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More blogs !

So i decide to stucture things better and move my personal rabblings to uchitha.blogspot.com which was created many years ago to save the URL :twisted: and now being put to use. instead my recently created uchi.blogspot.com will contain more general stuff i write about mostly techy things...

Blog starts fresh

so after many years i start writing in my blogs, it includes this and two other blogs at blogspot. one is for personal jibber jabber and the other is pretty much things i come across and not so personal. its found at uchi.blogspot.com head out there and see if its of any interest.

Stop Yelling At Sony To Cut The Price Of The PS3

The mainstream media is even getting into the game (forgive the bad pun), as everyone is screaming at Sony to drop the price or "sacrifice the console war" here and now. Oh yes, that makes a gigantic amount of sense. Don't ever give the media - it pains me that I'm part of it right now - too much credit, whatever you do. Don't expect them to view the bigger picture, as Sony has been doing ever since they entered the video game console market almost 15 years ago. Right, with around 28 million Xbox 360s and around 24 million PS3s out there (those numbers are only estimates based on recent findings), the PS3 is just getting "blown out of the water," especially after launching over a year later and always having the more expensive system. The PlayStation Network, which is still free, continues to make giant strides and in my humble opinion, is currently outstripping Xbox Live. Read that article in full, by the way, before making any rash assumptions.

Sony says there are 25 million active PSN accounts, and just about everyone agrees that Sony's exclusive lineup for the PS3 easily trumps that of the 360. Feel free to look up the titles on tap for the upcoming 12 months; I'm tired of doing it, if you want to know the honest-to-goodness truth. It's so painfully obvious, I'm not going to bother anymore; if you can't figure it out for yourself, you have your own biases to deal with. But the point is this: I believe most will agree that the PS3 really didn't come into its own until 2008, and let's not forget what the sales numbers and software lineup was like in 2007. Therefore, in about two years time, with the most expensive console on the market, even in a freakin' recession, the PS3 has somehow managed to - shock of shocks - not die. In fact, it has only managed to close the gap, which it will likely continue to do. Of course, it will remain behind the 360 for longer if Sony doesn't drop the price, but what are we really talking about here? A difference of 4-5 million units? That's the catalyst for this sudden outpouring of anxiety-ridden pleas?

You know, it's almost as if the Sony haters found something negative to latch onto and are once again trying to make something out of nothing. They had plenty of ammunition for the first year of the PS3's existence - let's face up to facts - but as each drawback began to disappear and people started to have difficulty locating bullets, the naysayers ran and hid. They never go far, though. No, they hide behind a tree, peeking around the corner and waiting for another piece of rubbish to float down the river. Then they'll jump on it and gleefully proclaim it came from Sony, and "something must be done." Right. Fine. You keep doing that. Sony will drop the price of the PS3 at some point, so just stop worrying, and in the meantime, let's actually examine the current situation for what it is. Hell, at this point, I think people might actually pay the old $600 just for a shot at playing God of War III.

...look closely at that last sentence. It's only one example of many I could make, and so could you.

6/29/2009 Ben Dutka - PSXExtreme - Original Post

New Office

So many years of studies have finally come to an end .... i Finished my degree and tht felt really really really ........ Good ... no more homework ... then i happily spent some time going here and ther ... doin nothin watchin TV series .. movies ... and more until i realised that i've ran out of money ... now that i've a degree also its time to do a job ... SIGHS ... and this is called life. Anyway after applying for few companies i finally got a job @ ..... @ ..... :P Nestlé.

Its a good company ... Good Food, Good Life ... :P now im working ther as a trainee .... :? okay u cant start workin properly just like that therefore u hav to go through a borin period called training .... anyway its all good .... the company is really good and im satisfied with the work ...

Unfortunately Gamespot is blocked the office so ...that limits the amount of time i can spend here ... but this is life and im not a kid anymore to hang around here that much anyway. But i still love this place ... and will be roamin around ... Okay then .... see you next time ...


Well the time i usually spend @ Gamespot has been diverted to WarBook @ facebook these days. I know most of you all must be knowing about it .... and probably playing also ... but i joined recently and its fun .... its like playing a usual strategic game online ... the only reason i visit facebook is that now ... and im kinda addicted to it .... :)

PS: in case if you see me in it ... please be merciful .... :D

The New Scavenator Game

Everyday i log into Gamespot expecting the new Scavenator emblem to be there ... sigh .... its been more than a month ... i know the staff has been really busy with all these new games coming in and preparing for those .... and Players' Ball was also there .... but don't you think its time they give that emblem and finish it off .... this is beginning to be disappointing and im wondering whether they have completely forgotten about this ....

Company of Heroes


Started playing this ... i know im outdated and this is pretty old but i was quite busy during da past few days and actually didn't have time to play a game or even write a blog post. Finished all my studies and that actually feels good ... anyway this is da first game i started playing after all of that and it AWESOME ... still on da 8th mission but will be finishing it in few days time ... then i want to play da expansion as well ... i always loved WW games ... and this is superb ...

Planning to write a complete review on this and even a walkthrough or something if i find enough time ... untill then bye bye .... :)


I found this picture on the net randomly .... don't you think it has a deep meaning ...? or am i just crazy :?

eerrrh... Exams

Here i go again... Exams.... can't believe that it has to be on the week of E3 :( anyway, im tryin to watch press conferences atleast. The good news is that this is my last exam for another long time, which means (hopefully :P) i'll be getting graduated after this. I won't be around much .... but i'll be back as soon as im done :D

Missing Emblems ...

Three of my emblems have disappeared ... this seems to be happening very regularly now. Few weeks ago they gave the outlier and the old school emblem to most of us, and now the ones we have are gone. Gamespot seems to be having problems with emblems big time.

I hope they'll find a solution soon, or is it that they are taking three of my emblems and giving me the Addicted emblem :D