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New cell phone

by on

I just got a new cell phone

If u want to text and have unlimited texting,just message me and we'll exchange numbers...

Youtube Account

by on

I finally made an youtube account after lurking around for a short period of time.My username is thevenom2005

Add me if you want on there.

Call of Duty MW2

by on

I bought the game since first day release and I'm enjoying it really much.The new mode called special ops is really fun and challenging and multiplayer is addicting as well.Haven't played the single player yet though.What do you guys think about this game,if you have it and are playing it?

Xbox live gamertag

by on

Finally after about 8 months of playing xbox without silver or gold service I got xbox live.My gamertag is thealbolegacy.Add me if you want.Just be sure to say that you're from gamespot or at least send a message so I know who you are.

I'm back

by on

I'm back on this site now.The reason I've been inactive is that I moved to a new school and a new state.I wonder if anyone still remembers me here.Anyways I hope you all people have had fun and done good things in your social and professional life.

See you guys later.

Facts about me

by on

Fact #1:I'm a guy

Fact #2:I live in US currently

Fact #3:I was born and raised in Europe

Fact #4:I enjoy playing x-box 360

Fact #5:I love soccer

That's about it for the first five facts.I'm going to mention other facts about me in other blogs.Feel free to comment about these facts and I'll happily reply.See you guys later...

Fear of being banned

by on

Recently,I have got a lot of moderations including point losses and two one day suspension.I'm really feeling scared almost every time I hit the submit button.I don't know if I should continue using the website anymore or not.There are a lot of great users that I would miss if I leave though,they know who they are:D

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