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My PS3 has a tendency of dying

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Yo, 'sup

It's been like 3 years since I've been on my profile . That's an insanely long time xD But why not, lets just do a blog, like nothing's changed.

Well, my PS3's been dead for a while now.. for some reason i get the yellow light followed by a flashing red light when i wanna turn it on. My buddy Timmy, who can fix anything, has fixed it like 3 times, but it keeps dying on me basicly a month later. So I decided it was time to let go so he's not gonna fix it again, 'cause it just doesn't matter.. so my PS3's just collecting dust at this time. Pretty lame, right ? Maybe when I find some more money I can buy me a new one

Right now life's pretty good ! I just recently got into a relationship, so i feel pretty happy ! I'm studying music at an academy which is also really awesome, I'm basicly living a dream !! I hope to get into a conservatory next year, but we'll see.

Well, I hope I'll get to catch up with some old friends out here that'd be nice

Heart Of Liberty City

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Today's On The Spot totally got me excited about MGS4. They didn't actually show that much but still, I was interested before,so. Anyway, I called the Gamemania (my gamestore of choice). And I heard something disturbing and unlogical. As a matter of fact I don't really know how it is possible and I hope I just misunderstood. The thing is, I called to ask if they had MGS4 for the PS3 for rent. And they said they don't rent out games anymore... What?.. A gamestore.. doesn't rent out games?. It's lost like half of it's purpose. I don't easily go buy a game, but I surely do rent games. I don't understand. I'll call them back tomorrow and ask again. But this is just ridiculous, right?

(Spoiler.. perhaps :P) In other news. Yesterday I came across something amazing (I hope you all didn't find this yet :P.. but I have my doubts) I was playing GTA4 yesterday and you know on Happiness Island, there's this kind of.. well sort of balcony I noticed near the foot of the statue of happiness, with a lot of doors by it. I was really focused into like getting there, 'cause I thought those doors might get me inside the statue. I didn't know whether or not that was possible, but I surely didn't give up hope. So... I got to the place where you can take those helicopter rides and stole one, and I tried to get up the balcony.. (note that.. I can't by any means steer the goddamn thing :P) Well.. it took me like 10 tries to get up there, the suffering of heli crashes that statue must've endured... :P Anyway, at one point I got there :) and I got in the statue! The doors might've not like.. swung open or anything, I kinda just walked through them, but still.. :D And then when I was in there, there was this ladder. So I went up the ladder and what I saw you wouldn't believe :P (unless of course you found it out by yourself.. :P) It was a real (gigantic) heart :P.. pulsating ! :P .. It was awesome :D, too bad the cops had just recently busted me so I didn't have any guns.. I really would've liked to shoot at it, lol :P

Like I said earlier, I have a guitar now, and I love playing. I seldom have days were I don't play, and those normally only are when I'm not at home :P so yeah, I'm hooked. I'm not That good yet, but I like the progress I've been making, it doesn't all have to go that fast. Just taking it easy :). I did make some videos of me playing, if anyone's interested in seeing them they're on U-tube, (that's my profile, where you can find my videos)

But I haven't just been playing (real) guitar, I've also been playing Guitar Hero! :D
Like a year ago I got a demo for Guitar Hero 2. So I didn't have a Guitar to play on, I was using the controller, which is just using the shoulder and X buttons. And I got fairly good that way, so by the time I got to buying the actual game I got to thinking, "should I spend all that extra money on that guitar?" And so I didn't. It was great for me, I kept playing with my controller and it worked out, I beat Expert and now just recently I bought Guitar Hero 3. This time with the guitar :P. But the truth is I still play it more with my controller, I'm just more used to it that way. I love the online play too, it can be really challenging to play against each other on Expert. I love it :). But you know, this summer I'm gonna focus on the actual guitar part of the game, I'm gonna try to get good that way too.. though I have my doubts :P I barely finished Easy.. :P
Ow well, leaves me with something to work on :)

Okay, that was it for today, See yah later ;)

Hi Everybody!

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Hi Everybody,

How are yah?:) I'm okay (except for the fact the exams have just started.)It's been really long since I've been here. I'm hoping things could be like before, so I'm gonna try to spend more time here :), catch up on what you've all been up to :D! I've been up to quite a lot myself too, you know. But I seriously don't know where to begin.

Well.. :P I got a guitar (like, an actual guitar :P) An Ibanez SA120 for those of you who are into guitars, just mentioning. I love it! I've never had a single hobby that's as good as this one. I got a PS3 as well, but I don't even nearly play it as much as my guitar. Oh well, I love games too :P..

I got GTA 4 just a couple of weeks ago and completed it last week, it was so much fun, really one of the best games of this year, guaranteed. I'm actually already going for file 2, lol. I can't get enough of this game :P

Well, that's all for now :), I'll see you guys soon ;)


Turok is back..

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Did anyone see the new gameplay footage of the upcoming Turok (PS3/X360)? It looks awesome, apart from the fact that one clip showed the glitch of a dinosaur falling into another one.. or the fact you're knive doesn't even have blood on it after cutting a raptors throat. I really wanna play that game, it takes me back, it's almost like the good ol' days reinvented.. maybe just a little better even.. My first game on the N64 was Turok so you might see some kind of connection to which I am very excited buying this game. Although, I actually didn't like that game, but I know now that was just an age thing. My dad however had way more fun playing it than I did, but I can't say I didn't enjoy watching it being played. Same goes for Turok 2, I really sucked at the game, but I had more interest that's for sure. But again I didn't really like this game, both probably because of age and ability (I did suck at it..). Just another game I watched my dad complete :P (and he wasn't even that much of a gamer). Well.. I never got to play Turok 3, never heard anything about it actually. Read an article about it once.. didn't really look that cool.. But then it came, what I still believe to be the very highlight of the franchise :P.. : Turok Rage Wars :D.. I had a BLAST playing that game years on end :).. eventually I lost my N64 because my evil grandparents took it (but that's another story..), I got my uncle's now, but no Rage Wars. Oh well.. anyway, Turok (PS3/X360) would just out of sentimental value (all the great memories I had playing those games with my dad) be a great purchase, and for all I've seen it's just a great game all in all. I'm really excited about, but it's probably far from out yet.. when exactly, I don't know, but I'm gonna buy this game. But first.. :P.. I'll need a PS3.. I'm getting there.. I'm getting there :P

Alright that was it.. :).. Best regards to all of my friends out there, See Yah Later;)

Playstation History

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Surprise struck when Sony announced to be in full development of a gameconsole of their own. Their console, the Playstation came out at 1995. Sony's console sold awesomely, the first weekend after launch they had sold more than 100.000 copies of their system. Especially the launch of games like Twisted Metal and Ridge Racer were of an unexpected succes.

The Playstation which got a pricetag of $299.99 had to face the competition Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn. The latter used the same technology, namely the CD-ROM. Sega had made quite a name for itself with the Sega Master System and Sega Mega Drive, but got beaten down with it's last console, the Sega Saturn. Especially the high price of $500.00 and the lack of good games caused it's downfall. But Sega wouldn't give and 2 years after it's launch of the Saturn it started to focus on a new console, the Dreamcast. Because they were focussing on that console that much lots of Saturn titles were evidently cancelled.

another tough opponent of Sony was Nintendo. Dispite the fact both companies used to succesfully work together in the past, a certain tension was noticeable. The Japanese developer came out with a new console at 1996, the Nintendo 64. The biggest difference it had with Sony's Playstation was they still used cartridges. Nintendo decided to stick with that because of protection from piracy. On the other hand the cartridges caused a higher price and limited capacity. As a result more developers' preference went to the Playstation, by which Sony gained the upperhand in the gamingindustry.

the game continues and according to the figures Sony came out as the victor. The game console going on for 6 months had already sold 1.000.000 copies already. Six years after the launch of the Playstion Sony came up with a new version, named the PS One, which could do just as much as the Playstation but had a more polished and finished look.

at 18 may 2004, 10 years after Sony's debut in the gamingindustry, the company announced they had sold more than 100 million units worldwide. which was an absolute record. But all good things come to an end, 23 march of last year Sony announced the definite end of production of Playstations, the console that lasted for 11 years.

Last Commander Standing

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Did anyone watch the outstanding tournament of Supreme Commander?
I didn't actually know what to expect, I wasn't too familliar with the game, it seems this strategy game looked a lot like C&C.. which I love. So this couldn't dissappoint, right:P? anywho, it was pretty damn short though.. There was this guy owning the place like you couldn't believe..:D Let me tell yah, the game had barely even begon and he had already destroyed one of the 2 other commanders.. He was awesome.. He manifested his army around the map leaving the other commander chanceless.. It was really Pro vs. Am's..:P You should see it.. it's pretty wild:P.. but too damn short though:(.. if only he was a little less good:P..

whooooosssshhhh... (okay srry..) Gaming influences..

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You know, I'm in the mood of writing something, couldn't care less what it would be about. Lets take "roots" as an example, yeah.. that could work!

My uncle and all the games he used to play play the biggest role in my growth as an actual gamer. lets say, 8 years ago, (I was about 8..) all I did when I was at my grandparents' was watch my uncle play all of his games, 'cause frankly I was like hell with 'em, I might've gamed, but it would be all the easy stuff (don't ask what.. I'm sorry, can't remember..). And I remember my uncle always playing Resident Evil 2. My god, I loved that game.. It is by far the greatest surivor horror expierence I've ever known.. Of course, it's probably best to keep it a memory, I suppose it wouldn't be scary at all if I were to rent it now.. But back then, wow, it was really awesome.. All those zombies and stuff, they really freaked my out.. let me tell yah.. But all of it was kind of a blur to me, I'd have no idea of what was going on, I also wouldn't know what all those creatures were, all I recognised were the zombies.. Everything else was a complete blur.. Alright, being the huge RE fan I am now, I of course know what everything is and does, but back then.. I'd see a Tyrant "Aaaah, a big man with claws..!".. (I'd love to be so young again.. *dreams*).. I could also remember seeing a G-Type, whom drops larvas on you.. I was like "wow.. a gigantic cocroach.. freaky.. and he's dropping little cocroaches from his deformed arm.." (pretty wild.. they should've included those kinds of creatures!.. "moehahaha")

Being that young Survivor Horror games weren't really what I should've been seeing or playing.. (I claim to be fine, but in fact I am mentaly and emotionally damaged.. I can still see giant cocroaches.. "aaaah!!!"). But then there was something else, something I could enjoy without even having to be sneaky about it (I wasn't allowed to play RE2.. hehehe..). The game that really blew me away and still does each time I play it was The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time..! To me always refered to as the very first real Zelda game.. I wasn't aware of the others.. (too late to change that notion in my head..). I loved everything about, of course over time a few aspects got a little less good as gaming industry kept improving.. But then again, in the overall game the graphics are fine, better yet, they - and all the other aspects of the game - are timeless.. I could play the game right now and still be as stunned as I was then.. (expect for the surprise element, though I tend to forget stuff a lot so.. yeah..). I can remember the first time I actually played (I had watched it being played by my uncle before though..) and I beat Queen Gomma. It was a really though fight for me back then, I wasn't really sure of the controls yet and it seemed a bit overwhelming, anyway I was really happy, but I'd have to do it all over again as I saved it on my uncles file and not my own.. Back home I thought "I'm just gonna do this again, It's doable, I done it once before, no problem..".. You couldn't believe my dissappointment when I lost..! I was actually crying.. (give me a break, I was a kid..).. yeah.. it really took a lot out of me.. (to be clear I don't have any problem beating the first boss anymore.. whatsoever.. just to be clear, I could almost see all the laughing and pointing of people who think otherwise..)

I guess Mario was also one the big influences I had gamingwise although I can't say I really think it's appropriate what they're doing to him though.. you know, if you think about it, Mario is like the ultimate sportsman, he can do it all.. He can play soccer, tennis, basketball, golf,, anything.. As I do believe Nintendo's kinda pushing it I do keep playing their Mario Sports games.. I admit they're good, but they just don't make a lot of sense that's all.. nevermind that.. anyway.. the game I mostly appreciated of the Mario franchise'd have to be Super Mario 64..

Don't know what else to add, there's lots of stuff, but I'll bore you with that some other time.. Anywho I did what I wanted to do, written some stuff and know I'm off reading yours.. see yah later guys;)

playing guitar.. playing Halo.. yeah.. that kind of stuff..

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Dude.. playing the guitar is frickin' difficult:P.. as a matter of fact a buddy of mine is doing that right now.. He's doing an awesome job.. I however suck at it:P.. I'd say "give me guitar hero" yet I haven't played that before.. and I'd probably suck at that too.. I'm doomed to just listen to music instead of playing.. Talking about Doom, I had a chance to play Doom3 this week yet unfortunatly the buddy of mine who normally would have it returned it because it was't his type of game:?.. :(.. dammit:P.. well.. I ended up playing Halo2 then:).. not that bad at all:P.. That game would so rule to play online, but the guy didn't have XBL.. yeah.. whatever:)..

just couldn't think of anything better to do then write this blog.. so:P.. yeah.. that was it.. See Yah ;)

Back To Basics: turtles and mushrooms beware, the plummer is there..

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Back to where it all started.. Alright, maybe a few years later. At least to me it felt like the good ol' days, playing.. Super Mario 64! Yeah, of course, it's a step back, the graphics are naturally dated, the gameplay is not as accurate as Sunshine is, and the story consists of Princess Peach asking Mario to come for a piece of cake or something (and I'm not talking about the expression..).

Not really aspects you'd base the ultimate game on.. yet all these things tend to fade away as this game delivers genuine fun and creativity which loads of games these days miss.. I could also say it's more challenging than the average game, but maybe that's just because of the controller (by the way also a big step back..).

The dated graphics don't really form a problem toward playing the game.. I even think Super Mario 64 was one of the nicer looking N64 games of it's time. By the way, if you're willing to play a game on older consoles you must be prepared for these (and way worse) kind of visuals.

SM64's gameplay remains the example for the following platformgames. To me it's also one of the greatest examples of actual platformers, If a platformer gets mentioned SM64 just pops up out of nowhere.. This game really did leave amazing memories behind..

Super Mario Sunshine did a great job too, building on all of these aspects and more.. Maybe it was just me, but I did miss out on the actual "fun" part.. It was cool and all, and you could definitely see the improvements, but in the end Super Mario 64 remains the undefeated champion of platformers (to me anyway, but maybe I just haven't played enough platformers.. )

getting back to the roots rulez.. (roughly stated..) I loved to throw around a big Bomb-Omb King, I loved to go slide on my belly racing against a Momma Pinguin, and I loved writing this blog (but that doesn't have anything to do with it.. srry..).

Alright.. that was about it.. See Yah;)

Abracadabra.. oh yeah.. Hi!

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Hello friends it's me again.. How've you guys been:)? It's been a while.. again I have a few things to say, so here we go..:)

We went to the movies a few weeks ago, we went to see.. The Prestige!.. An awesome movie:P, really! From the director of Memento.. and an awesome cast:D.. featuring one of my 2 favourite actors.. Christain Bale (the other is Edward Norton).. He's awesome, one of the reasons I went to see the movie.. But what makes The Prestige so good is it's story.. It is so mysterious all the time and the ending makes you wanna see the movie all over again:P..
It's about 2 magicians (Hugh Jackman and Christain Bale) who work together and are friends at first.. but eventually become rivals. One of them becomes insanely obsessed to know how the other magician's trick is done.. The greatest magic trick he's ever seen..

Every great magic trick consists of three acts.
The first act is called.. The Pledge.
The magician shows you something ordinary,
but of course, it probably isn't.
The second act is called.. The Turn.
The magician makes this ordinary something,
do something extraordinary.
Now you're looking for the secret..
but you won't find it.
That's why there's a third act called.. The Prestige.
This is where all the twists and turns,
where lives hang in the balance,
and you see something shocking you've never seen before..

Valentine's Day sucked.. of course.. Eventhough it's just a commercial day.. I do add value to it.. so it's supposed to be a loving, happy day.. to me however it is a miserable day, figuring I don't have a girlfriend to spend it with.. That pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

I'm starting to look for a parttime job now.. pretty exciting:).. I went to the local grocery shop to see if they've got a few appliances for studentjobs.. I might also go the local Videostore.. (That one I'm a little more into.. and I think I have a pretty good shot:)..) Wish me luck anyway:P..

I told you at the end of The Prestige is an surprise ending which automatically makes you wanna see the movie again.. so..:P this weekend I'll probably go and see it again with my friends:D.. It's just that good:D..

Okay.. that's it:).. I guess I'll be seeing you guys later:).. Best Regards to all of my buddies out there:).. See Yah;)

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