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Looking at my PSP makes me sad :(

Yeah, bought a PSP-1000 back when it was released and I am really saddened by it. I think about giving it a second chance at the moment but I just don't know what games would be worth it. My most favourite game was MGS: Portable Ops and I will surely get Peace Walker. I had fun playing the Patapon 1 demo but still there are no games beside Peace Walker that make me wanna spend my money for PSP games instead of PS3 games. I know some of you guys own a PSP so any advices on what I could do?

Changing my study subject

At the moment I'm majoring in Physics with no minor subject but it just doesn't feel right to me. That may sound a bit weird but that's exactly what I'm thinking at the moment. I'm totally bored of attending those lectures and I didn't sleep for the last three days now because of all the stress college gives me. So I change my major subject and will get a minor one as well. My new major will be Philosophy with focus on lateexistentialism, political Philosophy andepistemology and minor will be Sociology with focus on political and cultural Sociology but those focuses will take some time until I really can focus on them. But those two subjects always were what I wanted to study but there aren't many jobs for people with degrees in those subjects. I probably will make a Ph.D. maybe even two in both subjects. But that's still some time to go :)

PS: Can't wait for Christmas to get some new games (New Super Mario Bros., Ratchet & Clank and maybe MW2) :D

Should I stop gaming?

Yeah, you read it right. Since I started college like 5 weeks ago I've got really no time left for gaming. And it will be like that until March 2011 ... so I think about selling my PS3 and all the games ... that would be like 800$ at least which I could spend for a new guitar amp and stuff like that. Nah, I would still have my casual Wii ... I'm unsure :(

Updates about almost everything :D


So there are a lot of games coming out in the next time and I've got not much money to spent so you can comment on what game I should drop and what I should definetly get:

1. Batman: AA - this is a defenite buy for me because I'm a looooong time Batman fan (started when I was 4 or so)

2. Brütal Legend - really liked the demo but I'm still unsure if I should get it, when I do it will prolly for Christmas

3. Ratchet & Clank - I started playing this games with ToD and so this one is also a defenite buy and I'll get this for Christmas

4. Street Fighter IV - unsure if I should get this, SFII Turbo HD Remix or wait for SSFIV (but that would be 6 months of wait :()

5. Tekken 6 - this belongs on what I do concerning SFIV

6. Bayonetta - I like hack'n'slash games for consoles but I prefer GoW over DMC and I don't know how this one will work out

7. Borderlands - very unsure on this one; seems promising but they could also totally mess this up

8. Fifa 10 - nothing to say about that one; I'm football addicted so ... :P

9. Demon's Souls - almost forgot on that one but I really like the ****of the game :)

So gimme some comments :)


College is ahead and the next 8 years will prolly be very hard for me. Physics isn't very easy and needs a lot afford to be put into it. Some students say about 50 to 70 hours per week and my major fears are that I've got no time left for videogames and girls :P

Still living in my parents house because you know apartments are very expensive here in Germany. And in Germany you don't get an own room at the college.


I'm thinking about joining a political party finally. I'm a confessing socialist and in Germany we have the SPD (one of the oldest parties in the whole world, nearly 150 years old) they are one of the two bigger parties here in Germany (the other being the CDU some neo conservative peeps like your Republicans), than we have Die Linke and it's some kind of follow up party to the SED (the party in the East Germany) and they are dogmatic Communists (which is the reason I like them but don't really bother to join them, and last but not least the Greens (they are a mix of Greenpeace and socialists) which is prolly the party I'll join. In Germany it's a little bit different to the US and by joining a party you become somewhat a supporter of them. Maybe you might see me as a minister in the future :)

That's it, nothing more to say.

Got moderated!!!

Yep, again. Because I said that I THOUGHTAmerican people weren't so ignorant but that they proved me wrong. It was about some 360 users playing down the GamesCom. So I said the stuff about ignorance and explained a bit about the GamesCom itself and I got moderated three days later or so because the moderator said my post was only to insult others ... puh. And again I thought it was a little exaggerated when they make jokes about the American patriotism at Southpark but I guess it's true. I hope this time I don't get moderated for saying my opinion :P

How difficult is it to get to study at the MIT?

Yep, in Germany it's veeery difficult to get some information about it. My dream would be to make my Ph. D. at the MIT and I just don't know how good my Master of Science in Physics has to be to get this chance. I've read about some peeps "working" there for one year as a guest student but no information about actually studying there.

Totally bored

I'm bored as hell. Just joined a health club along with my father and I train three days a week plus I go swimming frequently but since all of my friends have to do their nine months of military service nobody has time to hang around. Still two months left until I can start studying. Just bought Mass Effect recently. Maybe I go active in the forums again. We'll see :P