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Got some new games ;)

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Got a few new games at the swap meet recently!!! :D


Honestly I think they're all pretty fun regardless of the bad thing's I've heard about some of em...

So far I like Adventure Island(not surprising as it's actually a known classic) and Dragon Spirit the best

Though I plan on giving Buck Bumble more of my time as I only played for a while and found it to have a bit of potential

It also left me and my buddies speechless with the main menu music :P 

Hilario ;P

I've also been playing a lot of Rune Factory Tides of Destiny so let me know if your familiar with the game at all 

Hope life is good peeps have a great night 

Thanks for reading ;)



Freaks and Geeks

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So I write this blog today suffering from a dark cloud of intense depression....

Why must this cloud pick on me you ask?

Well perhaps you can relate

Have you ever got so into a show

So into the magnificent characters to the point you care deeply about them to the extent of stocking the real life actors?(just kidding but seriously)

Then out of nowhere it all ends... The show is finished and there's no possibility of it ever coming back

This happened to me with a show I recently discovered as the love of my life

This show is

Freaks and Geeks


 Only 18 episodes long my uninformed self hit the end of the last episode  prepared to start the next one...... which only started a flow of tears running down my face

This show was so amazing! watching it all the way through was just bittersweet

Like beating an amazing game that's only 2 hours long

And keep in mind... I don't watch TV shows.... I rarely enjoy them

My standards are very very high

Freaks and Geeks is about a good girl getting sick of life and starting to hang out with the "bad" kids.... and her brother going through the harsh existence of being a geek at school

Now yes this may sound like high school crap but it isn't

I hate High school crap!

This show takes place in the 80s and they capture the time perfectly(they even set the color pallet to what would have been on TV in the 80s)

The characters are all amazing actors many of which are now big stars


From Jason Segel


 To Seth Rogen


To James Franko just to name a few of the bigger ones...

They were 20 years younger back then so any hope of continuing the series is gone :(

The greatest thing about this show is how realistic everything is

The characters have a ton of depth

The experiences they go through are things you can actually relate to 

And their problems are solved in the same way they would be in real life

No media BS excuses and exaggerations for the viewers sake


 This show was before it's time

They had to fight to keep it on the air and not even all 18 episodes made it to TV

The subtle humor and movie quality of the show wasn't something networks took a chance on back in those days.... they didn't trust the viewer to have the intelligence to appreciate the show so it was canceled

It ended far too early :(

Now it's considered one of the best TV shows of all time and has a massive cult fallowing.... it's to bad this kind of support wasn't around to keep the show running longer D;

I tear my heart from my chest so it can tell you in it's extremely deep voice "watch this show"

 At least the first episode is on youtube and the whole series is on Netflix if you'd like to give it a chance 

Please do!

give it at least two episodes!

I freakin love it O . O

Thanks for reading geeks 





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Hey guys!

Just got finished watching Frankenweenie 

If you haven't heard about it it's a black and white claymation film that's a bit dark

I've actually been wanting to see this for a long time....

It seems like nobody has seen it because I never heard a single thing about it from anyone

But I'm obsessed with animation and that morbid, dark kinda look in the few animated movies it exists in so I kept the mission of watching Frankenweenie in the back of my head just in case an opportunity arose 


So overall I wouldn't recommend the movie to the average Joe

It kinda leans toward a child audience(not in an awful humor way though which kills it for adults)

So grown adults might get bored if they don't love animation

when it comes to kids the movies kind of slow so that could be a turn off for the energetic, hyperactive, little brats(also the whole movies in Black and White so that might kill it for kids too)

So it's kind of hard to say what sort of audience I would recommend this movie to

I liked it

I didn't love it

But none of my problems with it are much of a deal breaker

I thought the dog was the greatest character

They did a wonderful job making him act like a dog.... he was adorable and constantly excited.... hes a cheerful guy and the scenes revolved around him just doing stuff are some of my favorites(and he can't talk so that's saying something)

So I think they got the dog down perfectly

The character design's were all well varied in appearance which is good

However personality-wise almost all the characters are extremely unlikable..

I mean I think this was done on purpose but you need some balance

There were likable characters but they were so underdeveloped it didn't balance anything out at all

I felt like I was staring and characters I hated the whole movie which isn't good


I was slightly tear jerked a couple times though which does indicate some good writing and characters(these tear jerks were very very slight though)

If your an animation queer I would see it.... I'm happy I saw it

If not I would say skip it.... as sorry as I am to say it I think many people wouldn't care for this movie

It's not an awful movie but it's just not great either

Thanks for reading guys



Watched a few movies recently!

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Was bored so I thought I might as well write a bit about some movies I've seen recently.

Now I wouldn't exactly call these reviews

There only my personal thoughts.... and not a very extensive version of them either

Writing movie reviews isn't really my thing...

Sometimes I have a lot to say but I find it a waste of your time as my taste can be questionable...

I tend to like cult classic movies which aside from all the ones that grew huge fan bases many of these movies take a certain type of person to enjoy them as they arn't exactly "good" by technical standards :D

I'm aware of this so I don't wanna voice to much detail and convince you to watch something you wouldn't like or not watch something you would....

Don't know why I felt I had to explain myself but there ya go ;P

As for the first movie!

The Crow


I had seen this movie in the past but it was so long ago I forgot pretty much everything

Everything aside from the awesome dark and depressing city

An odd fascination of mine is trashy, thick, intricate, dark cities....

Something about how their actually lived in yet so awful just tickles my fancy..

Cops roaming the streets of a scum filled city hopelessly trying to manage some kind of control over crime..... love it

And this movie certainly delivers on that love of mine....

Pretty much this movie is about a good version of the Joker in The Dark Knight killing a bunch of gangsters because they raped and murdered his wife and killed him(tragic!)

So he comes back from the dead and ownes the men who did it with his immortal baddassery 

It's awesome.... I love it

My only problem with the movie is how they show him put on his makeup......

Talk about killing 50% of the badass - . -

At least!

Planes Trains and Automobiles


In my opinion comedies have reeeeeeeally gone down hill

And movies like this are why I feel this way

This movie managed to make me laugh just as much or more than most popular modern comedies

Classic story of a serious, stick up the butt kinda guy being forced to rely on a goofy, obnoxious dude

Pretty much it goes from hate to love

You know how it is

But man is it funny!

And touching!

certainly a classic I must add to my collection! 

End of Watch


This movie is amazing!

My buddy kept pushing me to see it and I wasn't that interested

I was like "eh just another cop movie"

Holy crap this movie is pretty damn realistic and it really shows the horrors of being a cap in the ghetto 

It's a crap ass world and some crazy stuff happens

This movie is intense! 

Its not so much characters constantly dying or anything... It's more like the movie does a magnificent job making what's going on feel intense and real...

For a movie it does a great job putting you in their shoes and it's the only movie I've seen that does that so well 

The Eiger Sanction


While I was watching this movie I wasn't unhappy

But that's all I can really say that's good

I was entertained 

However as a whole I found the movie long and uneventful 

There was some cool mountain climbing stuff that did a decent job showing how dangerous it can be so that had me interested at the time...

But I wouldn't recommend this movie :(

Man in the Iron Mask


I saw this movie as a kid but all I really remembered was muskets shooting and swords clashing

I remembered wrong.... well right but also wrong 

I went into this movie for a second time expecting the 3 musketeers to kick some major ass...

and while they did technically do so....this is by no means an action movie

I don't personally hold this against the movie

however you wouldn't expect a 3 musketeers movie to have such a lack of sword fighting..

It was still a good movie 

It just doesn't fit the mood I was going for

You know the hack n slash, cannon bombing, bullet piercing, butt bleeding kind of movie I was expecting

So I wouldn't watch it expecting a whole lot of fancy swordsmanship 

Conan the Destroyer


So honestly I haven't seen Conan the Barbarian in forever so I decided to watch it

Then as I was watching it I realized I was watching this instead

And I'm actually happy I did that because I would have just written this movie off as the crappy Conan movie of the 2

I personally loved it

I wish there were more movies like this

Good old hack and slash fantasy

I'm a fantasy geek

and a medieval geek

These are my kinds of movies

If you guys have any recommendations on similar movies let me know

especially if their on Netflix ;P

Anyways I've written to much and I'm getting tired of it lol 

So I'll call it quits on movie talk

Ganna go camping this weekend so I'll be gone a few days so sorry if I seem absent from your blogs ;D

I don't mean to break your hearts like this I'm sorry D:

Have a great night or day peeps

Persona 4 The Animation

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Hellooooo peeps!

How are yaz?

So I recently finished the Persona 4 anime

I actually thought I posted this blog already but I woke up to it missing - . -

Anyways at first I was kinda "eh" about it as I figured it would be a butchered version of the game.

But boy was I wrongo!

The anime fallows the game nearly perfectly!

In fact from what I remember I actually got to see more or the characters relationship trees than I did playing the game

In the game you have to manage your time really well and I have no idea if you can max your relationship with every character in one playthrough but I sure didn't

So I got to see where other characters go if you do all their events 

Like the Fox for instance 

And I honestly feel like a couple characters translated better in the show than they did in the game.

The show was just really good it had great humor, the characters were done perfectly, The fighting was cool, and the plot wasn't screwed with

All n all it was da bomb! 



Thanks for reading guys ;)

Smash Bros Roster(who do you wanna see???)

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Hey guys!

Was just wondering who you would love to see in the next Smash Bros..

Personally I always thought Megaman belonged..

Honestly I would prefer Megaman X but the original makes more sense..

Some characters I've always hoped to see that I kinda feel will never show?

Vyse from Skies of Arcadia(was originally on the Dreamcast but was also on the Gamecube)


And Lloyed from Tales of Symphonia would be cool to(Originally on the Gamecube)


I played Link in the original Smash and in the last two I've always been Marth so I kinda just love sword dudes ;P

I'm crossing my fingers hoping they won't remove Marth :( 

Anyways let me know who you guys are hoping for!

Thanks for reading ;) 


Tales of Graces

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So I just beat Tales of Graces tonight which is yay for me!(I'll post my feelings on it another time)

But then there was some unlocked extras on the title screen after 

Turns out theres actually a whole bunch of new gameplay with it's own plot and cutscenes

pretty much the whole shubang(Tales of Legendia did the same thing)

I mean I'm sure it will be much shorter than the real game but it's pretty cool

Anyways I've been playing it for a while and I came to a really obnoxious realization 

The enemies are tough now... pretty much all of them

The problem with this? 

Repetative as ballz!

Just battle after battle of actually needing to constantly try!

It drives me crazy!

I mean I'm cool with required full effort here and there especially on bosses

but it's so bad I think when I get to the bosses it's actually a stress releaver...

It's not like my party is being slaughtered or anything

It's more like if I don't try and like set my characters to auto mode for instance they would be brutally raped into oblivion!

It's a real pain... it only recently got really bad though and I'm in the 3rd or 4rth dungeon already....

The cutscenes and skits make it all worth it though(alotta humor and stuff)

But I wooould still be playing if it wasn't so tiring 

Anyways thats that just wanted to complain like a big baby with a crap filled diaper 


Hope everybodies good! 

Thanks for reading

E3! yay

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Sooooo the last 2 years I didn't have time to watch E3 live unfortunatley 

I had to watch videos after the fact so I missed a ton of stuff

Seems like I'm pretty free next week so I plan to get up early and watch E3 like a football game ;P

what is everyone excited for?

I would like to see a new Fable but I'm not sure I'm down to buy the Xboxone so it might be a bad tease 

A new Overlord would be sweet

or a new Brothers in Arms

It would be pretty awesome if Kingdom Under Fire 2 was fully revealed too

anyways I'm to lazy to go into depth about E3 so I won't go on....

lemme know what you guys wanna see


Also I've been playing Tales of Graces lately.... anyone els play it? 

"The Croods"

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Holy turd testicles The Croods was an awesome movie!

So me and a friend decided to randomly see a movie so we just went with The Croods not really caring about anything that was out.

Now I honestly had kind of lowish expectations.... I haden't seen any reviews, I haden't heard a single thing about it, The trailers looked slightly over childish like somany animated films are these days, and the concept just wasn't one of my favote.

However I love animated films so we went and saw it..............


This movie has consistantly great humor throughout.... It honestly might be the funniest 3D animated film I have ever seen (it's possible that's an exagguration but that's how I feel at the moment) If you don't find this movie funny I seriously don't know what animated film you could possibly find funny at all.

All of the characters are great... Each one adding it's own type of humor to the movie... Their expressions are hilarious and there's never a dull moment... They all keep the movie interesting.

The world is very creative too... instead of using actual prehistoric animals they got insainly creative and made some really awesome creatures and a very vibrant world... I loved every second of the visuals.

The plot is slightly dark and actually very good for this kind of movie and it all wraps up into a very touching story that kind of gave me a slight tear jerk around the end....

Pretty much I HIGHLY recommend seeing this if you appriciate 3D animmated films at all.

It's amazballz!

Active after 2 years!

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Hey guys!

Not sure if anyone remembers me but I became unactive over a year ago.

was busy and stuff....

So I'm welcoming myself back!


See ya around guys ;)

Also I made a Facebook page where I just post cool video game art that I find so if anyone wants to drop by and like it that would be cool.

Heres the link: