...

anyways I reported my bugs and am waiting for a patch(which better come)

most the glitches aren't game breaking but do start to get annoying after a while..... like Reavers hair bouncing up randomly...

The game was disappointing but still fun

It's kinda like planning to make the best dinner you've ever had and then just making a turkey sandwich

It builds up and builds up and then your a king out of nowhere

kinda lame

Also I started playing Grandia 2..... haven't played my Dreamcast in a while

I totally forgot how loud it was ;D

I don't think it's a bad thing though... I find it quite humorous and it adds personality to the console

I also beat Dark Cloud.... as horrid as this may be to say... I think it's overrated

all I hear about the game is praise but it has a buttload of problems

the game is rinse and repeat from the start.... once you complete the first dungeon and build the first town you have experienced nearly everything the game has to offer

It's also set up like a dungeon crawler so the Dungeons are randomly generated, very long, and not the most attractive things in the if your not big on DC there is a high chance you won't care for this game

The combat is ok... but most the characters are no fun to fight with... and it seems like the idea of having multiple characters is a bit forced as there not used as much as they should be and often when they are it's just annoying.... switching characters to overcome a tiny obstacle only to switch back afterwards gets quite old not to mention there might as well be zero character development...

Also Towns feel dead even once completed.... the game gives you to much room for the amount of buildings you have and the customization isn't deep enough to keep stuff from looking plain to begin with

Each area has a mini story so the game doesn't really have story progression... instead they put you through a bunch of unrelated stories you don't care about then throw you in a final dungeon that unravels the whole main story.... why couldn't they just spread the last story out more and just add some detail so it stays interesting?

I'm being harsh.... I had fun with the game and I think it's worth checking out.... but everyone acts like it's amazing and I thought it was just ok... it certainly has charm but that wasn't enough for me

Regardless I still plan to play the second one and actually look forward to it

it looks quite good and is known to be better so why not? ;P

anyyyways if you don't know I respect animated films quite a bit.... I see them as giant moving pieces of art!

which they are.....

so yeah I recently bought Sinbad for like 6 bucks.... pretty good movie... it's made by Dreamworks which I find just as good as Disney just with less films

check it out dudes!

I have nothing else to talk about!

Peace brothas n sistas! ;D

Nemo's magically Fable voyage....

why hello peeps ;P

hows life? extremely good? you got a new pet homeless person?


anyways I beat Fable 3.....I'm the type to take my sweet ars time unless I dislike a game so I've been playing for quite a while...(plan to make an evil game next then a game where I have to fallow a coin)

now as huge of a fan I am with the Fable series this game overall is kind of disappointing

don't get me wrong I have had tons of fun playing it

but Fable 2 remains my favorite Fable game and this 3rd installment comes in last

the fact is the game hasn't really been improved.... it's just been changed

almost everything that is considered to be an "improvement" is based completely on opinion

yes of course opinion always decides in the end but opinion doesn't make something right

if you prefer a cheap brand of cookies over an expensive one its likely the expensive one is still of better quality

well the things changed in Fable 3 can't be considered flat out improvements

some of the stuff is sorta neat like how your weapons change appearance or how you combine spells but what it comes down to is they simply oversimplified(lol) Fable 3

the fact that there are no menu's in the game so your more "immersed" in the world is an excuse to make it more accessible

the "combining spells" (though kind of neat) is to make the already simple magic system even less complicated

instead of having a bunch of magic to choose from your limited to pretty much one at a time as once combined it's still only one cast

summoning and slowing time have been put into potion form instead of spells

buying items is no longer put in a shop roster as the developers thought people were to %$#%& &^%$^#^%$ to figure out the complicated words...

so now you click on items you see on the shelf to buy them which is a complete pain when your looking for something specific

the Health bar has been removed

now it's like a lot of modern shooters where you turn red when dying and recover when out of combat

weapons transforming is kind of cool in till you realize how fast it finishes transforming..... and I'm sure many like myself stick with pretty much the same fight ****through the whole game giving your weapon no reason to change again

instead of adding upgrades to weapons you do little missions for the weapons which upgrade it(that I actually found cool)

lvling up is the worse part.... you get generic orbs from everything.... combat, social stuff, killing ducks...

so rather than combat giving you points to lvl up specific skills..... you build up "guild seals" with these orbs which allow you to open chests on "the road to rule"

pretty much a big line of chests that cost points to open

remember how in the old games you got to shoot a bunch of stuff then upgrade your marksmanship? =D

well now you get to do whatever you want then open the chest that says "increases power of ranged weapons"

how exciting

let's go make friends with bob so we can upgrade the power of ourmelee attacks next! ;P

also I just have to point this out..... why in Satan's name are there still no horses in Fable?

ok ok now I don't care if you can ride them

but when you have wagons and other stuff obviously created to be used by a horse why would you not have horses in the game?

sounds lazy to me

I can say more but it's becoming a rant ;D

I really am having fun with the game it's just kind of a let down

the combat is still fun(though still to easy) it's funny and I enjoyed the characters(happy to see Reaver in this game)

seems like they went back in time and made Fable 2 differently instead of creating Fable 3 though

anyways does anyone have it?

if so we should play online... I gadda get some achievements still on coop if anyones willing to marry me and have my child ;D

also I'm just ganna throw this in here

there are more but have any of you seen these movies?

these are a few of my childhood movies but it seems like people have usually never seen them

which is sad cuz they are all awesome ;P

I think I'm lucky to have grown up with stuff like this and not just Disney... I do like Disney but still these movies have a lota charm you can't find anywhere :)

thx for reading lovers

peace ;)

Fable 3....

ey peeps

so Iv'e been mega excited for Fable 3.......

dancing around sometimes with a lack of clothing to cover my embarrassments

then I looked at the tracking info for my Fable 3 Limited Edition or whatever it's called and realized it's not ganna be shipped in till the 29th.....

29th! D:

my freaking gwad I should have picked it up instead! >8(

I mean I knew it was probably ganna get here a little late after the release date...

but not even sending it for a whole 3 or 4 days is ridiculous!

I hope they just put down the wrong info or maybe there is a misunderstanding....

getting it the 29th is hardly bearable as it is (first time ordering from Gamestop and will never again)

so annoyed right now! wish I could still change the thing to "Pick-up"

but whatev life goes on....

at least now I have time to beat Dark Cloud.... I'm at the very end

the game was mostly smooth sailing aside from the Ice Queen who was totally cheap and tedious to fight

over all I thought the game was fun... pretty addictive.... but it seemed to start feeling like rinseand repeat only halfway through

lucky for me it's one of those games I never really get tired of playing.. kind of like Grandia

I mean I LOVE some games that can still totally get old.... like Mega man X

you know that "I've been playing this for 20 hours with hardly any progress" frustration....

can really make you wanna take a break from a game longer than planned

sorry I haven't been posting on your blogs for the past 4 or 5 days... I wen't camping ;P

somewhere near Malibu

I'm not to big on the beach but the ocean can get quite perdyfull ;D

we were by the beach but in a canyon so it was pretty much wood camping otherwise I woulda kinda been like "screw this *&^$$#%$^!"

was actually very green I loved it... it's been drizzling a lot lately so iddy biddy grass was popping out of the ground everywhere

I swear it was like a candy green.... very awesome color

ok end of boring blog hope everyone is having a dandy time being alive ;)