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Well, that was a fail...

Haha, but NOW I might be back. Maybe. Heh. We'll see X3

That image says it all.

Or well, maybe noticing my new avatar, etc, helps too.

I can't WAIT for KH 3D! But I'm also depressed about the very little (a.k.a., ZILCH) news on my favourite character; Isa (Saix). Seriously, every OTHER Organization member with backstory... Yeah, yeah, whatever.

I'm also excited about SHK/MF/YMX/Unknown/whoever the heck that guy is, my avatar. Yes, you may have seen that crazy theory around that Isa IS this guy. I don't really believe that, heheh... *Good thing I'm not Pinocchio, heh...* Nah, I don't really. I might wish it, but even I admit it's a little far-fetched.

Well, I'm practically shivering with anticipation for the 29th.

Also, if I start Isa-Obsessing again, could you please wet-fish-slap me? Before my friend Kelly shoots me? Thanks.

So, non-existent-ghostly-presence-still-haunting-my-long-dead-and-abandoned-blog! Who's your favourite Kingdom Hearts character?

Signing off...


Did you miss me?

Yeah, I haven't been online for ages. I'll probably come on reguarly til the release the release of english PKMN B/W and maybe after that too, idkhttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/_73od7LVMKqc/SxcbgnSLNiI/AAAAAAAAAuo/EPGky9oaWYw/s320/dragonite.gif

Sky- new types of jobs!

Wow, I'm actuall, suprised at all the new stuff, I was expecting it to be a little disapointing, like Platinum. Anyway, I have a small mystery here and please can you help me solve it.

This is the job request I found on the beach:

-Treasure Memo-

Description- I thought the river would wash it away, but I left it there anyway! Ha! d My little secret!

Objective- Find treasure

Place- ???? B4f

Restrictions- None

Difficulty- C (20)



Can you solve my puzzle? Yes, I have Serenity River. Anyway I like how outlaws can run away or set traps, but one time it really irratated me because it escaped down the stairs (that were right beside it) and you can't find 'em on the next floor. Also, one time I got to the floor and it said '' But where is the outlaw'' or something along those lines, and I couldn't find 'em! Oh, yeah, it's fun when they pretend they're a normal pokemon. Also, in Spinda's bar, I like how you can get challenges and secret missions that way.

:D :) :( :oops: :o :shock: :? 8) :lol: :x :P :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: ;) :|

Welcome to the Sky

I recently got Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky. Taking advantage of the differences, I am playing as a Vulpix, with a Shinx as a partner. So far I am up to Dusknoir, I have done the two special missions I have so far unlocked. I am actually suprised at how many differences there are, I have to say I was kind of expecting a lazy job like Platinum! O_o I also got cooking mama 3, but I can't play it till Christmas due to my touch screen.


I finally bet ruby.

Yes, it took a while. It's really hard to play a GBA game when I've got a DS. Also there's really not much to look foward to afterwards in ruby except Latios and Battle Tower.:|

And... Confused

Ok so I bought pokemon platinum a week ago, and I've beat the pokemon league. I'm not quite sure what to do next. I went to the battle zone, but the route you use in diamond is closed. What do I do next? I thought you could get shaymin in-game, but Oak's not here, is that becaue I still haven't finished my dex:cry:? And I can't get Cresselia.

Also, I'm stuck in PKMN mystery dungeon time because nothing's happening. I saved the world, AGAIN, and team raider's on my beach, but they're not doing anything... I'm stuck:cry:... In two games now! Please help!

Shaymin Skyform?

Apparently when u trade a shaymin into pokmn platnim or something it turns into it's skyform.

It's supposed 2 look like this.