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I call out.

I call out for revenge against myself. *cut, cut, cut* Life f*cking sucks! I wanna jump off a cliff and sh*t. AAARGH!!!!

An emo moment brought to you by Soshi.

I seek blood.

I don't just seek any blood, but the blood of shadowhghog32. One of my best friends just recently turned level 13 which is the level of shadowhghog32's ban. Since, he has been quoting shadowhghog32 but I know is not. It is giving me the chills.

BTW: If you are reading this, stop before you get demoted in TMSGK.


In my union tab, there is a union called Mario, Dragonball, and Sonic Union. It is a variation off of the old raymanmariodragonball union. There is an RPG hosted there that we want to expand.

Minimum: 4 per team (12 total)

Recomended: 10 per team (30 total)

Best: every character controlled by a member