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I am now an old man

This whole GiantBomb business brought me back to a site I only really used BEFORE the first Mass Effect came out. And the Mass Effect trilogy has been a big part of my life, gaming and otherwise, so it's been ages since the pre-ME time. Long and short of it, it's weird to come back here and see what I was like during the earlier stage of my teenage tenure.

Giant Bomb has stole me

I need to stop changing my plans every 5 seconds. Though I have a message for you all.

Pack up shop and move to giant blog, its got the best blog formatting and general features list. Soon they'll probably add user videos to the mix and it will be complete. But yeah, I was browsing for gaming news to blog about and I just decided to try out GiantBomb and it was so good I decided to set up blog there.

So I'll just link here and stop making stupid promises about other blogs and stuff. But here is the link to my blog. I'll update both sites when I blog, but I advise joining GiantBomb, and at least listening to their podcast.

The Link

Soon...a return to form

As you know, I haven't been active much.

As those of you on MSN know: Epic Proportions is returning. I gave it a break, realised people werent reading, I wasn't writing, I'd made a false start somewhere. I had a good blogging run about a year agoon gamespot and I want to get that back. So, I've been writing some stuff, finding out what I want to blog about, and planning ahead.

On the 19th November, my birthday, I shall open that blog for business and return to activity. Feel free to PM me with any suggestions for blogs/opinions or whateve, and I will get around to doing them.

I await my own return.

Family Ties Story!

Holy [CENSCORING THE WORD COW NOW, APPARENTLY]. I haven't updated here for ages, and I've had a break from Epic Proportions ish. It was the lack of comments lol. Well anyway, Family Ties is a Mass Effect Fan Fic, though it has nothing to do with the Mass Effect Story, its just set in the EU. I'd quite like you to say what you think about it so please read it, and leave comments here.

Please comment guys, I'd love to know what you think!

For those that havent read the previous blogs, make sure you read this!

OK. Due to the rushed nature of the last week I thought I might as well sit down and talk EVERYONE over what has happened. OK, lets start at the top. Basically, this blog is ending. Well, not ending. Switching to my new blog: Epic Proportions. Basically everything I blog about will be there, without censcorship so beware kiddys who have a fear of swearing.

You can subscribe Via RSS, a link to that is on the sidebar. Also, when you leave a comment, the email is kept private, so don't worry, I would love the comments, and the word spread about the blog! I'll happily trade favours or something, but I'd like all the readers of this blog, to read that blog. Its the same, but better!

FOr the moment, whenever I update there, I shall update here. Todays blog was on hatemail, my first real editorial. Please leave all comments on Epic Proportions rather than on gamespot, I cannot stress that enough. I hope this blog helped those confused. Please continue to enjoy Epic Proportions, its a public service I provide!