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Goodbye GameSpot


I guess this is it. I think it is time for me to leave GameSpot, things have deteriorated here for so long now and I think I've had enough. This won't be a short break where I come back after a few weeks I don't think, I reckon I'll be gone for good. I've been at this website on this account for well over seven years now and rather than progression, I think this site has been going backwards if anything. GameSpot needs a total overhaul and I don't think it is going to happen. I find IGN has much more up to date news and is in general a much better source of information.

GameSpot's technical issues and lack of progession isn't the only reason I have decided to leave. I think I've grown out of video games to be honest, they just don't have the appeal they once had to, I never thought I would say this, but I find them pretty boring to be honest. I used to be absolutely addicted to them but now I have the push myself to finish one, so I think it's time to let them go and with that GameSpot has to go to.

Inevitably I'll be leaving my unions behind.

The Council of Unions, not really my union anymore but I was with it for very long time and it is sad to see it dead, but I guess that reflects the nature of most unions these days.

The Artist's Canvas was where I managed to really develop my graphic designing skills and help others also. I think at a time we were one of the most active designing unions on GameSpot as the others declined but even we have to die out eventually since I could split my time enough anymore. It was great working with guys like daxter, lotus, jack force, Eucalypta.

The Ultimate Gaming Union has been a place I've visited day in day out for over five years postings tens of thousands of times there and It'll be a big change without that to do everyday, maybe I'll turn to reading instead, who knows. I think the most interesting part of it all is chatting to random people around the world, and having that feeling of knowing someone but then at the same time, not know them at all. It is rather strange to be honest. The two most oustanding characters have to be Artekus and DPumbliQ, Arty a sensible kinda guy, with a witty humour, and DPQ a truly random and humourous Icelandic fella :D

In_Vino_Verita, -J-A-, Ottosmann, SuperGogeta24, Zabaes, Bob_toeback, woonsa, The_Last_Ride, woozie, loopy, evilgamer, urbangamez, oli_kester, navigata, slidypitt, mewantcookie, yoporahh | and everybody else who was a part of the Ultimate Gaming Union thank you all!

I guess that leaves once last person to talk about, me ofcourse. The mysterious Uas-2001, I have had many people ask me on GameSpot to reveal something about my own personal identity. Hhmhm, although now it comes to me leaving I'm not sure the people who were interested are still around...but hey what is there to say. I'm seventeen years old, I suppose you might find that interesting. :D

Well it has been nice knowing you all, I'm not sure what I'll do about the leadership of my unions, I guess I'll just leave them as they are. Goodbye GameSpot!

Penultimate Blog


To be honest I don't think I'll make this blog too long, but basically I think I have made my mind up that I'll be leaving this place soon enough. The main thing I'll be leaving behind is my unions the Ultim@te G@miNg Uni0n and The Artist's Canvas, and was wondering if anybody would like to assume their leadership? The Artist's Canvas is a graphic designing union and hasn't been very active for the past year or two. The Ultimate Gaming Union is where I have to admit most of efforts have been directed towards, it's a general gaming union and has been a place I have had a lot of fun. Although I'll miss both of these places and many other unions that I have been a part of. I've been leading these two unions since 2007 and always hoped they would continue far into the future, but I don't think that will happen now. Still, if anybody is interested in leadership please let me know, just PM me or leave a comment here or both, whatever.

A Year Without Gaming


Alas, I must admit, the leader of the Ultimate Gaming Union played no video games for an entire year. I still bought games such as Alan Wake, Assassin's Creed II, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but I just didn't play them. I started Alan Wake but half way through I realised that I wasn't even enjoying the game, why am I even bothering to play this? The past two years didn't exactly involve much gaming either, I simply haven't played a game that has really make me want to keep on coming back to it for more. Not had a game like that in years.

So recently I decided to pick Skyrim out of my cabinet, and my, a good choice I made there. I played a good ten hours on the first day! It has had me hooked since, I'll admit it didn't have the shock factor that Oblivion had since that was the first Elder Scrolls game I had played and I hadn't experienced the vast open-world it offered, or the creepy dungeons with nasy headless zombies. But Skyrim still manages to keep me playing like no other game, it is certainly one the best value-for-money games out there. The guilds, the quests, the entire province of Skyrim to explore will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours, and will blow the minds of those who haven't previously played an Elder Scrolls game for sure.

The game has made me do what no other game has done for the last year or two. Which is have be entertained for hours each day - which it will continue to do for quite a while since it is supposed offer something around 300 hours of gameplay. With E3 coming up withing the next couple of days, maybe my interest in games can be retained after all.

Seven Years on GameSpot


Yesterday it was my seventh year as a member on GameSpot. It has been quite a while and a lot has changed. I've mostly been involved with unions over the years however it took me nearly two years to find them since they aren't exactly at the forefront of GameSpot, and now that they been hidden even further to the point where if you are a newcomer to GameSpot you almost certainly wouldn't even know about them. Combined with the lack of maintenace for unions they have declined rapidly to a point now where about 95% of them are dead. And out of the 5% that still have members posting, only 2 or 3 will be highly active (at least from what I've seen). It is a shame really, since I've always enjoyed going to unions the most.

I also don't think GameSpot have done a very good job with the new design for the website they've been going for, for the past year or two. It seems to me they want to make it into some sort of Gaming Social Network and that for me is simply not what GameSpot should represent. Furthermore, gaming-news wise I find IGN to be far superior than GameSpot, I can't even remember the last time I visited the home page here to look at the news since it isn't updated enough and I simply don't find the layout and design to be too appealing to be honest. I think I might be leaving this website this year, and leaving for good. It simply isn't as appealing as it once was. But for now, I'll continue to lead the Ultimate Gaming Union since for five years thats what has really kept me going, it'll be tough to let it go and extremely hard to find a replacement, but hey, thats life.

How Good Is Your Politics?

The comments seem to have disappeared for the last blog I made with the new comments system, so I can't tell you who won the last one. But hey, here's another quiz! :P

Guess the names of these past and present world leaders, oh and again, no cheating!











Leaveth I, for A Short Time

Just to let everybody know I may become inactive for the duration of next week. I'm away doing some things that need to be done. It's a tough life the one that I live but hey somebody's got to do it. I'll see if I can keep a few posts going but I doubt it. Anyway, hope the UGU can stay active, I'm counting on you guys! We need to stay decently active, especially with the 5th Anniversary coming up and a possible reunion. If all goes well I shall return soon!

A Few Glitches Fixed

As most of us will agree GameSpot has certainly seen a decline in general activity. The home page news seems to be updated much more frequently at IGN than GameSpot. And with the new layout we saw introduced last year came a fair few glitches. Although GameSpot has had a load of glitches for years now. But it seems we can now write '**** and '**** which GameSpot could certainly do a lot more with :P And 'lo and behold, unions have finally seen some sort of improvement! It might be small but hey, the level and emblem system is finally working after being broken for the past 5 years! Would I be right in saying Synthia is behind this change? As she is the GameSpot Community Manager or something. I know it is a small change but it is a step in the right direction and I hopefully we could be in for more improvements (mainly in the union section I'm hoping). Anyway, I leave you with this:

[QUOTE="scorch-62"]Unions 2.0 will never happen, as much as anyone would ever like it to. The support just isn't there anymore.Synthia

I always love how sure people sound when they say these kinds of things :P. While I can't physically prove it unions are something that is a topic frequently under discussion.

Edit: I can not write sty|e and cla$$ :|

All-Time Greatest Game Sidekicks

HK-47, is probably may favourite (as my new profile theme suggests). I would have expected Garrus to do quite well but since he is being pitted again HK-47 that might not happen, but the battle is pretty tight at the moment. Albert Einstein I remember being awesome in the Red Alert games and so expecting him to get a fair few votes too. Tails and Alyx Vance are probably my other 2 favourites to get far in the competition. Didn't make a bracket this year since I didn't even release this thing was going on until the third round. Also, made this blog since I haven't made one in a while and this was the only topic I could think of :P