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Oh man...

I got laid at some whorehouse in Juarez,Mexico thanks to one of my dad's lady friend who charged us cheap.

What an interesting night. I still smell like that stripper that was all over me at some club.

Drunk as hell when it all happened...

Dont worry kids, I wore protection. ;)

Driving For The First Time...

And yeah, I was a little scared and nervous, but not entirely nervous otherwise I would of crashed into a house in our nice little quiet neighborhood only to be awakened by my cries of anguish of being beaten and cursed at by my angry father.

I'm a little proud, and I drove my dad's 2004Ford 150 XLto boot. That was my training vehicle for the first time hehe.

Gotta work on my turns though...

Perhaps then my father will teach me how to drive his Harley, but thats gonna be a while...

I've been tagged...

So then... this is the first time I've been tagged, thanks to Nevlim...

Anyways here it goes, I'll list10 things about myself.

1. I was formely from Los Angeles, California but now I reside in El Paso, Texas.

2. I like to drink (alcohol) with friends and get "happy".

3. I've been arrested for weapon possession during my freshman year of high school for having a knife.

4. I was kicked out of my original school for bringing the weapon and was sent to another school.

5. Only to be kicked out due to everydayditching...

6. Was accepted into my original school after that whole thing.

7. I have a liking towards Trance/ Techno and electronic music and have some artist/songs in my Ipod! :o

8. Involve in my friend's Thrash group known as Vital Assault.

9. I was a shy innocent schoolboy during elementary and middle school.

10. No longer a shy innocent schoolboy, no sir.

Thats all.

Another gig! With Pics

So me and a friend of mines decided to hit up a gig yesterday at night, costing only 5 bucks and its good to support the local scene and having a good time with the people here, everyone is pretty cool and well known to each other here, especially since the gig is hosted at a house inside a garage.

Everyone was just relaxing, cracking jokes at each other, every tongue was lay lose and just chilling on beers, cigarettes and the occasionaly a blunt. Mind you, I've tried weed before, but its not really my thing...

I prefer drinking. :twisted: :P

But I myself did no drinking in the gig, since Friday I had quite the drinking session with my dad and some friends, and later at night me and the guys had some 40 oz to drink.

The only thing I drank that day was a Guiness: Extra Stout that my dad gave me.

First band that played was Holy Hell:

Some moshing, the guy with the punkish tiger striped pants was pretty cool, and he used to go the same high school way back, he also likes Dragonball. :P

Next band that played was Pinhead Nation, a well known grindcore band here in the scene;

That girl is quite the shrieker:

Some more friendly moshing:

That girl being carried is quite the little mosh warrior. She was just utterly throwing herself inside the pit, and even being sqashed! But it was all just fun. :P


Next band up was the almighty TERRORIST:


SOME MOAR MOSHING, also some guy fell, but the guy was really wasted already, he probably didn't felt it, till today in the morning though... the guy might feel like sh!t...

A lot of people fell, the guy with the beer headbanging recieved a bloody nose. As more people were drunk, the moshing became a bit rowdy. But then again moshing is quite rowdy.

Another random mosh:

The last band that played was called Blood Soaked Vengeance, a two piece Death band that was pretty cool, but sadly I ran out of battery at time, so I only took one pic:

They were pretty good, the drummer was excellent, and their originals as well as some covers, especially Under A Funeral Moon by Darkthrone.

Well that was pretty much it, me and my friend had a good time there, also some good news is that Deicide is coming to El Paso to play at Club 101, along with TERRORIST, Jungle Rot and Desolation, I think thats how you pronouce their name.

Its gonna be a great show and I cant wait. :twisted:

EDIT: I hosted up some videos from the gig if you wanna see em.

Gig Update.

Well I didn't post the update yesterday because... well, I was REALLY tired.

It was perhaps the most juvenile show I ever been to, inside a freakin garage at a house,cramped up with other people. It was GREATNESS. The only thing I regret was not taking my **** camera to capture the bands up close and the chaos that went down inside. The pits were insane as the majority of the bands were pretty much typical Black/Thrash bands, think of early Kreator/Sodom with some Bathory thrown in. As you can imagine, I banged my head till it began to hurt.

I dont even remember which band played first since things were a bit disorganized but it picked up. The second band that played was some sort of "Noisecore" or whatever the hell it falls into called Resin Cum, which involved a guy laying on the floor screaming in "anguish" while messing around with two little keyboards making awful noise. The third group was called Terminal Existence which is a combination ofGrindcore and Punk with "DIY" attitude. As you can imagine, the moshing was perhaps the most intense on this one, songs were really short though.

The next band was Holy Hell and I would say these guys were perhaps the best along with the last three bands that played. Typical angry, juvenile satanic Thrash/Black that makes you wanna break things and mosh. Next band was called Incinnerator who are from Dallas TX. Me and my friend recieved demos from them. :D They were giving them away.

These guys were pretty cool and typical Thrashers sporting high tops and denim kuttes. Moshing was again intense and people nearly knock down the equipment and almost smashing into the band itself.

The last band was the one that I wanted to see, Terrorist. These guys hail just from here in El Paso, so I had to see them. Again moshing was taking place along with a shirtless guy holding an upside Crucifix which just added more to the atmosphere.

Overall it was a pretty good show which only costed 5 bucks as most of these guys are just local. Next time though, I'm bringing the freakin camera...

As for the anti christian message, you gotta understand that these guys are pretty much young, around my age I would say so juvenile and deliquency is pretty common along with the attitude.

Gig Tonight!

I'll tell ya all about it once I'm back. The anti Christian message is kinda stupid:

"Christians are no fun. Christians ruin the life and happiness of millions. It must stop. We appeal in particular to the youth of today. Please stop the Christians. There are better things in life.

"We support the stop the madness campaign against the use of Christianity. Join us."

:twisted: :P

Hells Headbangers purchases have arrived!

If you Metal fans haven't checked it out, Hells Headbangers is an online Record store Located in Ohio, I mostly make all my Metal purchases ranging from patches and mostly albums.

I suggest you guys check it out, dont expect to find much of the classic bands though, its mostly underground Metal, the extreme kind, from Thrash to Death, Black and some grindcore. I suggest you guys check it out:

SUPPORT IT! :evil:

Now then, on to my purchases:

All Black Metal purchases I suppose, well Melechesh has a bit of Middle Eastern folk music thrown in while Desaster is more like Black/Thrash. Either way I'm happy with this albums, and as you can expect, I'll buy more when I have the money. I suggest you guys check these albums out as well.

Thanks for reading.

Oh yeah, I do you guys like my new girlfriend, eh?

Ain't she just Devilish? :twisted:

Guess who's birthday was on Sunday...


So I'm finally eighteen, I would of posted this on my B day but I was suspended... :(

BLAST :evil:

So yeah you can say its pretty much a late birthday thing... but I dont give a **** so Happy Birthday to me!

I ate some cake (chocolate of course) and my parents decided to finally fix my Xbox 360 at Cherry Fusion, a store where you can fix your electronics and such. Also after the system is fixed (it suffered from the red ring of death) they will buy me Fallout 3 so its all good.

My parents have been very generous, due to my grades. Back in my old school in L.A, I was failing pretty much everything...

Yet over here in Texas, I'm passing nearly everything except Algebra (math sucks) so I'm very grateful for my parents and their generosity.

Also Summer Vacation is just about to come, with only 2 weeks left, I'm gonna visit L.A again. It will be my third visit.

We get two whole months off so this should be great.

Cheers people.

Bullfights! Pictures I Took. *Graphic*

So I went to the Bullfights on Sunday at the Plaza De Toros just across the border, and good some lovely pics I dont mind sharing:

You gotta admit, these guys do have some cajones. But then again the bull mostly concentrates on the stupid cape, thinking it will harm it, after all, they are cows. And cows are stupid creatures with only one good purpose... (burgers)

Picadore (Lancer) gets owned:

Teh ponie isOKAY! The protective matress prevents the horse from getting gored to death. Back then, horses didn't came with such things, and would be gored and disemboweled as its intestines would leak through the gaping wound and of course died from the horrible shock.

Death Of The Bull:

I suppose you can say its pretty sad seeing a tough hardy animal reduced to the foul entertainment for the primitive bloodlust nature of mankind in these events, oh well. The first Bull that they let out broked its horn by charging to hard on one of the barricades, pretty damn painful to watch, and sad, the bull was spared as the crowd cheered and clapped in sympathy and approvement.

Bull Gets Even:

Anyways thats all I'm posting, I'm tired.

Love it or hate it, Sport and Art, or mindless blood violence, call it what you want but Bullfighting will always be a thing I enjoy, simply because I enjoy such things. I would be in cloud nine if I ever attended a gladiatorial combat with animals back during the Roman days.

Bullfights will always be a HUGE centerfold of controversy.