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Bill Martin - Who, Why, Where?

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Couldnt log into this account yesterday (later found due to a keyboard fault) so I tried some of my other emails thinking I may have had a senior moment and had been trying the wrong one.

Surprise! One of them did produce an account but I couldnt get past the password request. So I reset it via the email. Upon logging in I found that the account attached to it was banned! Judging by the lists of games "Followed" it probably had been banned fairly recently. I hadnt made that account.

I wont give the account name used but in the details available I could see that the User had put "Bill Martin" for his name and "WW2" as his location. It was obvious (aided by the account name) that the account had been made to produce a "double" to this Uglyduck-uk account. Major William Martin is a famous name from WW2 and was used in a big doppelganger deception.

It was also used by me and other Administrators at Paradox Entertainment years ago for a bit of fun. (the Bill Martin account is still "alive" there).

So - you are/were a user of the Paradox forums and most likely along standing member there. In addition not many non Admins/Devs at Paradox know about the Bill Martin account.

All I would like to know is who you are (BiB, Johan etc?) and what you eventually got banned for. I cannot envisage anyone of the olde guarde from Paradox doing anything to get banned so I am very intrigued.

Please reply either here, by PM or to the email account you used in the banned account.

I give my word that no details will be passed to anyone else. This is purely for my own curiousity (and amusement :)). If you do know me from Paradox then you will know that I always keep my word - remember when I banned myself because I felt I had been impolite with a forum member?

Hoping to hear from you .....

Thank you for your attention - - - That phrase should make you smile......

Just Keeping Busy in My Twilight Years....

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I like creative hobbies and have recently gone back to an old one - making fantasy buildings. My youngest daughter has recently been having Fun! painting Warhammer Undead figures and coaxed me (it didnt take much) into working on a large Diorama for them. As she has little interest in playing the war games displaying them seemed a good idea.

There is a link in my Blog to her Blog containing a video of the first figure she has ever painted. I say it myself but it has been done to a very high standard .....

Anyway, I am still alive and very much kicking :) I still work out and keeping my brain active helps too.


Goand have a gander at a duck!

Thank you

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Well thanks for the comments on the last entry I made. Didnt expect any response ...

Sadly I only have my PC at the moment and a couple of outdated handheld machine as I gave my PS3 and 360 away to my granchildren as I knew I wouldnt have time for them for quite a while. I now have to rebuy and rebuild my gaming library - but thats fine, once again I now have all the time in the world again :)

Going on holiday to Spain in the 1st week in Jun and 2 weeks in Turkey in October. I am looking forward to those as they will be my first holidays since the accident.

Thanks for the welcome - it is very much appreciated.

Now dont get hacked! ...... :)

"Sigh" - where did the last few years go .....

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.... since I was last here?!

Real Life can be very hard, believe me.

Wont go into the whys and whats but suffice it to say things are now back to normal (whatever that really means) and I have my free time back again. Got a lot of catching up to do on the Games front but its nice to see my olde avatar again :)

Really folks - have Fun! whilst you can .... life has a nasty knack of throwing spanners into the works.

I always liked this site and I certainly like the improvements that have been made.

Now to browse a while.

That Was The Horrible Week That Was!

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My toast and little fishes ... I have just got through the worst week I have had for a long time!

Started last Saturday (28th April).  The wife and I went for a 10 mile walk along the river bank stopping at the odd watering hole on the way.  A lovely day and a very pleasant walk meeting and talking to very nice people we met.

Got home feeling a little tired but fine.  Sunday morning I awoke with a slight sore throat which I didnt take much notice of.  However as the day wore on it got worse and my chesty got quite "tight".  Yep - I had got a chest infection :(.   Only emergency doctors are available on a Sunday and it wasnt an emergency so I had to grin and bear it.  Sunday night saw me trying to sleep sitting up.  I couldnt lay down as my wheezing would just got worse.

Monday - I tried to get to see a doctor as I thought a dose of penicillin was needed.  I couldnt get an appointment until the following Monday!  See the British Health Service isnt all its cracked up to be ....

So I struggled on all week with no more than an hour or twos' sleep per day.  Got more and more weary, lethergic and noticed a distinct lack of concentration as the week wore on.  Cough medicine etc is OK but it doesnt cure the problem - it only masks the symptoms and helps get rid of the residual fluid on the chest.

Yesterday (Saturday)  My daughters Boyfriend turned up with a few penicillin tablets from his Pharmacist father!  Not legal but he had been convinced I didnt have reactions to the penicillin.  I took half a tablet in the morning.

It is now just after Midnight Sunday and my chest is clear!! - blessed relief! - apart from still being a little tired I now feel as though I might live......

Wish that is all that happened that week though ......

A dog (Tylo) we have had for 7 years passed away Monday (30th April) morning.  We bought it for my youngest daughter from an "Animal Rescue" centre.  However he soon established a rappor with my wife and they became inseperable.  When my daughter bought her own house and move out the dog stayed with us.

He wasnt too keen on males but he would have killed to protect my wife.  My daughter was still attached to him and often rang or texted to ask after him.

He was about 14 years old and had got rather slow and sleepy.  Sunday (29th) he was more morose than normal and I feared the worst.

Monday (30th) at 5.15am (we arise early here) he was in his usual proud position curled up at the foot of my wifes' chair.  Then he just stood up, bowed his head for my wife to pet him and then just calmly lay down and expired ....

As you can imagine my wife was distraught and needed a lot of consoling.  We have a very dry and hard strip of land in the back garden where nothing will grow but she went out there and, refusing all help, spent hours digging a large grave for him.  She is a strong women but she did something I would not even have contemplated!  and they say the female is the weaker sex!

The hardest thing I had to do was to ring My daughter and give her the news ...... please, whoever is up there, let me go before my wife .... I dont want to go through anything like that again...