Toy Soldiers 100% Complete

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I've done it. Another game bites the dust! I've finally managed to complete Toy Soldiers 100% after a month. The game deserves to have more than 300 Gamerscore (if you count the 2 DLC packs as well). It's taken well over 12 hours to finish!

As a tribute here's my avatar kitted out in the fancy British Cavalry uniform, complete with officer moustache :P


Hardest part has to be the Campaign + and ration tickets. One mission required me to finish the level building nothing and only using the triplane! Took me 3 hours to get a proper strategy going.

Most annoying has to be the Golden Rocket glitch. I had to reset all my save data to get this achievement, but it was worth it! The latest DLC Invasion! has this annoying glitch, so my advice would be to complete the game and the Kaiser DLC first before even attempting the Invasion DLC.

Now onto one of my many other games I need to finish!

Important event: Ashes 2010

Whilst England isn't doing the best so far (Day Two in an hour), we definitely have the superior team! Looking at a recent deal on Left 4 Dead 2, I thought this image was quite funny

Left 4 Dead 2 | SIX Copies for £14.99 | Steam | PC/Mac

Blue Moon...

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Ah...Fallout New Vegas. I have certainly missed post-apocalyptic America.

Funnily enough I happened to buy the GOTY edition of Fallout 3 for £15.00 at GAME, as I didn't intend on buying this game until much later (still got 15 achievements to get on Fallout 3).

Then my brother walks in and plays in on my Xbox...stupidly leaving it in my xbox to go to work. What can I say, it's the same stunning stuff as before. Nothing amazingly new at the moment (only an hour into the game) but it's got a simpler training and introduction system then Fallout 3.

Relating to gaming news, I've also completed GUN on the 360 (got 750 achievements so far) and it's easily one of the best "easy" games on the 360. An amazingly fun game. Would definitely recommend buying it (it should be cheap now).

Gun Boxshot

Games I have bought:

Toy Soldiers Boxshot

Toy Soldier on 360: A stunning game. A tower defence game that combines strategy and action, mixing the innocence of toy soldiers (bit like Toy Commander on Dreamcast) and the slaughter of the Western Front. One of the few games you get to play as the British all the way through! A slightly warped view of the First World War (such as giant tanks), but nevertheless an excellent game. I would definitely recommend it.

Snoopy Flying Ace Boxshot

Snoopy Flying Ace on 360:Another WW1 inspired game, except this time a cartoon dog is the hero. From a historical point of view it's as believable as Toy Soldiers, but for a game it's not half bad. Some parts are annoying, and the first boss took a while to defeat. Still a decent game, would recommend you try the demo.

Mario Party 6 Boxshot

Mario Party 6: I bought this from Gamestation for £9.99, as I am trying to get every Mario game on Gamecube. I believe the Gamecube has the best Mario games on it, and so far I'm only missing Paper Mario, Mario Party 4, 5 and 7. I have every other Mario Gamecube game (see below)

Super Mario Sunshine BoxshotMario Kart: Double Dash!! BoxshotSuper Mario Strikers BoxshotMario Superstar Baseball BoxshotMario Power Tennis BoxshotMario Golf: Toadstool Tour BoxshotMario Party 6 BoxshotDance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix Boxshot

Not bad eh?

Gamespot updates:

I've recently been given this amazing emblem! I recently had the 75 emblem, but now this one really seals the deal. I have so far completed a fair few Xbox 360 games 100%, including some really hard ones. However I'll admit I am half way through King Kong on 360, for the simple reason it offers easy acievements!

My 100% games so far:

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero BoxshotCall of Duty 2 BoxshotCall of Duty 4: Modern Warfare BoxshotThe Lord of the Rings: Conquest Boxshot

All together they are some pretty hard games, but I seem to like a challenge!

100% Club Member Icon100% Club Member

The best of the best of the best, sir!Unlocking every achievement available for a game is a task that only the most dedicated of players complete, and for that we salute you.

A few more achievements!

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I know I hardly update my blog on Gamespot but I thought I'd share a few new achievements I've earned with GS!

Quick Change Artist Icon

Quick Change Artist

Things Change, People ChangeAwarded for helping to keep a GameSpot review accurate long after it was originally published. This user suggested an After the Fact update that was subsequently checked out and added to the review of the game in question. Proof that people notice when games change.

I think I updated the Mercenaries 2 review....but can't remember for the life of me! Anyway I got this cool emblem, and kept a Gamespot review from going old ;)

Game Expert Icon

Game Expert

Here to save the day!Game Experts are knowledgeable and skilled masters in at least one game and have proven this by unlocking at least 75% of the achievements available for it. If you've ever got a question, a Game Expert's usually a good person to ask.

This trophy...I have no idea why or what! It just appeared on my Gamespot, I think it may be linked with my 360 account? I recently hit 5 100% games on 360, so maybe this is for that?

Greatest Game Villain Staff Subjugator Icon

Greatest Game Villain Staff Subjugator

They have fallen before you like blades of grass on mowing day.This evildoer defeated the Dark Lords of GameSpot at their own game, throwing the Internet into unbalance and threatening all. Good job!

I guess I got more right in the recent Gamespot Villian bracket earlier this year...which is pretty awesome!

I wish we could edit our top 10 emblems....I really wanna show of some better looking ones.

Finally bought Alien vs Predator!

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No not this version:

But this game!

Easily the best game on the Atari Jaguar, and I found this little gem at "Military Madness", a local event showing off some amazing military land vehicles. There were the usual stall holders, but I would NEVER have guessed that I would find this little gem...let alone for a fiver!

Anyway why is it great? It's 3 campaigns in one, boasts some amazing 3D graphics, and is easily the ONLY reason to own an Atari Jaguar. Don't take my word for it, feast your eyes on the screen shots below:

Thoughts on Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

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I received this game in the post on Friday, as I am a huge Metal Gear fan. But the PSP Metal Gear games have felt a little lacking in true Metal Gear spirit. Metal Gear Ac!d was insanely unusual for a Metal Gear game, the Metal Gear Digitial Novel is pretty much that...a digital novel, and Metal Gear Portable Ops tried to be clever, but for me it was too much like Ac!d.

Now on for Peace Walker, the main reason I bought this game was that it was £17.00 from Amazon UK. And of course the more important reason is that I love Metal Gear games. I was sceptical about this game, but after playing it for an hour I can truly say that this is the closes thing so far the PSP has gotten to a true Metal Gear game. It introduces some amazing storyline, is more action-orientated and has some awesome cutscenes. However I'll play it a little more before I judge it :)

One suggestion for any PSP owners is to buy a component cable. This has been an absolute god-send for me, as sitting up playing the PSP for hours really can strain your eyes and your neck. Plus the game looks pretty good on a 32inch HD tele :)

Trivia: Which console has Metal Gear been on the most? Answer: PSP! A total of 6 "games" - making it the official home of Snake!

Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption. The game I never knew could be so good. True it's cinematic, glorious, the best Western game out there. But I think it's been cheapened by the association of "Grand Theft Auto in the Wild West". It's not that at all.

The pace of the game is much slower, but of course there are going to be similiarities. The ability to buy properties, the customisation of your character and weapons. It's got everything GTA 4 offers, but with a slower pace to life.

That's just my thoughts atm, I'm about an hour into it. The online modes are hell of a lot more fun than GTA IV, so far singleplayer 1 hour, multiplayer, 5 :P

I walk the line...

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Back to a 9-5 job, so that means lots of games - but no time for GS :( I will update with a few random blogs though.

So...with my first pay of 2010 I bought:

DSi XL (had to buy it!)

Pokemon SoulSilver

Red Dead Redemption

I've also been hugely busy watching the World Cup and E3! Anybody else watching the football?

Nintendo 3DSi XL.....2012?

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Okay so my headline might be a small lie - but it could well be the future. Seeing as Nintendo have literally just released the DSi, and now the DSi XL...and now there are rumours/blatent leaks of a Nintendo 3DS...a 3D system.

Let's recap the changes that have occured with the Nintendo DS:

2004: The DS is launched (which I still have and use...the so called "phat" DS)

2006: DS Lite with a new look (which is more of a fashion item, and weighs less)

2009: DSi is launched with new functions such as two cameras, SD card slot and capable of downloading software

2010: DSi XL is launched with a larger screen

Now let's see the differences, with this table courtesy of Wikipedia.

Model Screen Measurements Weight Battery Stylus

DS 3" 149 x 84.7 x 28.9 300 10-14 hrs 75mm

Lite 3" 133 x 73.9 x 21.5 218 15-19 hrs 87.5mm

DSi 3.25" 137 x 74.9 x 18.9 214 9-14 hrs 92mm

DSi XL 4.2" 161 x 91.4 x 21.2 314 13-17 hrs 96mm

So in the transition from the DS to the DSi XL it has gained:

1.2 inches of screen

Been decreased in size, and then increased

Had it's weight decreased, and then increased

increased battery life by 3 hours

21mm increase in stylus length

Some kind of conclusion is needed....and all I can say is that Nintendo could easily swipe out the middle two consoles, the DS Lite and the DSi. I have a cousin who received the DS, and was happy with it, but then Nintendo released the DS Lite, and she needed the new one. It seems the only good point with the DSi was the camera and SD inclusion, and even then they could have waited to release it as one console.

So with the Nintendo 3DS rumoured....anyone want to hazard a guess when the Nintendo 3DSi XL will be released? I think I'll stick with my "phat" DS thank you Mr. Nintendo.

FTW space? *Photos*

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It appears that Namco bosses are from outer space, or are able to see into the future. Either way, the BBC reported that:

"The Cassini spacecraft in orbit around Saturn has caught an interesting new view of the tiny moon Mimas...The probe measured temperature differences across the object's surface and produced a map that looks just like the 1980s Pac-Man video games icon."

Pac man on saturn

I kid you not. It looks like Pac-man, and in fact it appears to be Pac-man about to eat another dot. I do have an original idea...what if this giant solar system is a giant Pac-man game...I just hope Earth isn't a cherry bonus, as Pac-man isn't too far away ;)

Final note: Thank god they didn't see a Space Invaders game up there...or we'd be in trouble.

See the full BBC report HERE