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A dream of Maddie Blaustien

As many of you may know the great voice actress maddie Blaustien famous for doing Meowth on pokemon and many other voices had died last week, well I may have had what some would calll a spirit world dream about her, it goes like this: I dremped i was ina coffe shop when who do I see but someone who appears to be maddie Blaustien. I walk up to her table and we just talk about things like how we're doing when i finally ask wbho she is, and she replies with: madeline Maddie Blaustien. I was shocked and said b-b-b-b-but your supposed to be, then she said, dead? yes I know i'm a spirit now, i came back here just today and people barely notice, I asked her what Heaven was like and she tlod me that it was her little secret and she told me I'd find out when I got there. I blushed and we held hands! but she felt real to me and alive! when she and I touched hands she felt solid and not just dremawise that dream felt like I was actually touching her hand!

Trpoic thunder baby!

thats right today I finally saw tropic thunder and I gotta say it was one of the funniest **** movies I ever saw, though right in the middle of the movie some douche bag ran in the theatre and screamed: Hey guys this movie is way better than Pokemon! now while I wanted to pound his **** skull in I decided to ignore him and well thats it.

Best Night EVER!!!!!

Well tonight I went and saw the WEBN fireworks 2008 down and Newport on the Levee!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so friggin awesome! their finally was way better than Beijings crappy fake garbage they made things like heart shapes and , wow it was like the sky just gave birht to a giant rainbow! andyways the bus ride we took back to our car was just as exciting, becasue It was sooooooooooooooo packed some ofus had to stand up riding it! including me and my family!!!!!! I swear to god it was like I was on a Kings island ride! and ya wanna know somethign else? this was my first time there at WEBN EVER! and it was the first tiome my dad's been down there since before I was born, so yeah he was very excited to be there to. well anyways all and all I'd say this was the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've struck Gold!

metaphorically speaking of course, I had a very lucky day today with yard sales, I bought 4 tapes of Bill Nye the scienece guy for only 3 bucks! I also found a Pokemon Firered Version in some chicks bathroom at one sale, heheheh poor kid. anyways things have been going smoothly for me.

I had a great day today

I got the very last copy of Super smash Bros Brawl today at My Gamestop and I gotta say it's one of the best games i've ever played next to Super Mario Galaxy! I also went sledding with my family today

I had an awesome day today!

I had alot of fun today, I got out of school today for a Catscan and after that me and my mom went to the aquarium and I saw a ll sorts of neato fish like the very rare Ray Shark and after that we went to Gameworks