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PS4...a lack of games?

It seems to me that the PS4 is suffering from a lack of games. From what I've been reading, it seems XBONE isn't far behind. The only 3 games that really hit me at the moment are Destiny, MGS Phantom Pain and The Order: 1886.

Is it a simple case that the PS4 and XB1 just don't have the software support right now?

PS4 or XB1?

Well after much debate regarding which console to get on Day One, I've decided to go ahead and get...







My one concern is the lack of games on launch day. So far the UK have only got the following these confirmed:


  • NBA 2K14
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • Skylanders Swap Force
  • Need for Speed: Rivals 
  • Battlefield 4 
  • Madden 25
  • FIFA 14
  • NBA Live 14
  • Killzone: Shadown Fall
  • Driveclub
  • Knack 
  • Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  • Watch Dogs
  • Just Dance 2014
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes


None of these games really grab me, but I'll probably end up with Watch Dogs or Battlefield 4.


However the game War Thunder looks amazing, and will be a free-to-play game on PSN. This will be my first download :D



Anyone else pre-ordered a console?

Resident Evil...what is happening?

I am writing to you with this grotesque monster in my field of vision. It's perched on my shelf, sitting there. Mocking me. I was one of the many people who spent £129.99 on the Resident Evil 6 GAME Exclusive Collector's Edition. Only for it to be reduced to £30 a mere 6 months later. But that's not my main problem.



Resident Evil is my favourite gaming franchise. Up until recently they were one of the few main franchises that guaranteed a great game. There are the spin-offs that are terrible like Resident Evil Survivor, but the main games have always been intense and gripping. I love Resident Evil. Resident Evil changed when RE4 hit the shelves. It was a fantastic game, but it was less scary and more action. RE5 soon changed that, making it feel darker and deeper. The DLC was fantastic, especially the mansion. 


Resident Evil 6 for me was poor. Even Gamespot hit it with a 4.5. It feels far more action-packed, and is trying to please everyone. I feel that Resident Evil 6 is tearing itself apart. They have tried to please everyone, but have eneded up pleasing no-one. I can't bear to finish it.


Any thoughts on how Resident Evil can turn around? Is this the time where Capcom release their trump card and remake Resident Evil 2?


Walking Dead: Survival Instinct - Why it's good

Walking Dead Survival Instinct is a good game. Despite mediocre reviews, I rented it and loved it. Why? Because it's the perfect zombie game. Walk with me I'll explain on the way...



There are plenty of zombies games out there. Resident Evil really kicked it off with the zombie scene, and for a 12-year old it was the scariest thing on Playstation. The game brought fear and created a creepy, slow atmosphere. A horde of shuffling, groaning zombies is absolutely chilling. That was topped off by Resident Evil 2, which brought the game to the streets and introduced a claustrophobic atmosphere in open spaces. I felt trapped in a huge city. 


Sneaky Daryl...sneaky...

Fast forward a few years down the line. Dawn of the Dead was released in 2004, and brought to my attention, and many others, the notion of zombies running. Now THATS scary. Running, flesh-eating monsters. But since then, games have tried to follow suit. Left 4 Dead brought multiplayer zombie survival, with running zombies. Don't get me wrong, the game is fantastic, but with the running zombies came more firepower. It just didn't feel right.


Walking Dead (the original download version) was fantastic, but I never felt in control. Then came along Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, which blew my mind. Zombies were the enemy, but they could easily overpower you. They were shuffling monsters, and they kept appearing. You only have a hunting knife, and you need to scavenge food, fuel and weapons. THAT'S SURVIVAL. 


Running zombies. Not cool.

For many the game may appear to be slow and repetitive, but so is life. This game is meant to be an experience. Nothing says scary like sneaking past zombies, only for you to set off an alarm and to alert the horde of zombies. The story follows before the main television series, and for fans it is a must. There are a few clunky mechanisms, the most notorious is when a horde of zombies grab you, you fight them one-on-one like Bruce Lee rather then getting grabbed and torn apart. Despite this, you learn to be sneaky, throwing flares, silent kills, and to avoid using guns. Yes, avoid using guns. A world apart from Left 4 Dead. The greatest moment must be where you use Daryl's crossbow. A silent, long-ranged weapon, and you can pluck the arrows back out of the undead corpses.


So all in all, this game is a perfect match for me. I know there are a lot of people out there who don't like zombies, or believe the world will be overtaken by zombies (I've got my box of beans and noodles ready for that date), but as far as I'm concerned, this game is brilliant.


Bring on the zombie apocalypse.




Risk(y) business




Risk. It's a board game. I have the board game in my loft (somewhere). So why do I find it better on XBLA?


There are a couple of obvious answers, it's far less time to set up, no cheating friends who move pieces when you go to the toilet, and no missing pieces that you find a week after binning it. Apart from that it's the same game I've owned for 10 years. What makes it different?


Risk Factions on XBLA offers a poor storyline, with some funny characters and a small campaign mode. But it's online mode where the real fun is. There people quit early, leave games, or take 5 minutes to attack to go toilet.


So why do I force myself to play? Is it self-inflicting? Am I the forever optimist? Maybe it's because nobody in real life will play me at Risk, as I tend to win. Whatever the reason, I'm sticking with it...for the mean time.




Will Castle of Illusion HD work?

The latest announcement by SEGA has blown the minds of many people. I personally screamed like a Belieber, and I'm still reeling in the shock that Castle of Illusion is being re-made in HD. Even saying it out loud is weird. I'm pinching myself now. Castle of Illusion in HD. Proper HD.Not some of the recent toot that has come out, a proper re-make. In HD.

The initial trailer looks good, but will it be as good as the Mega Drive version? What market will it be aimed at - new kids who have no idea what a Mega Drive is? Will it appease the retro gamers? Let's take a look...



Castle of Illusion was the greatest game on the Mega Drive. Fact.


There have been plenty of platformer games that have made the jump from 2D to 3D. Super Mario 64 being the greatest success to date, and Sonic bombing like a fat man on a diving board. What will Castle of Illusion be like? Judging by the shots and the trailer it looks set to be the 'Epic Mickey' that we've been yearning for. The crack of thunder in the forest, the endless flow of marching tin soldiers, the castle in the foggy background, it could well end up being one of the greatest HD remakes of all time.


Hmmmm....which door?


Whilst there isn't a lot of information out there at the moment there is the slight concern that this could be completely hashed, like an 80s band getting back together and releasing a mediocre album. Who are they aiming for? Will they lose track of their aim? Who knows.


Now there is one piece of good indication, that if this game succeeds there could be more releases of this type. Personally I've been yearning for a Quackshot HD, crouching behind burnt out cars and shooting Pete clones with a plunger shotgun like a bubble-wrapped Disney version of Call of Duty, complete with online carnage. The legal wrangling looks set to be sorted between Disney, SEGA and the platforms, and if the studio in Australia doesn't shut down, who knows where they could go next?


Unfortunately we now have to sit, pray, hope, bite nails and beg SEGA not to mess up this epic oppurtunity. 

Time to shake off the cobwebs...



Cobwebs will be shaken. Off. Permanently. It's high time I have my Gamespot blog an update, as I've had an incredibly selfish 2 year gap, and I miss posting my delightful thoughts and opinion on the interweb.


Strangely enough, I haven't seen much of a change to Gamespot, perhaps someone could enlighten me, as I have effectively been cryogenetically frozen in internet time. Like a grouchy Austin Powers, only with better hair and worse teeth.

Nintendo 3DS Event - 20/03/2011

As I am writing this the launch of the Nintendo 3DS is literally 5 days away! What makes this event even more awesome is that it falls on two of the best days in my life, my birthday and pay day! Who could want more? How about the launch of the most exciting handheld console!

The event I went to was in Essex, England. The event itself was open to the public and was pretty well designed. As you walked through the entrance after answering some tough interrogation (genuine question: Are you aged over 7?) you are greeted by a maze of white with the words "Nintendo 3DS" sprayed everywhere.

Me playing the Nintendo 3DS! Exciting...and slightly weird

What hits me first is the build up to the Nintendo 3DS stalls. A complete history of Nintendo's handheld past, Game & Watches, Gameboys, Gameboy Colors, every Nintendo handheld console was cased in a protective plastic case (otherwise I would have grabbed the mint condition Game & Watch Donkey Kong!).

Now you're going to have to forgive me, but for sometime I haven't been too bothered about the 3DS. I've not actually played it, and to be brutal the launch titles are crap. Two games that have got me excited for the 3DS are Metal Gear Solid 3DS and the Resident Evil 3D games. After playing some mediocre Dead or Alive and a racing game (the title escapes me) I caught a glimpse of this beauty:

I could not believe my eyes! An actual demo for Resident Evil 3D The Mercenaries! Whilst I only had my iPhone to hand, I apologise for the crap quality. I tried to get some screenshots but the 3D graphics came out terribly.

The game feels like a very strange hybrid between Resident Evil 4 and 5 - I played as Chris Redfield from RE5 in the Village level from RE4. It seems that Capcom have decided to give us the best of both games, and bung them together to make a Frankenstein's monster creation - which could do very well or do very badly.

The actual game play was very good, traditional RE4/5 controls that translate well on the 3DS. The only problem I encountered was remembering the buttons on the 3DS - after all playing this game on the PS2 (RE4) or 360/PS3 (RE5) has set my mind on a slightly different configuration.

The touch screen made weapon changes and selecting items very easy. It's more in line with Resident Evil 5, whereby item selection is in-game - promoting fear and the need for quick selections. This worked very well, but took a while to get used to.

Overall a very good game that looks promising for Resident Evil fans. It brings two of the best extra features from Resident Evil 4 and 5 into one game. Definitely one for the RE fans, but for those who are yet to try it - this game will give you a very easy to access game that can be picked up and played within a single bus journey (my main time I use the 3DS).

The event was very good overall. For me it was the highlight to play Resident Evil 3DS The Mercenaries. But I'm still going to wait to buy my 3DS - I'll wait until the first decent title comes out - whether it be Nintendo or third party.

The Importance of Being Idle

Alas I have returned to the Gamespot world after a 3 month hiatus, and about 12 months since my last 'proper' blog. No cheering crowds? No weeping mothers? Oh well, I supose if you don't call your mother every now and then you can expect a cold reception - but seeing as I have left my blog for 3 months I really cannot expect such a return.

I will be posting my first article tonight.

PAL Gamers...this is for you!

There's a new website out there especially for us PAL Gamers (UK, Europe, Australasia) called RetroCollect. Whilst most US sites tend to look at US games (which is kinda natural), there has always been a void in gaming on the PAL side.

That's where RetroCollect comes in, designed to be the all-in-one PAL gaming site. Co-developed by two Bubble Bobble fans (Bub and Bob?) it's quickly taken off in the past week. Honestly guys check out this amazing site, it's been well designed and looks very promising!

 [color=#00FFFF]RetroCollect - PAL Rarity Guides, News, Reviews, Community & Forum[/color]