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Things I hate.

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I hate a lot of things. You may see me as a hater after seeing this thread, but I am actually a lover. You see, I love you guys, so you should all be avoiding this crap mentioned below.

I hate:

Federal Liberals
Federal NDP
Stupid leftie hippie losers
Stupid leftie pot-smoking hippie losers
Anarchists (you guys are idiots, you do realize that there will be MORE chaos without government, you retards)
'Enlightened athiests' (man, you guys are lame. grow up)
Bloc Quebecois
Pop-punk emo garbage
Fashioncore, including guys who wear chick jeans (STUPID IDIOT LOSERS! WEAR MALE JEANS YOU GENDER CONFUSED RETARDS)
Boring hardcore with no talent and all screams/whines
Pop music
Any retarded music like songs that start with My and end with Humps, or other retarded songs that start with Hol and end with laback Girl
The Calgary Flames (boo! you guys suck)
Tuner cars (Corvettes own you)
Sony headphones
iFanatics who claim that the iPod is the best DAP ever
iFanatics whoc laim that the included iBuds are the best earbuds ever (ROFL you lame pieces of crap)
Macs (lamest computers ever)
Boutique PC builders (build your own, noobs)
WoW Paladins (buff us :( )
Blizzard (stupid server lag)
Nefarian (never drops Judgement BP)
Chromaggus (never drops Judgement Spaulders)
The Theory of Evolution (lmao your ancestors are bottom dwellers lmao)
Charles Darwin (because Einstein had cooler hair)
Scientologists (Where is your Xenu now?)
Female porn stars who complain about not having decent boyfriends (maybe if you would stop acting like an object, you'd get treated like a woman)
The Calgary Flames (losers)
Xbox 360 (next gen? YEAH RIGHT)
Blogs (these things are retarded)
These forums (wtf is up with the formatting? they're also quite empty, unlike before...)
Telus (s***** internet service and too many hidden fees, although that blue footed boobie on your bus ads is cool)
Simple Plan (man, they suck hard)
Fred Durst (can't play guitar worth a damn and he sucks at singing and he's just a fruit in general)
Hollywood (full of crappy actors and stuck up snobs who can't last more than 3 hours into a marriage)
Society in general (individualistic, selfish asses)
Pepsi for making tall bottles that are easily knocked down onto my keyboard and for making my right shift key sticky
The Calgary Flames (they better not make it into the playoffs)
The Vancouver Canucks (because they get owned by the Oilers every single time)
ETS (for crappy bus service that is either 15 minutes late or 10 minutes too early, meaning I missed the bus or I'm late for school)
The Queen of England (you just suck)
Religious fanatics
People who think Kurt Cobain is talented
People who think Smells Like Teen Spirit has the greatest solo ever
My Chemical Romance (my, what a s***** band)
Computer programming
Guys who dress up like girls (stupid 'scene' fruit cakes, grow some balls)
The Calgary Flames (worst NHL team ever)
Americans who think american football isn't homoerotic (you guys are obviously confused)
People who think Basketball is a more physically demading sport than Hockey (lmao you can't touch each other without getting a foul lmao)
Double standards
Smelly elementary school kids (hint: deodorant)
Goth rejects
Halo (overrated)
Halo 2 (even more overrated)
MGS 2 (might as well rent a movie instead)
GTA 3/VC/SA (how many times do I have to play the same game?)
The Calgary Flames (suck)

Um, so yeah. That's just a small sample of what to avoid in life. Oh yeah, rate every single game on gamespot a 10. That will make you cool IMO. Big Rigs is awesome.

Blogs are overrated.

by on
Blogs are one of the biggest, and lamest fads. Then again, pretty much all fads are lame, like iPods and liberalism. OMG I AM BEING EMO BY WRITING THIS :(