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I've pretty much had it with unions now, I think I'll be quitting GS by the end of the week tbh.
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The layout of this website needs a total overhaul. For gaming news I do not even come to this site anymore, not updated enough at all, only come here for my union and that's it tbh, oh and the occasional blog to moan about the current state of this site o.0
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I've been leading my union for five years now and we have some how managed to survive, union members come and go with a few staying loyal through the years, however I think GS as a whole has become less of an attractive place to visit. The entire layout isn't too good and I don't really like the way it is going. Unions can still survive but with the amount of glitches and all that, I'm not sure if it is worth leading a union anymore so I reckon I'll just quit and I can't imagine the union lasting either.
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Any union still getting posts on a daily basis, however I think I've pretty much given up on this list, since unions seem to be dropping off the radar like there is no tomorrow.
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Still getting posts so that is better than most :)
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I know you're 25, married, lives in south texas and works in retail... And your breath smell horrible... So how exactly are you secretive? :P horgen123

Dammit the secret is out! :x

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Most people know me as quite a secretive person here on GameSpot.
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Not many of the active unions seem to be that active anymore :o
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Well the last post in this thread was in December, so that should give you a clue.
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As for removing me from power...Why? What's the point of supporting and spending time on a system that administration apparently does not want to support? The same thing would probably just occur again with a new leader anyways.siberian142
Where GS might not want to support it, but it is evident that many users still do. Therefore we may as well keep this place running for a place for members of different users to go to for advice and discussion etc. The union can organise events itself (e.g. Union of the Year Awards), and can act as a voice for union members. I think it is at least worth giving it a shot. I personally cannot commit to leadership however I think it would be a good idea to nominate users for the leadership position. Or alternatively users can put themselves forward as wanting to take on leadership, and who knows if we'll get anywhere but you can't know without trying.